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USS Carlsbad (NCC-73110)

The USS Carlsbad is assigned to patrol the Trivas System and Cardassian space. This is a commitment on the part of the Federation and Starfleet to help keep the peace with their former enemy.

USS Carlsbad

California-class • NCC-73110 • Task Force 72

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18 January 2024

A Family Affair

USS Carlsbad: Secrets Revealed

Cynfor Rees sat in a meeting room just outside the courtroom. Well more accurately it was a holosuite running a courtroom program provided by the Starfleet JAG office. He was about to face a court martial, something that he knew would come if the truth came out. There was only two things that he [...]

21 September 2023

Stout Fellows

USS Carlsbad: Secrets Revealed

The past few weeks had been a whirlwind for Rees. His whole life had begun to come crashing down and it was all because he stopped to help Moonho. The burly Welshman harrumphed as he sat on the bunk in his cell. After assisting the man he would come to learn was Commander Han’s son everything [...]

2 September 2023

The Hunt Begins Part II

USS Carlsbad: Secrets Revealed

Cynfor smiled broadly as he walked into Moonho Han’s hospital room. He was just glad to see that Moonho was awake and coming back to his old self. Rees was sure that Commander Han would be overjoyed to hear that. “Mr Han a pleasure to meet you now that you are yourself. I am Cynfor Rees. It is [...]

31 August 2023

The Hunt Begins Part I

USS Carlsbad: Secrets Revealed

His vision faded to a static blur as the arm around his neck tightened like a python. He noticed only enough to be disappointed when a Tamarian took the late shoot shift at his favorite cafe. No more cute blonde with his blonde lattes. Her cow-nosed face and sucker-tipped thumb only meant she [...]