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Guidelines and Failsafes

USS Solvang - Captain's Quarters
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“Captain’s Log Stardate Two-Four-Oh-One Point Two-Six-Nine-Eight-Six; the USS Solvang is currently underway to Starbase Eighty-Six located near the region of space known as the ”Triangle”. It is a known hub of criminal underworld activity and thus is in need of much needed resupply after the devastating effects of Frontier Day left the command structure in shambles. Normal shipments slated for transport never made it off Earth Spacedock. With it still undergoing repair and pressing matters requiring more ships than available, we have been given the task of giving them much needed respite.

Coincidentally it is also the goal of this ship and myself to make contact with my future commander once we arrive. A Human philosopher once said that “Chance and coincidence come together in bunches; never seperate.” An apt term for what I believe may lead to only more hardships for the crew down the line. With the Federation brought down to it’s heels it is logical that the lapse in security will render this outpost all the more important for the future of our border security.”

T’Pree tapped the console, ending the recording into the computer logs. It was an all-important part as the ship’s first official Captain to keep track of it’s daily events – even something as simple as a mission log. Lieutenant Vasili had insisted upon her that she should get some rest after the last couple of weeks conducting non-stop checks. She believed it to be a custom for humans to become concerned and relented that in the end it was a valid, logical reason for him to do so. As a Vulcan she didn’t need to sleep as often, ate less, were physically stronger, and mentally proficient – but far be it for her to disagree with the Lieutenant. He knew more, was more experienced, had the time in service, and understood the rigors of initial command. Even for a Vulcan rest is important. It was most likely the reason why he’d voiced it in a manner that wouldn’t compromise her position as Captain. 

So, like all Vulcans she busied herself with reading the compiled reports from all decks and departments. Work begets work and it was illogical to expect perfection – but something close to it was attainable. She began drawing up plans for theories on how to best drill the cadets on this command cruise for scenarios they’d most likely encounter. From the mundane to the unusual and unexpected, ranging from every day risks to life-threatening dangers; something the computer was fully capable of simulating without causing undue harm to the ship. Of course she would send this regimen to the department heads and senior officers in charge. It was also logical to slowly inject this into the daily day to day instead of submersing them all at once so as to create a sense of normalcy to the point reactions would seem rehearsed and natural. 

“Vulcan spiced tea.” T’Pree went towards the replicator, the computer beeping as it materialized a cup of hot tea, taking it from the stand as she paced slowly around the room with it between her hands. “Computer, begin voice to text dictation. Parse secure authorization code Alpha-Six-Nine-Zulu T’Pree.” 

“Confirmed. Encrypting. Begin citation”

  • Security Teams assigned to the USS Solvang will undergo weekly simulations on the holodeck with regards to situations in accordance with Starfleet General Orders and Regulations. Outstanding situations such as repelling hostile boarding parties, transphasic hostile entities, entities that affect mental faculties, etc; will also be considered open to interpretation by most senior tactical officers and instituted into simulations. 
  • Tactical will coordinate with Medical to devising newest forms of immunization of known viral, bacterial, and alien pathogens in order to introduce preemptive vaccination to future assigned Away teams sorted Alpha-Zulu.
  • Guidelines to such are open to encourage creativity in the event Starfleet Regulations clash against ability to defend crew, ship, and self. Above all else remember that we are Starfleet; we are first explorers, diplomats, thinkers, and are soldiers only as a last, defensive resort.
  • Engineering will perform diagnostic simulation of core overload should the neccessity come that the USS Solvang must engage warp speeds exceeding factor of safety margin. Teams will devise, revise, and update both safety and secondary containment methods should primary shut down prove ineffective towards preventing fatal matter/anti-matter cascading failure.
  • Weapons, Tactical, and Operations will coordinate efforts to familiarize attack, defensive, and manuever patterns Alpha through Theta. Experiment with shield frequencies, modulation, and testing of self-repair capabilities.
  • Conduct drills upon all decks, shuttle bays, and traffic control in order to facilitate rapid deployment in the event of evacuation under catastrophic conditions. 

Suddenly T’Pree’s combadge chirped as a message came through. “Lieutenant Vasili to Captain T’Pree, your presence is needed on the bridge. We will be dropping from warp soon.” Placing down her now cold, empty cup, she tapped the badge affixed to her uniform, replying. “I am on my way, thank you, Lieutenant.”

“Computer, pause dictation.”

With that, T’Pree left the confines of her undecorated, default quarters and made way to the bridge. She would continue this at a later time, updating it and passing it along to her senior department heads and letting them enact it slowly upon the cadets aboard. To her it was logical to be prepared and face nothing then to face everything ill-prepared. 

  • T'Pree

    Command Cadet Trainee