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USS Liris (NCC-88012)

During the Stormbreaker Campaign, Sh'ill was granted captaincy of the USS Liris. Due to a manpower shortage, he now has to manage the ship by himself, and also deal with the ion storms, which are ravaging the Paulson Nebula.


Raven-class • NCC-88012 • Task Force 86

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ID: 2298

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19 April 2022


USS Liris: A simple delivery of medical supplies

Blip. Blip. Blip. “What the hell is that? Computer, analyze.” “Holometric particles, approaching from all directions.” Sh’ill slowed the Liris down to a halt. Suddenly, 20 ships encircled the Liris from all directions. His ship’s bridge suddenly flooded with the message: “We are the [...]

18 April 2022

Prologue of a simple mission

USS Liris: A simple delivery of medical supplies

“Commanding officer’s log, USS Liris. As of today, I assume command of this ship. On a personal note, I am quite thankful to the fleet staff for granting me this ship. As such, I have been assigned delivery of some medical supplies from Starbase 86 to the colony on Aldebaron III. Though I [...]