USS Gilroy (NCC-12110)

The Gilroy is a Federation Support ship and is based out of Starbase 17. We travel the system as a second contact vessel and offer much-needed assistance to any.


California-class • NCC-12110 • Task Force 17


Shortly after the disruption by the Borg attack and the disruption of the Frontier Day. The fleet command decided to reactivate the USS Gilroy back into service. Following the destruction and major damage to many of the fleet, their mission was to assist with resupplies and second contact duties.

These then become the voyages of the USS Gilroy NCC-12110.

Since taking Command of the Gilroy, I’ve only had the privilege of doing a few supply runs to various starbases and colony outposts following the outcome of Frontier Day. Now we have our first big mission. To set sail through the Barzan Wormhole, our first point of view is a supply drop, but then onwards and upwards to continue Second Contact with the races of the Delta Quadrant.

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28 January 2024

Delta Quadrant's Second Contact Part 5

USS Gilroy: Delta Quadrant Second Contact

Stardate: 240110.22 “First Officer Log, the crew of the Gilroy have spent a week at the Starfleet Segment/sector of the Markonian Outpost debriefing the outpost senior officers about the latest mission to the Borg outpost, handing over a copy of all the Borg database and technology that we had [...]

11 December 2023

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 6 Ending

USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg

Stardate 24011201 It’s been a few pleasant weeks since the USS Gilroy had left the Borg outpost and made their way back. The Commander/Doctor Arias and Nurse Lieutenant Langenheim had had a few busy weeks removing as much of the Borg implants from all 8 XBs till the rest were ready to be removed [...]

11 December 2023

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 5

USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg

Stardate 24011119 “1st Officers Log, Mission day is finally here and we have a go. We have minus 20 minutes till we beam down to the planet. I’m currently just putting any affairs into order, so if things go to shit and we can get out of there and I become a Borg, then I can rest knowing that [...]

3 December 2023

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 4

USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg

Stardate 24011114 It seemed like a long time getting through the chaotic space, the Gilroy and her crew finally made it through. Looking at the tactical station where a young Lt was standing while the Lt commander Sharpe was off shift after completing a 26-hour shift. Telkir said to the [...]