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Make Way

USS Solvang - Bridge
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Time and time again T’Pree felt the excitement, nervousness, and genuine bewilderment of the crew as she made her way through the corridors that connected to each section of the ship. Though the Solvang wasn’t the impressive assignment most Cadets would have expected to serve on for their first, for some final, training cruise; she was one of the newest and thus that pedigree of becoming a part of it’s genuine maiden voyage would have tempered some of that doubt. The trip from engineering to the bridge was long enough for her to ruminate on the sheer weight of responsibility that now lay upon their shoulders. 


Business as usual. As the doors opened, she stepped out into the corridor and made way towards the bridge, following the marked lines that guided her. Finally stepping foot onto the bridge itself she noted the chaos she had seen upon first embarkment had gradually controlled itself into a largely cohesive unit. “Captain on the bridge!” A nearby Betazoid female wearing the pip of an Ensign called out as she seemed to be the first to notice her presence. T’Pree wondered if it was the telepathy or the fact she stood near the console for Tactical. The sound of work ceased as the entirety of the room stood at attention. The discipline was nice and it seemed, for now that she could see, no one minded that a cadet was now informally “Captain”.

“Thank you, Ensign, resume your duties everyone. We still have work to do so do not let my presence on the bridge impede it.”

With that the atmosphere returned to it’s hum of voices and gentle beeps of workstations being operated upon. She approached the Betazoid and nodded. “It is pleasant to meet you again, Ensign. I thank you for volunteering to act as Tactical Officer for this command cruise.” T’Pree would say, remembering that the Cadet that was originally supposed to take her place had contracted an unusual bacterial infection that prevented them from participating. The last minute addition of an experienced officer from another ship was arranged, something of which the Mellstoxx Academy was happy to oblige.

 “It’s nothing, Captain. I am sure you’ve noted the looks you received since you stepped through those doors. Most see not the person but the rank when it comes to a starship bridge. I thought it neccessary to let them all know you are Captain of this ship; despite the lacking rank and experience.” She smiled, looking towards several groups of cadets that knew no better. Whether jealousy, distrust, or general misgivings T’Pree did not mind. It was only logical that they felt this way. 

“Of course, I thank you for the insight. You are Ensign Lahi, if I recall .. a Betazoid, yes? Were you born here on the colony?” T’Pree would ask, inquisitive as always. The Ensign laughed. “What gave it away? My eyes? Yes, I am Betazoid and yes I grew up on the Mellstoxx Three colony. And you must be Vulcan, despite your attempts to hide it, you cannot hide the mannerisms and body movements.” She replied with another smile, turning to her console briefly to address some issue that may or may not have popped up during their conversation. 

“Apologies, I meant no offense. I was simply curious,” T’Pree would nod. “I’ll let you get back to work, Ensign. We should be underway shortly. Lieutenant Taliran has informed me that all ship operations are ready to be taken off diagnostic mode.” The Ensign nodded and smiled again. “Excellent. A Captain that knows the in’s and out of her ship as well. I think the Solvang will be in good hands. The conn is yours.” They would gesture to the Captain’s chair, the seat next to it currently empty. “Do you know where the First Officer is?” T’Pree would ask, moving to sit down, it’s cushion shifting slightly as it adjusted to her weight. “Yes, in fact … they just arrived on the final shuttle. We can be underway as soon as it departs.” 

“Most excellent. Thank you, Ensign Lahi. Activate ship-wide transmission.” She would call out, the cadet in charge of the operations console doing so. 

“This is the Captain speaking, all hands prepare for undocking. All departments report status and disengage from diagnostics mode.”

Medical reporting, all personnel, supplies, and stock safely stowed and secured.”

“Security reporting. Armory is coded and locked. Tactical teams are reporting to assigned posts as we speak.”

“Weapons reporting. Phasers are running through final power cycle rotations now. Photon torpedoes have been received and stowed. Gunnery control reports readiness at one-hundred percent.”

“Engineering here …” A pause. T’Pree tilted her head slightly at this. “Lieutenant Taliran, is there an issue?”

