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USS Solvang - Deck 14
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“… lvang boasts a revamped shuttle bay for accomodating all standard and non-standard Federation craft.” The Lieutenant in charge of taking T’Pree around the USS Solvang would say, bringing attention to the hangar space; at the end of it a blue forcefield gently humming as it kept the atmosphere from sucking the entirety of the compartment into black space. It was something she herself had to personally undertake as the rest of the crew went about prepping it for flight-ready status. “She’s a smaller ship but in a pinch tactically speaking she can hold her own long enough to make a getaway. Three phaser banks distributed along the dorsal, aft, and ventral saucer array. Two standard photon torpedo launchers and standard multi-phasic layered shielding.”

He would continue as they made their way towards the turbolift. T’Pree suspected she wouldn’t need to rely on the tactical systems too often. If she did then it would have been a last choice situation in which the lives of the crew or the ship were at risk. Taking the time to look around the interior of her new ship she pondered on whether or not the rumors were true. The crew wondered if it was possible that someone hadn’t made a mistake putting a Cadet in charge of three-hundred lives; men and women with bright futures. All in the hands of a Vulcan. It was normal for those in an uncertain situation, inexperienced and ill-advised allowed themselves to think of only the worst outcome when the scenario hadn’t even developed yet. She didn’t blame them.

They stepped into the lift as it’s doors swished open. “Deck Seven.” The Lieutenant continued as he called out their destination. “As you know in the briefing and your orientation in-processing, the USS Solvang falls under your command as of today. It’s crew, it’s mission, and direction all yours to dictate so long as it comes from the Federation and your superiors.” He would state. The Lieutanant was Andorian, sometimes blunt and straight to the point when it came to educating the so-called newbies but at the end of it all he was simply looking out for them all. He was a warrior first and foremost and didn’t like seeing young men and women having to take up the call of command without sufficient advice and prep time.

Deck Seven, Engineering

The computer chimed as it sounded their arrival, the doors opening to reveal a vast wide corridor with the venerated, all-important warp core humming soundly in the middle. Yellow uniforms mixed in with blue wandered the area, consoles lighting up as they keyed in to their inputted commands as last minute diagnostics were run through and sifted for any errors. “She’s going through her final checks now. Standard Matter Anti-Matter Reactor with a plasma intermix reaction chamber. You have capable engineers, bar critical emergencies, you’ll almost never have to worry about having to deal with what goes on down here. The Solvang has a Class Six Warp Core with enough power to get you up to Warp Eight, potentially more if you need that extra speed for whatever reason, but I don’t suggest doing so else you risk a critical overload and tear the ship in half.”

He looked to see if T’Pree had any reaction but, of course, she was Vulcan. Any emotion that might have shown on anyone else was disappointingly lacking on their face. “Right. Any questions for me?” 

T’Pree looked to the Andorian officer and shook her head, nodding as if to finalize the need for his being there. “No, thank you, sir. I thank you for taking the time to assist me with familiarizing my way with the Solvang. She is a fine vessel.” 

“Heh, right. I understand the actual difference in rank but .. mind you you’re now the Captain of this ship. I’m not going to be calling you Cadet or anything unless myself or some of the other senior officers decide to step in. The show is yours and we fully back any decision you make so long as it’s on behalf of the wellness of the crew.” The Andorian smiled and patted them with a hearty slap to the shoulder. “Right, well, as your senior engineer I’d best be getting back to work then. The ship won’t diagnose itself, you know?”

T’Pree stumbled slightly from the action but nodded again, blinking before turning to regard the warp core. She was taking this very seriously and had taken the time to get to know the faces of each senior officer in charge of each department aboard the Solvang. Of course they would be mostly hands-off, allowing the cadets aboard to do what they felt was best to promote critical thinking, and so were mosty there to keep everything running well. She turned and entered the turbolift once more, taking a soft breath in and crossed her arms behind her.


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