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Rose Danvers - Sabra

Denobulan Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Danvers


Commander/1st Officer
USS Gilroy


Rose Ruby Danvers




Being a Denobulan, she found life hard as she had always learned and grew up knowing that each Denobulan female was to marry a male and have up to 3 male partners. But as she got older, she found it increasingly difficult because she noticed a difference in herself. Her attraction was never towards the opposite sex, but she found the female gender more appealing to her in more ways than one. As she grew to age and could have kids and find a mate, she put it off as much as she could by using work or other obligations. But she was yet to find another female Denobulan who felt the same. She was a good-looking Denobulan with average height, long Golden Brown hair, and beautiful green eyes that could have had any man of her choice.




Name: Rose “Ruby” Danvers / Sabra her Denobulan name

Height: 1.7 m / 5ft 7 in

Weight: 58kg / 128lb

Waist: 25 in

Hair Color: Golden Brown

Eye Color: Green

Sexuality Orientation: Lesbian but sees herself as gender neutral

Place of Birth: Denobula

Date of Birth:  20 / 03 / 2350


Rose Danvers had a very kind and generous personality and would do anything for anyone, even someone who was not of her kin. She has a big heart and has enough love to give to everyone, especially to the ones she loves and who are family, but to date, she has never found someone to whom she wants to give her heart. She is the kind of Denobulan who will go above and beyond for her friends and her crew.


EARLY LIFE → 2350 ∼ 2375

Life for Sabra growing up on Denobulan was wonderful at first, feeling loved and happy with her enormous family and always had someone she could go to when she didn’t want to go to her parents. She had such a big family and always loved it when it was her birthday and on any other occasions her family would spend together and exchange gifts. She soon grew up and realised and noticed that she didn’t feel the same as other females in her family and her friends did about the male half of her race. Instead, she realised that she liked the females of her race, but because it was not something that had ever happened before, as far as she knew. So she didn’t pressure a relationship with any other female, let alone one female she had grown up with and didn’t wanna lose as a friend just in case she didn’t feel the same. So the young denobulan girl buried her feelings and put her efforts into her career and did not follow the typical path of family like most Denobulans aimed for in life. When she hit the age of 25, she decided that she was not just going to work in one of the many jobs that most denobulans did if they didn’t have a field of expertise so she decided to enlist in Starfleet and to get away from the pressures of her culture to marry off to members of the male side of her race.


Enlisting in the academy she was so different for her and her people even though many of her race have served on the medical exchange program for around 200 years starting back with Dr Phlox on board the Enterprise NX-01 under the command of Captain Johnathan Archer. when enlisting she decided to change her name not because she was ashamed of it but because she decided to take a fresh start and path in life, she would change her name also, she still went by her denobulan name when she was with her kind or if someone called her by it. To her, enlisting was a way to escape the pressure of her responsibilities to bear children and to have the future that she wanted to have. She found being around other races good and less hassle, but the only thing that she found hard was when she was reminded of the public signs of affection and love shown between the same and different cultures and their love for each other. Something she always wanted to feel but knew she would never receive on her home world.

when enlisting and taking the entrance exam she found out that she was best suited for the command structure as she liked taking control of the class activities and making sure that everyone got through the exercises safely.. she soon became the head of her class and lead her class/team to victory in many of the academy exercises and competitions.

Halfway through the 4 years at the academy, she was taking part in one of the yearly competitions when there was a terrible accident in one of the classrooms. Due to a weakness in one of the support beams for the exercise they were completing at the time. The structure they were using collapsed and Rose/Sabra received a bad injury from it, having a piece of the structure damaging the lower area of her body. She later found out that the pressure she had always had on her life had gone away but on the other hand, she was gutted because she always wanted to have kids but even with the advances in technology now they were unable to stop her from losing the chance to have kids.

USS ACHERON NCC 75989 → 2380 ∼ 2386

Ensign to Lieutenant

Her time on board the Acheron was a tough assignment because seeing everyone in love and starting a family was difficult because she had that option for her stripped. She felt like she was less of a woman and sometimes wished she had just ignored her feelings and just done the traditional Denobulan thing and married up to 3 husbands and had loads of kids. But like the strong Denobulan woman she had become with the help of the training and focus she acquired while at the Academy, she didn’t let it get to her after leaving the academy. She put all her effort and time into getting promoted up the chain of command.

USS ADELAIDE NCC 80026 → 2386 ∼ 2392

Shortly before knowing she was transferring to the ADELAIDE, Danvers was given a promotion to Lt Commander but due to there already being a Lt Commander in the position that she was being promoted to she also was informed she was being offered this promotion on board the ADELAIDE as their Lt Commander had been recently promoted and moved on to another command. 6 weeks after the promotion, Danvers finally got to transfer to the ADELAIDE. Come to this point in her career, Danvers had given up on finding love, but what she did not know was being on board this ship. She was about to be thrown a curve ball and love was finally going to come into her life, which for a short time was going to knock her off her path and the command track to getting to where she wanted to be. She had only been on board for 6 weeks when her life started to change. She took under her wing an up-and-coming Lieutenant Erica Lane. Even though the Lieutenant was on a different career path, she had asked the up-and-coming commander currently a Lt Commander to give her some advice on how to be in charge and give orders as she was soon to be put in charge of her very own up-and-coming away mission and didn’t want it to fall to bits from the moment they landed.

USS Gilroy NCC 12110 → 2392

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Danvers did not like it when she got the promotion to commander aboard the Gilroy at first as it meant that she had to leave something that she had finally found and didn’t think she ever find again. But she knew she see her beloved again sometime soon as she was also transferring to Gilroy at some point. So while she was there alone, she got used to her new command and the new crew below her and, of course, the new captain she would have to break in and get to know. Time flew by very quickly while she waited for her love Erica to come aboard as she was so busy getting used to her new position, her new command and the way her Vulcan captain preferred things to be done on board. The time soon came when the Gilroy was again to meet up with the USS ADELAIDE and receive an extra crew member. The commander stood so nervous and impatient, waiting for the runabout to arrive as it was not just carrying the new crew member but also supplies, some that could not be transported over due to the reaction they had when the transporter reassembled them.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2380 Cadet STARFLEET ACADEMY
2380 - 2386 Ensign to Lieutenant USS ACHERON NCC 75989
2386 - 2392 Lieutenant Commander USS ADELAIDE NCC 80026
Lieutenant Commander
2392 - Present Commander USS Gilroy NCC 12110