“Apologies Captain, I was just looking through an updated systems readiness check. Engineering reports all green, nominal and ready to engage warp core. We can deactivate diagnostics and pass to Operations as soon as the order is given.”

“Thank you Lieutenant, make it so.” T’Pree would reply, leaning back in the chair as she looked down and began inputting her command codes into the console. There was a slightly shudder and minor vibration as the core engaged and began sending power into all ship systems before it settled into a gentle hum as multiple consoles lit up. The cadets at the station began working as they assessed for final engagement.

“Tactical is online, Captain. Phaser banks are aligned and powered. Shields online. Deflectors online.”

“Operations running, Captain. Communications green, sending final authorization request to Bravo Command.”

“Impulse is coming online, Captain, reading ninety-eight percent and rising.” Voices sounding in the affirmative of the ship successfully coming online continued sounding off throughout the bridge and communications. 

“Starbase Bravo, this is the USS Solvang, Captain T’Pree reporting. All systems are nominal. Request permission to disengage from mooring and began preparation for final shakedown cruise.” 

“USS Solvang, this is Starbase Bravo Traffic Control. Registry NCC One-Two-One-Oh-One, command codes confirmed. Disengaging anchor points now. Once away you are cleared heading two-one-one mark five. We bid you safe travels and will see you again when you return.”

Outside, the anchor arms holding the Solvang popped off and shifted back towards the station exterior, sending a small wave of inertia to those not sitting down as the inertial dampeners compensated. A moment that would have been a proud one for any would-be Captain, even for T’Pree she could understandably feel a tinge of .. fulfillment. 

“Ahead quarter-impulse, heading two-one-one mark five. Take us out one-thousand meters and prepare to engage Warp Five. Set in destination for Starbase Eighty-Six.” Here it came, the moment all cadets one day longed for when they were told one day that they might come under command of their own ship. 

The USS Solvang made a gentle turn and began heading away from Starbase Bravo, drifting slowly away into the background as the pilot followed her instructions. The doors to the bridge opened again, a boisterous voice adding to the relative silence. 

“To think I almost missed our maiden flight!” The Human male would exclaim, moving to sit down next to T’Pree. “Nice to meet you, Captain, Lieutenant Vasili Govchorek reporting for duty as the Solvang’s executive officer.” 

He stuck his hand out and leaned over. T’Pree, for her own part, responded by leaning over and shaking their hand. Customs needed respecting and this was as good of a first step as any for their relationship moving forward. He gave a wide smile and nodded, relinquishing his hand as he sat back himself and recomposed, face turning serious as he looked out the viewscreen. “On your command, Captain. Make it a snappy one, eh?”

T’Pree didn’t understand until she realized they were now facing out into open space, their minimum clearence achieved before warp could be engaged away from the crowded station. Sitting up she looked to the pilot, another cadet that had come alongside her graduating class, who seemed positively ecstatic as his hand hovered over the console. 

“.. Make way.”

The USS Solvang, finally, after many months of trial was finally underway with a brand new crew in tow. The warp nacelles glowed blue and bright as it powered. With a gentle pop it accelerated and disappeared into the folds of space and time as it made way towards Starbase 86. Little did T’Pree know that, despite relegating herself to a background role in the Federation, they and their modest ship would send ripples amongst many others that would eventually affect both herself and the institution itself as a whole. 


  • Wow, a great start to the Solvang’s adventures. I was particularly impressed that you used BF canon with references to the Mellstoxx system. Furthermore, you’re theme of using a cadet in command is certainly unique and you show that clearly. I’m intrigued to read more!

    January 1, 2024
  • Like the way this is flowing so far. No rush no panic, just setting the scene and getting the ball rolling. T'Pree seems capable enough and the crew appears ready. So lets see what awaits them out there?

    January 1, 2024
  • :000 Thank you so much, I try. The urge to get into the nitty gritty, action sequence tempts me always but thanks to Lower Decks I know there's so much more!

    January 1, 2024
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