USS Sarek (NCC-91806)

Consummate seekers, the crew of the USS Sarek search for hidden depths of knowledge in the uncharted depths of the Typhon Frontier. With a social sciences mission profile, the USS Sarek goes boldly to broaden our understanding of life and civilizations.


Sutherland-class • NCC-91806 • Task Force 17

The USS Sarek serves as a science vessel assigned to Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, under the command of Captain Taes.  Like a city in space with its crew of nine hundred strong, the USS Sarek operates as a mobile research platform for every scientific specialty. The Sutherland-class starship’s mission module has been configured for the social sciences — specializing in mission of archaeology and anthropology.

USS Sarek dedication plaque

Previous ships to bear the name Sarek
USS Sarek (NCC-2004), Excelsior-class
USS Sarek (NCC-41453), Ambassador-class


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Be it scientific missions of exploration, research or diplomacy, the Sarek crew seek out the undefined bonds that hold civilizations together.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2374
Executive Officer
ID: 2374
Chief Security Officer & Second Officer
ID: 2374
Acting Chief Science Officer
ID: 2374
Chief Engineer
ID: 2374
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2374
Chief Flight Control Officer
ID: 2374
Science Officer
ID: 2374
Staff Archaeologist
ID: 2374

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17 July 2022

A New Star to Steer Her By - 1

USS Sarek: Exes and XOs

Yuulik was circling her at a leisurely pace, searching for any gap in her defences through which she could strike.  Frankly, It was the same way Captain Taes started most of her days.   On this morning, Sootrah Yuulik raised her hands to strike with her palms rather than her wicked [...]

4 July 2022

Let Them Eat Cake

USS Sarek: Let Them Eat Cake

Watching the romulan shuttle dropping out of the sky, Taes felt her stomach drop in dread at a proportional rate of descent. They were discovered. Not that it was surprising. Taes had expected this day would come. The paranoid shard of Taes had expected it from the very first day of hiding out in [...]

1 July 2022

We Let In Light

USS Sarek: Let Them Eat Cake

Huddled around the camp fire among the motley band of Dvorak farmers, Leander Nune laughed at something T’Kaal said, and when she asked him what had been humorous, Nune could only respond with more laughter.  Although Melchor Dolan’s eyes had been following Nune the whole time, he missed [...]

29 June 2022

Bitter Sting of Tears

USS Sarek: Let Them Eat Cake

Trudging into her quarters aboard the USS Antonín, Captain Taes requested the computer leave the lights dim.  Although the viewport offered little but the overcast skies of Kunhri III –which is where the captain’s yacht was parked– there was just enough light for Taes to muddle her way [...]