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Stormbreaker: The End

March 26, 2022

As of last Sunday, the Stormbreaker Campaign finally came to an end! It’s been a long and enthusiastic six weeks full of a myriad of tales of rescuing those in distress, adventures through space-time, and the bonding that comes in a crisis. I’m tremendously pleased with how this first campaign of 2022 has gone, and I’m tremendously grateful for everyone who helped the Lore Office with planning and development – and particularly grateful to those who participated!

This will not be the last fleet-wide story of 2022. This summer will of course be our annual Fleet Action, its competitions as each Task Force vies for supremacy underpinned by another big, sweeping narrative. If you missed out on Stormbreaker, don’t worry – there’s always more to come.

But that’s the future. To wrap up this six week-long adventure, here it is, the grand finales of a series of Bravo Fleet stories…

Final Weeks

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Endeavour

On Whixby, Lieutenant Thawn and Ensign Beckett successfully repair the weather control system, protecting the colony from the cyclones – but it will not be enough if the rift cannot be closed and the ion storms halted. In a race against time on the USS Odysseus, Lieutenant Kharth successfully talks Commander Templeton down from trying to destroy the ship. But it is too late: the rift is out of control, and Commander Aquila orders them all to flee while she stays behind, closing the subspace rift at the cost of the USS Odysseus and her own life. With the system saved, First Secretary Hale finally secures a commitment from Whixby to build a shelter for other refugees of the Paulson Nebula. Meanwhile, the survivors of the mission to the Odysseus must come to terms with the cost of winning.

USS Odyssey

A series of missions across the various points in the USS Odyssey’s past and future come to fruition at one of their darkest challenges: the boarding of the Hunters of D’Ghor during the Archanis Campaign. Comrades across time unite to save their ship, friends, and family, only to be sworn to secrecy when they return. Captain McCallister receives a mysterious warning from his adult son from decades in the future – or is it a reassurance? This becomes clear when the Odyssey is saved, only to pick up escape pods from the USS Telemachus, and the horrifying truth reveals itself: Karyn Reyas has been lost, the ship dragged into the subspace rift. While the Captain McCallister of today must break the news to his sons, twenty years in the future, Fleet Admiral McCallister learns this long and twisting mission has finally been completed, and that he has a long-expected visitor…

USS Arcturus

Crash-landed on the uninhabited ocean planet Zaaldi III, Captain Lancaster and Commander Alesser cooperate to get their shuttle to a small island and set about building a shelter. Survival until rescue seems easy enough with the resources to hand, but the two continue to clash over their differences, with Alesser particularly emboldened to speak his mind. The morning after, Alesser realises something is affecting the inhibitions of both of them – just as an Orion ship decloaks nearby and beams them aboard. Have they been rescued, or captured?

Task Force 17

USS Atlantis

On Highcroft, Ra is working hard with a team to construct perhaps the most difficult tower that needs to be built. While the weather hasn’t been made worse by the storm just yet, alpine weather in a storm is not exactly pleasant at all. Overcoming a few difficulties, Ra promises the team that they’ll find one somewhere tropical that needs their attention. Meanwhile Camargo pours over the information they had been given when last at Stormlea, trying to figure out why the storm had accelerated into the system. Making a breakthrough sends her running for the bridge to let the Captain know.

Back on Stormlea, Mac has another run in with Grant Birmingham, accusing Starfleet of being the source of their recent woes but is countered in his accusations by his own wife. Governor Makarov decides then to activate Stormlea’s emergency plans now while they have a chance, especially since Atlantis is coming back, which wasn’t the plan, so something must be up.

USS Santa Fe

Still unable to contact the science outpost, the crew of the Santa Fe aboard ship discover an anomaly that they can’t explain. Deciding to confront it head on they end up making contact with the starship Thesis before being ambushed by a Klingon Vorcha-class cruiser. After a vicious fight the Klingons limp away, though Santa Fe and Thesis are not in much better condition.

Meanwhile at the science outpost, the hostages all begin to discuss how they can make contact with the Santa Fe while taking care of their wounded. Not helped by the hostage-takers trying to contact their own ship without luck either. As things start to move towards some level of conflict however, fate intervenes as the effect of the ion storm is felt on the outpost and an earthquake hits.

USS Neptune

The crew of the Neptune arrive at Uneta Prime and decide to send an away team planetside to glean more information about the Roman soldiers they’ve detected, especially since it’s perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to Uneta Prime in the last century. Their attempt at intelligence gathering however goes somewhat awry when Roman soldiers, armed with tricorders to hunt their quarry, confront them, ordering the away team out of cover or they’d execute a a spy. A spy which Neptune hadn’t sent down, so who was it that they had?

Vondem Rose

With the Vondem Rose coming under attack by a band of pirates who found them despite the storm, Revin finds her way to the galley where she has a small altercation with Kevak before receiving a drink, a hefty dose of Klingon counselling, a job and an order to go see to her significant other.

Meanwhile in Engineering, R’tin is forced to see to his sister and ultimately send her to sickbay. While attempting to complete the task T’Ael was originally working on he’s confronted by Trid who’s trying to confirm just who they’ve taken prisoner. After all, best to make sure they’re getting the right bounties right? R’tin offers to help, but only for a date night.

Task Force 72

USS Heracles

The Heracles is ordered to the Paulson Nebula to aid in the Sormbreaker operation. Their primary mission, to close any subspace rifts they come across. However, with Captain Vax and Commander Fergouson on shore leave, Commander Bettencourt must first detour to Vulcan to pick them up.

