Obena-class • NCC-83008 • Task Force 72

“I’m inspired by how dragonflies are both tough and fragile, fierce and mild.” ~Cindy Crosby

The Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability in almost every part of the world. The USS Dragonfly, commissioned in 2390, was sent to the furthest regions of the Federation space. Her mission: to assist in the rebuilding of war-torn galaxies and societies. Pushing further into the unknown, the Dragonfly represented a return to Starfleet’s golden age of exploration and diplomacy.

In 2400, the Dragonfly was reassigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Diplomatic Operations. Recently upgraded, the Dragonfly is a vessel to be seen while traveling Federation borders, visiting her allies, and doing the work necessary to rebuild. Under the command of Captain Vidre Naris, the Dragonfly continues her original mission parameters to further the ideals of the Federation through diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.

Command History

Captian Jonathan Mooney (December 2390–March 2399)

Captain Vidre Naris (December 2400–Present)

Starships to Bear the Name Dragonfly

HMS Dragonfly Dragonfly Gunboat (1937)

USS Dragonfly (NCC-2807), Constitution-class (2115)

USS Dragonfly (NCC-15078), Miranda-class (2341)

USS Dragonfly (NCC-72398), Olympic-class (2355)

USS Dragonfly (NCC-83008), Obena-class (2390)

background header image taken from StarTrek: Lower Decks

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2 January 2023

Very serious, Lieutenant Rivers

USS Dragonfly: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

It was hard not to feel like everything had failed, as dragging the battle-worn body of the Galileo demonstrated her inability to command. She looked out the window as the Galileo sat lifeless, waiting for her repairs. She could see the reflection of Captain Malik in the window as she looked out at [...]