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An Expected Delay

Outskirts of Azure Nebula
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T’Pree entered the bridge, the viewscreen showing the blue-green hue of the Azure Nebula off in the distance, and made straight for the chair that the XO conveniently vacated. Nodding at him, she sat down and looked out at the image. “Captain, good of you to join us. Apologies for the early wake up but I felt it neccessary to let you know of the dangers in this region and why we’ve stopped.” Vasili would say, taking his own seat as he did. “I am aware of this region of space’s .. unruly reputation, but I will take any further guidance you might have, Lieutenant.” She responded, folding her hands in her lap as she adjusted to the still brand new seat cushions. 

“Of course. Ensign, please bring up our current position and distance from Starbase Eighty-Six,” The Lieutenant would say, the screen now showing a cross-reference of their current position, the nebula, and the starbase. “This region of space so far still hasn’t been fully mapped due to both criminal and other external factors. We will be skirting the outskirts and so should be relatively safe from both as long as we keep our eyes and ears open.” He sighed, shaking his head as he tapped the console, magnifying the grid they were currently on. “The only issue is that, in the past at least, the Federation at the very least had a complement of patrol ships keeping the odd pirate and raider away, therefore maintaining the security of this route but ..”

T’Pree then spoke up, understanding. “But now with the Federation in it’s current state this route is currently unguarded, yes?” She would finish his thoughts and concerns. “You believe criminal elements will take advantage of this and actively attempt to disable, board, and raid the Solvang of it’s cargo.” The Vulcan in her understood the logical assumption and every nerve ending screamed that they should, at the very least, request an escort from the starbase itself or nearby Providence Fleet Yards. It was also logical to assume both would be incapable of doing so due to their proximity to the nebula and the risk of losing more then just the Solvang if the Lieutenant’s caution was founded. The only way would be for her to make a detour, skirting the outskirts of the nebula, and risk a potential diplomatic incident with the Klingon Empire. To go through the nebula risked an attack by opportunistic pirates. 

Either option chosen they wouldn’t be using warp the rest of the way. The Lieutenant shifted in his seat, nodding with what might have been a mildly impressed expression of bemusement on his face. “Exactly. A situation straight from the Federation handbook if I do say so myself. The nebula plays havoc with our sensors and limits communications to short-distance.” T’Pree nodded. “Indeed. Which is why command has sent us out towards the starbase with precious cargo in tow. We will need special refit and a communications suite update to better operate. Something only the starbase can provide, of which the parts are also included in our cargo manifest,” She stood and walked to the center of the bridge. “As the humans like to say, to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Cadet, how long will it take for us to traverse the plotted route with full impulse?” She would ask, approaching his station. He looked up, eyes wide, then composed himself and seemed to be doing some of his own calculations. “At maximum sub-light .. it would take two days. Three, at most.”

“Hm, very well, set course for the extreme limit of the nebula. Ahead full impulse. Tactical, Operations, inform your departments to ready alert status. Communications, inform Providence of our planned route and destination.” T’Pree would order, moving back to sit down as she inputted the Lieutenant’s recommended route through her own console arm. “Lieutenant, prepare write up of a duty roster for rotational bridge watch.”

“Aye, Captain.” All stations responded in unison. T’Pree was confident in their abilities, the inexperienced intermixed with the senior staff, to do what they were trained to do. Crossing her legs she leaned back and watched with impassive eyes as the ship made way to the outermost regions of the Azure Nebula. 

Three days.

An expected delay.

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