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Jones hill

human male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant hill


Security Officer
USS Gilroy




Jones hill


Jupiter Station


Hill was a bit of a naughty lad growing up and did not have to worry about the consequences of his actions. His family was well off, well connected and able to make problems disappear and even people disappear to other planets. But around the age of 12, he got himself into some serious trouble that caught the eye of Starfleet and something his parent couldn’t do anything about. This incident made him change his life because of the punishment he received from the authorities and made him become a pillar of the community and turn his life around.




Name: Jones Hill

Date of Birth: 236209.01

Place of Birth: Oceanside, New York

Height: 183 cm or 6 foot

weight: 75kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Siblings: 2

Religion: Jewish


Created By Annex


When he was younger, he was a very disrespectful young lad even though his parents brought him up with manners; he fell in with the wrong group of people and different cultures and races and rebelled, but later in life. Became a caring and responsible protective kind of person, always looking out for the less unfortunate who want to do good but cannot get out of their current situations they are in. He becomes a caring, kind, but strict guy when needed.


EARLY LIFE → 2362 ∼ 2384

Jones grew up with the value of always respecting people and being polite, but as life went on, more species moved to Earth, especially their part of Oceanside, New York. At first, Jones had always treated people with respect and kindness, but as he got older, he fell in with a group of young kids around his age, this group consisted not just of other humans but also a Ferengi, a Bajoran and a Bolian. At first, they just got up to the usual pranks that any kid of their age would, but as they all got older and hit the age of a teenager or their species’ equivalent, they started to do more dangerous pranks and even started to steel and damage stuff, not just in there or part of the city but also travel to other parts and perform the violence there. But shortly into his serious violent spree, he got caught breaking into a facility with which Starfleet had a connection as they were using it for offsite storage. Because of this and the punishment he received from Starfleet for damaging their property, he was given a month’s worth of community service where he had to help his local community along with helping with routine manual labour around different Starfleet locations including helping the grounds keeper at Starfleet Academy. As time passed, Hill realised the good he was doing and the benefits he received from helping out around his community and Starfleet. this led to him thinking long and hard about joining Starfleet and living up to the principles they held.


2384 came and, after all, the good that came from Hill’s community service that he continued even after his time ended led him to enrol in the Academy. the first semester came for Hill and his fellow cadets and a lot of the cadets relied on Hill for directions to different locations if they were all going there or if they were going to separate locations. Due to Hill’s few years helping out at the Academy with the ground maintenance and other site maintenance, he got to know the ground very well and its layout. As he went through his terms at the Academy, he was torn between becoming an engineer, as he liked the physical maintenance side of things or going into protection and security. But he had to choose before the end of his first year and that he did. He decided to go into security, but also in his downtime or when there were no security problems on board the station or on board a starship. He would help with any engineering problems that happened to need attention. He likes the engineering side of things he got this from when he was young and helping out around the Starfleet academy and his town. But he chose protection. He decided on security, so for the next 3 years of the academy, that’s what he did, along with helping out from time to time on the maintenance/engineering side of things.

USS DIVISION NCC 64582 → 2388 ∼ 2394

When 2388 came and the Academy was finally over, Hill got his first posting on board the USS DIVISION, with the commission of a Midshipman. Hill knew that his job would not be the best and he would be getting the most rubbish assignments, especially when it came to doing maintenance work, but he was used to doing this as it was something he had been doing since before he joined Starfleet. Most of Hill’s shifts were broken in half if need be, but on occasion, he would need to complete a full shift in security due to whatever mission they were on. He found it a bit tiring when he first started doing split shifts, going from completing half a shift in his security position to maintenance when needed around the ship. He was used to all the running about as he was in top fit condition, but it was the change in jobs going from sitting around to crawling through Jeffry tubes, that’s what got him, but over time he got used to it. Even though he was not an engineer, he had a better understanding of system maintenance on board a ship than most of the junior engineering crew did with all their training.

USS COYOTE NCC 51987 → 2394 ∼ 2401

Ensign / Security & Maintenance officer → 2394 ∼ 2398

Upon reaching the rank of Ensign Hill was transferred to the USS COYOTE as they were short-staffed due to a recent accident on the ship when it was getting a repair and upgrade due to serious feedback and an explosion while on a mission. So as they couldn’t get back to the space dock without the repair, to get the upgrade they had a few of the engineer crew from the closest Starbase brought out to them to conduct the repairs and upgrades. Hill felt like he had been cheated out of earning the promotion himself because of the accident on board. He wanted the promotion from his commitment to his duties or any outstanding work he had done and was continuing to do.

Lt Jr Grade / Security & Maintenance officer → 2398 ∼ 2401

4 years into being on board the COYOTE, he got another promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, but this was partly because of his dedication to his job not just in performing his security roles but mainly because he had become such a good member when it comes down to maintenance he was even managed to keep up with the more experienced engineer crew and repair jobs that he was not trained for. Just because of the knowledge and experience he had acquired over the years. Who would have thought of a lad that was getting in trouble at a young again and got caught and went into maintenance when he had served his time all the years ago? Who would have thought he would have gone from just doing groundskeeping and general maintenance around the academy to serving as a dedicated security officer and a knowledgeable engineer and maintenance guy around a starship?

USS GILROY NCC 12110 → 2401

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Life went on for Hill, but as his career went on and extra assignments came about, he heard of the USS Gilroy going to the delta quadrant and he wanted a different pace and a unique challenge in his career. So he put in for the transfer as he believed he would be an accent to the ship’s crew not just for any security needs when on missions in the delta quadrant meeting strange new races, but also if the ship was to be damaged for whatever reason and to far from any help from Starfleet he believed he could be of help. What Hill didn’t know when arriving on the Gilroy, he soon was to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant because of the missions they were to embark on. They needed officers and crew members with experience in higher command positions than new crew members who had hardly seen any action and were only promoted out of necessity, but on occasion, they did fill certain positions like the one that Hill was to receive because of the outstanding work and commitment they had done during their short or long service since leaving Starfleet academy.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2384 - 2388 Cadet STARFLEET ACADEMY
2388 - 2394 MidShipman USS DIVISION NCC 64582
2394 - 2396 Ensign - Security/Engineer USS COYOTE NCC 51987
2396 - 2401 Lt Jr Grade - Security/Engineer USS COYOTE NCC 51987
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Security officer USS GILROY NCC 12110