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USS Solvang

California-class • NCC-12101 • Task Force 86

A newly minted Command configured California-class, the USS Solvang NCC-12101, acting as a part of Task Force 86. It’s primary mission to provide follow-up resupply, distress rescue, and transportation of much needed supplies throughout the frontier of Federation controlled space. When needed, utilizing it’s relatively low-threat but high-value profile, revolving duties include the gathering of political wellbeing and intelligence through transportation of Federation-aligned dignitaries to and from friendly waystations.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Command Cadet Trainee
ID: 2784

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3 January 2024

An Expected Delay

USS Solvang: To Go Where Others Already Have

T’Pree entered the bridge, the viewscreen showing the blue-green hue of the Azure Nebula off in the distance, and made straight for the chair that the XO conveniently vacated. Nodding at him, she sat down and looked out at the image. “Captain, good of you to join us. Apologies for the early [...]

2 January 2024

Guidelines and Failsafes

USS Solvang: To Go Where Others Already Have

“Captain’s Log Stardate Two-Four-Oh-One Point Two-Six-Nine-Eight-Six; the USS Solvang is currently underway to Starbase Eighty-Six located near the region of space known as the ”Triangle”. It is a known hub of criminal underworld activity and thus is in need of much needed resupply [...]

1 January 2024

Make Way

USS Solvang: To Go Where Others Already Have

Time and time again T’Pree felt the excitement, nervousness, and genuine bewilderment of the crew as she made her way through the corridors that connected to each section of the ship. Though the Solvang wasn’t the impressive assignment most Cadets would have expected to serve on for their [...]

1 January 2024


USS Solvang: To Go Where Others Already Have

“… lvang boasts a revamped shuttle bay for accomodating all standard and non-standard Federation craft.” The Lieutenant in charge of taking T’Pree around the USS Solvang would say, bringing attention to the hangar space; at the end of it a blue forcefield gently humming as it kept [...]