New RPG: Outpost Houtman!

October 16, 2022

The Operations Office is happy to share with our community that we have started our eleventh Role-Playing Game this weekend: Outpost Houtman!

Located in the Alpha Quadrant, on the edge of Federation space and near to the Ferengi Alliance and Breen Confederacy, this brand-new colony is just starting its journey of development out on the deep space frontier. Led by Commander Nakil Ga (aka RaWolfe), this start-up mission promises to give the characters that visit something to sink their teeth in with. All positions are currently open, so don’t delay in taking a look to see what this strange new world can offer you as a member.

Also do not forget our ten other RPGs that you can join today. They include:

Endeavour NX-06 – our only Enterprise-Era RPG currently dealing with the Earth-Romulan War.

Eos Station – set in 2400 and located along the Romulan border, Eos is Starfleet’s attempt to serve some stability in a dangerous region.

The RRW Jarok – our only Romulan-based RPG, set in 2400, the Jarok is trying to build a brighter future for the Romulan Republic.

Starbase Bravo – everyone’s favourite HQ where anything can happen with its many crewmembers.

The USS Altai – continues to keep a close eye along the Breen border in 2400.

The USS Aquarius – set in 2400 and working hard to render help to those who need it the most.

The USS Columbia – exploring deep space doesn’t get any easier, especially out in the Delta Quadrant.


The USS Denver – our only Dominion War era RPG – come join the battle for the Federation’s freedom!

The USS Mercy – set in 2400, this group of fine officers finds themselves helping those who need it the most in the Federation, from medical emergencies to search and rescue.

The USS Venture – exploring beyond Federation space in the ‘galactic south’, the crew of the Venture is trying to return to Starfleet’s primary mission.