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Task Force 86 Priority Mission

January 4, 2023

“Sneaky Syndicate Shenanigans” 

Commodore Jaret Taila stood with her arms crossed against her chest as the holographic display before her floated just above the meeting table. It showed a three-dimensional map of The Triangle as well as key worlds owned by the Federation, Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. The map showing the Bajoran commodore what had happened recently across the area that the Federation shared with their allies. Icons were used to represent an incident. Each one listed a stardate next to them as well as a brief summary of what had happened. The representation of the Azure Nebula remained perfectly still, showing off the latest scans of the blue and purple class eleven nebula. The only thing distorting its image was the predicted flight paths of various ships entering it. In the last several weeks, since she had taken over as commanding officer for the local task force, raids and attacks had taken place against key assets moving between the three powers. Mainly cargo ships and freighters, a few of the worlds listed, but nevertheless it had become an issue and was something they were trying to deal with. 

One group was responsible and one group would be dealt with. The Orion Syndicate. Starfleet Intelligence had confirmed several suspicions that morning and now it was down to Jaret to meet with local officials to discuss and sort out this mess. 

On Starbase 86, the doors to the wardroom she was using to chair the meeting opened and the Bajoran woman looked up to see Captain Ryoko Takato walking in with the Klingon and Romulan representatives. 

“Captain Takato, General Kohler and Commander Jelmara, please come in,” Taila said, indicating for them to take seats around the triangle-shaped table. 

“Commodore, I hope you’ve read the latest reports on these raids,” General Kohler stated as he marched across the conference suite and stood behind the chair he had claimed. 

Taila pointed to the floating displays. “I’ve just caught up on them, general. Let’s get down to work on this. Captain Takato, please update our guests on the latest supply run from Acamar that didn’t make it to the Republic.”

Taking a seat in her chair, Ryko’s hair was in a traditional Japanese knot. Ryoko had just come back from the response Starfleet sent to Delta Quadrant to deal with the Blood Dilithium crisis only to get sucked back into the duties that were waiting for her here. “Yes, Commodore. Latest reports indicate that the raids on the transport ships have indeed increased and they are getting bolder as time passes.”

“One of our biggest concerns is over the crew that were kidnapped and reports that they are being sold into slavery.” Jaret added. “We need to discuss what possible solutions we can implement to stop these raids and attacks.”

Nodding at that statement, Ryko spoke up. “To protect all people in this sector. However armed cargo patrols is something we can’t provide seeing we don’t have the available material yet back from Delta Quadrant. I would suggest heavier patrols in known sectors where the raids tend to happen” Ryoko looked at them all.

“Escorting our convoys cannot be sustainable,” uttered Commander Jelmara. The Romulan man sat up straight in his chair. “We need to remove the threat the Orion Syndicate is creating. We need to focus on their operations and disrupt them, along with saving those who have been captured.”

“Securing our joint borders is necessary and the honourable thing to do,” Kohler agreed roughly. “What can Starfleet commit to this?”

“Ships from Task Force Eighty-Six can be made available to assist in dealing with the Syndicate, but it will require cooperation between all of our people to make this work,” Taila suggested.

Jelmara agreed with a nod. “A united front?” He asked the two women.

“Something like that, yes. We know the Syndicate does not work like a conventional military. There are too many branches to their operations.” Taila noted.

“Cut off one hand does not stop a warrior from battle,” Kohler stated. “This will need multiple leads and multiple approaches to be effective.”

“Yes, but I think together we can do it,” Taila answered.

Jelmara placed his hands on the table. “What do you propose?”

“As Captain Takato suggested, we increase patrols in areas where the raids have been at the highest, but we share our intelligence on what we know about their movements and any plans we uncover,” Taila stated. 

“My people won’t be able to assist with many ships, commodore,” Jelmera stated. “We are still supporting those worlds who have just joined the Republic after the collapse of the Star Empire.”

“And the House of Mo’kai is becoming a nuisance again along our shared border,” Kohler shared. 

“Then it will be down to Task Force Eighty-Six to take the lead and what ships and assets you can commit to supporting their efforts,” Commodore Taila stated. “Captain, your thoughts?”

Ryoko had carefully listened to the given situation and the problems that were boiling at the borders. She looked at her superior “In the given situation it is only natural for Starfleet to take the lead. But I do want to point out that information is key in this. Syndicate operations are rather complicated.”

“Then you will have your support,” Kolher announced.

“Agreed,” Jelmera expressed.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” Taila said, standing up and indicating their meeting ended. “We appreciate the support from both of your governments.”

“Thank you for your valuable time,” Ryoko stated, following Talia’s example by standing up and giving a slight bow, 

Pleased to have sorted that part out, the commodore sighed before turning to Ryoko.

“Captain, get the word out to all ships in the task force,” Taila told her subordinate with a mischievous look. “We’re going to go and stop some Orions!” 

Giving a smile back at the commodore, Ryoko acknowledged her new orders.  “All in a day’s work,” Ryoko knew that this would open problems across The Triangle for sure. But if anyone could do it, it would be Task Force 86.


With the Fourth Fleet pulled to Delta Quadrant to aid those in need and investigate the sudden appearance of the Blood Dilithium, it left a minimum number of ships to operate the borders to keep watch. This was noticed by those that operate close to the borders, especially in The Triangle. Seeing it as an opportunity to expand its wealth, the Orion Syndicate began sending its assets through the Azure Nebula to get its hands on vital supplies leaving Acamar and heading to the Romulan Republic. Eventually, many convoy leaders reported delays in their ships arriving at their destinations, or worse their ships being raided. 

Initially, it appeared that the raiders were more bothered by the cargo they were stealing, eventually, crew and passengers on these freighters were being kidnapped to be taken to Orion Slave Markets. Hoping to get rich quickly, the Orion Syndicate are attacking Federation, Klingon and Romulan freighters without warning as they know they won’t be able to maintain this operation in the long term. Shipping lanes between the Federation, the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire are now in jeopardy. Unwilling to allow these actions to go unanswered, Task Force 86 is ordered to act right now to get control back at the border. Ships are being sent in to escort convoys, defend civilian targets and rescue those that have been taken, while at the same time bringing an end to this nuisance from the Orion Syndicate.