USS Nestus

Troubled that their line of questioning with the Eldflaugar may be misguided, Lieutenant Rayco voices the concerns of he and Lieutenant Yuulik to Commander Taes after Weld concludes a series of delicate interviews yielding suboptimal results. However, his concerns are quashed as the Commander feigns indifference in the matter.

Later, Taes confronts Rayco and Yuulik on their reasoning behind their stance on the anthropological survey questioning. When Yuulik tells her she was against the line of questioning from the beginning but was following her orders, Taes challenges the accusations, citing her decision was made based on data provided. Realising there has been some form of miscommunication, Taes suggests a re-evaluation of the project while simultaneously casting a cloud of self-doubt.

Task Force 86

USS Challenger

The storm approaching the Coltar colony suddenly accelerates, cutting the time available for Captain Forrester to make necessary preparations from three months to just one. Forrester finds out about this after a conversation with his mother during which Lieutenant Commander Mitchell spills the beans about a love interest of Forrester’s back on Earth. While activating a newly constructed fusion reactor, a feedback pulse building up within a power converter causes a catastrophic malfunction, injuring one of Forrester’s engineering staff. Above Coltar, the USS Challenger is nearly pulled into the rift before managing to close it. With the fusion reactor debugged and online, just as Forrester is about to order the activation of the shield grid, he receives word his father is missing. Forrester then races to search for him beyond the shield perimeter, finding him at the bottom of a gully, immobilised by a broken leg. The two take shelter in a cave, waiting out the storm and reconciling their differences together as the wind howls in the background. The storm passes, and they are beamed up to the Challenger for medical attention. Forrester’s mother and brother George follow soon afterwards. Together in peace for the first time in too long, the Forrester family hold a long awaited family reunion. 

USS Crazy Horse

The storm reaches Galina Prime, trapping the remaining inhabitants on the surface along with Commander Erin Hayden. They take shelter inside a shielded bunker which becomes severely damaged by the collapse of the building above in the raging maelstrom. At the suggestion of a colonist, Hayden and Chief Science Officer Shrin ta’Kolvin manage to tap into the colonial power grid to restore the bunker’s life support systems. Four days later Chief of Security Diego Garza’s team is finally able to make contact as interference dissipates. Garza makes his way to the Governor’s mansion to make use of a communications array located there. He makes contact with the Crazy Horse and is informed by Chief Medical Officer T’Lar that shuttles equipped with transporter enhancers are on the way. 

USS Denver/Zebulon Pike

Researching more about the Admiral Tomarah and Commodore Sukitha of his universe does nothing to alleviate the feelings of confusion Commander Ethan Talon is experiencing as the Zebulon Pike speeds towards Earth. After two weeks of travel, the Pike arrives in the Sol system only to find itself face to face with an NX-class starship. The crew elect to beam down to Earth’s San Francisco to determine what exactly has happened to the Starfleet of this universe. That morning, by San Francisco Bay, Dr. Aimee Sandoval is approached by a man with piercing blue eyes. 

Task Force 93

USS Saratoga

The Saratoga worked their magic to convince the Governor and their delegates that evacuation was absolutely needed. At first it seemed like they were not getting anywhere but then their guests had a change of heart. The evacuation plan was then discussed, approved and now underway. Let us hope that they can get everyone before the storm hits!

The evacuation has finally begun, unfortunately thought not without incident. The need to evacuate due to the storm has caused some people to panic, as well as one ended up being stabbed. But luckily the Convoy and the Saratoga have been successful in evacuating the colony and are now on their way to the refugee world. A Job well done!

USS Centaur

While most of the away team returns to the Centaur, two members remain on board the Hercules, Gomez to try and hurry with the repairs, James Ryker to learn more about his ancestor counterpart. Harry Ryker then chose to question his Wraith prisoners and discovered that there may be a new and more dangerous threat than his people have ever faced. Unfortunately for them, that is their problem and not the crew of the Centaur. Centaur also discovered that the Subspace Rift is making the storm even more volatile and will need to be closed soon.

The repairs to the Hercules were completed and everyone from the Centaur that were on board had returned. Once they were confident that the Hercules had made it through the rift and returned to their time and universe, the process of closing the rift had begun. Due to the sheer size of the rift, as well as where and when it was connected to, it was requiring more power than the Centaur had to close the rift. Luckily they were able to harness the power of the storm by absorbing the lightning strikes and were finally able to close the subspace rift, at the cost of their secondary deflector dish. With the subspace rift closed, the storm began to lighten and the evacuation of the nearby colony will be able to be completed before a larger front of the storm arrives.



I would like to end on a final note by thanking Task Force staff for their hard work in following the stories of their members, helping me out with these summaries, and generally drumming up enthusiasm or setting a fine example with their participation. This campaign could not have been what it was without you all, and I look forward to our future ventures together.

’til next time, my merry band of storytellers!


  • It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable campaign, my first with the Fleet too. It really helped to reignite my desire to write Trek narrative. I loved the reviews each week as they helped me to draw inspiration from what was going on around the fleet. Well done, everyone! Cannot wait for the summer.

    March 26, 2022
  • It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable campaign, my first with the Fleet too. It really helped to reignite my desire to write Trek narrative. I loved the reviews each week as they helped me to draw inspiration from what was going on around the fleet. Well done, everyone! Cannot wait for the summer.

    March 26, 2022