USS Sarek (NCC-91806)

Consummate seekers, the crew of the USS Sarek search for hidden depths of knowledge in the uncharted depths of the Typhon Frontier. In partnership with scientists from the Romulan Free State, the USS Sarek goes boldly to broaden our understanding life and civilizations.


Sutherland-class • NCC-91806 • Task Force 17

The USS Sarek serves as a science vessel assigned to Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, under the command of Captain Taes.  Like a city in space with its crew of nine hundred, the USS Sarek operates as a mobile research platform for every scientific specialty.  In this capacity, this Sutherland-class starship serves as the flagship of Sarek Squadron.

Further to scientific exploration and research, the USS Sarek‘s mission is one of diplomacy.  A team of seventy-five civilian scientists from the Romulan Free State have been permanently assigned to work in close partnership with the Sarek‘s Starfleet science department.  In the spirit of the Federation and Bajor’s partnership at Deep Space 9 –and in the shadow of the battle at Coppelius and the fall of the Romulan Star Empire— this great experiment has been launched to improve diplomatic relations between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Free State. Although the crew of the Sarek were assigned research missions of great import, the real mission was for both crews to learn to work as one.


USS Sarek dedication plaque

Previous ships to bear the name Sarek
USS Sarek (NCC-2004), Excelsior-class
USS Sarek (NCC-41453), Ambassador-class


For content which equates to roughly a 16+ rating, these stories are rated 222.

Be it scientific missions of exploration, research or diplomacy, the Sarek crew seek out the undefined bonds that hold civilizations together.

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8 March 2023

Can't Pakled A Horse To Water - 2

USS Sarek: Can't Pakled a Horse to Water

“–by combining the sensor logs from eleven starships in Task Force 17, I was able to analyse the macroscale changes in solar winds patterns across the Typhon Expanse,” said newly-promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Kaal.   Standing at the mid-point of the conference table, the science [...]

7 March 2023

Illogical Flock - 1

USS Sarek: Illogical Flock

From the control booth, the scurrying of engineers around the shuttlebay looked an awful lot like over-stimulated children running rampant at a birthday party.  The flashing of yellow alert indicators had caught them in the middle of a diagnostic and maintenance cycle.  For the [...]

5 March 2023

Can't Pakled A Horse To Water - 1

USS Sarek: Can't Pakled a Horse to Water

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 78170.9,   “In light of every stellar phenomenon across the Typhon Expanse radiating energy at record-breaking levels, the USS Sarek has been enlisted to aid the Zakdorn’s Altaremma Refuge in the protection of non-atmospheric organisms.  To aid us in this [...]

27 February 2023

Sea Lion Cave - Prologue

USS Sarek: Sea Lion Cave

Another time.  2381.   The turbolift ride to the science deck was jarring.  The transgression to her senses had nothing to do with the relative speed or gravity, nor the gentle whisper of the turbolift car gliding along its track.  In fact, Ensign Taes could identify no [...]