Raven-class • NCC-88005 • Task Force 86

The lawless space of the Triangle is fraught and dangerous at the best of times. For the crew of the Erigone the Triangle was something they thought was left far behind. But now, rumors of old friends and enemies resurfacing in the region draws the crew of the USS Erigone back into the region nearly a decade after they last left it. Are these rumors merely rumors or do they hold the keys to understanding the past and protecting the future?

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Commanding Officer
ID: 102

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27 April 2023

Walking a Thin Line

USS Erigone: In Distant Countries

There was a fine line between useful and harmful paranoia, especially in an intelligence/security officer. Being able to pick out patterns and indicators of danger or opportunity helped greatly with the survival rate. It was easy to let that fall into suspicion of everything. That was just as [...]

6 January 2023

We're Off on a Secret Mission

USS Erigone: In Distant Countries

“I’ll never get used to there not being a door.” Grigor thought as he rounded the corner into the Erigone‘s control center. Pushing down yet again his innate paranoia at not having something to secure access to the area, he walked up behind the man at the main command console. “Verify [...]