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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone

Romulan Star Empire is on the verge of collapse, the USS Saragota assist the Planet Rhijun within the Velorum Sector.

Mission Description

Chaos has erupted within the Romulan Star Empire, and those in the Velorum Sector have broken away claiming independence. With the Federation lending assistance, the USS Saratoga has been dispatched to the planet Rhijun which is located within the Velorum Sector and has also claimed independence. There have been some raids happening and has requested border protection, because of the raids they are also requesting some humanitarian aid to help them become more self-sufficient.

About the Mission

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10 July 2022

Chapter 13 - To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone

“Direct hit off our port bow,” Dazra said as the Saratoga rocked hard with that last hit from the Audex. “Sheilds are holding at seventy-five percent,” Dazra added as the ship came about continuously firing on the Audex. “Sir, the Aldore has been disabled and the Audex has seemed to have [...]

5 July 2022

Chapter 12 - To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone

It had been only a couple of days since the Orions made their appearance, and things seemed to be settling down. The engineering crew along with some Remans were making progress on repairing the refineries. The buildings were in the mists of being repaired or completely rebuilt giving the residents [...]

30 June 2022

Chapter 11 - To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone

There had been a change in plans. Instead of going to the transporter room, she made her way down the corridor toward the diplomatic conference room. There was something about Ritru’s reaction on the bridge when she saw the Romulan Commander that nagged at her. They had about twenty minutes to [...]

25 June 2022

Chapter 10 - To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone

The brig that was on board the Saratoga was rather large compared to other ships, it was split up into two different sections that contained a good number of cells in each section. Five interrogation rooms were attached to the brig, there was also a large office where security officers could keep [...]