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Melissa Rogo

bajoran Female


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Lieutenant rogo


medical officer
USS Gilroy


Melissa Rogo




Mellissa didn’t have as much of a bad upbringing as the rest of her family and race did as she was born towards the end of the occupation. So she was one of the lucky ones not to be alive when all the fighting was going on, but the lack of supplies still affected her not that she understood anything different. But that didn’t mean she didn’t have hatred for the Cardassians, but it was not as bad as what other members of her race had for them and lived through the Occupation. But at a young age, her parents were killed before the end of the occupation and she was left an orphan like thousands of other Bajorans over the years of the occupation.


Name:  Melissa Rogo

Height: 5ft 8 in / 1.73 m

Weight: 55kg

Date of Birth: 4/10/2367

Place of Birth:  Houston Texas USA

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Nationality: American

Siblings: 2 sisters

Relationship: Married with 1 kid



Melissa’s personality was quite a bubbly one when she was young and she found it hard not to be the centre of the party when she was growing up, coming from a long line of people that were always well off and had everything given to them.


Early Life → 2367 ∼ 2386

Melissa grew up with everything she needed and ever wanted after being adopted because of what her adoptive parents had received from their ancestors. Even before the world stopped using currency and even before World War 3 her adopted family always got access to new technology and equipment first because of the influence her family had acquired within the government and with other races.

Melissa grew up believing everything was hers for the taking and deserved it all. Even though the human race no longer has currency and the rich and famous, they still had families out there that believed they were better off than others and had more pull when it came to different things in life like getting what they wanted when they wanted. When Melissa decided to enlist in Starfleet her whole life changed and her views on life also changed, she realised how spoilt she was or believed she was because of what her upbringing was like.

Her life was once not like this something she could fully remember before she was adopted and became part of this family living on Earth, she lived on Bajor and was born a few years before the end of the occupation, but all she remembers from back then is not having the comforts of home and the able to eat whenever she wanted, these kinds of memories started coming back to her bit by bit when she hit the academy and had to learn to do things for herself and not have others do it for her.

Starfleet Academy → 2386 ∼ 2390

Starfleet for Melissa was a completely different life than she was accustomed to. She didn’t realise how easy she had it growing up till she joined Starfleet. Transitioning from her life at home to life in the academy was very difficult for her, as she was not used to having to do things for herself. Life living as an upper-class citizen soon became a thing of the past when she had to start doing things for herself. At first in her classes, she found things hard especially when it came to the practical side of things, but on the mental side of things, it was easy for her as even though she had been brought up the way she was she was given the best education that she possibly could have received. Because of her upbringing making friends was a difficult task for her as she saw herself as better than her classmates but as the months went on, she realised that she was no better than her classmates and she took the stick out of her backside and started to treat everyone the same, they soon to start seeing her as a person who was not that stuck up and was not too proud to ask for her or offer help when needed.

Having to learn to do everything herself was a different experience for her, well that’s what she thought shortly into starting the academy and her life was turned upside down, she started to have restless and sleepless nights something as far back as she could remember had never happened and these nights lead into dreams of what she believed was just a dream, but in reality, it was suppressed memories from when she was young and before she was adopted by the people she had grown to know as her family.

Six months passed into the Academy and Mellissa was like one of the cadets now, she had been seeing a counsellor at the academy because of her dreams and was working through them finding out what she had forgotten all years ago and trying to remember her family and life from before. On occasion, her old ways would drift out and she acted as she used to (being a spoilt rich brat) but she soon realised what she was doing and role herself back in. By this time, she was helping her classmates in lessons with their written side of things in return; she was getting help with the physical side of things. Her morals had changed over the last 6 months she had gone from a young woman with the attitude of I’m better than you to helping out even though she knew she didn’t have to give her last piece of food or water away as it was always freely available she had remembered what it was like being a kid with nothing and started to share what she had now.

As the months went on, she had to pick what field she was to focus on. She decided to go with medicine and go into the field of being a Dr and help people ease their suffering and not let anyone live the kind of suffering she lived when she was young. This choice came about from all her counselling sessions, allowing her to remember her real life before the one she grew up knowing.

Shortly into Melissa’s third semester, she came across a male student who was a year in front of her at the Academy, sitting in the library struggling to get his head around his studies and revise for his second-year exams. She saw from across the hall that he was getting really upset with himself and she went over to see if everything was ok, from that point onwards after the cadet named Charlie Fox had explained his situation, she sat down and offered to tutor him and pass his exam, which started a great future friendship neither of them knew they needed or would need in the future.

USS COLLECTOR NCC 11982 → 2390 ∼ 2401

Lieutenant Junior Grade/Physician → 2390 ∼ 2396

Life for Melissa was hard in the last year of the academy with the loss of her best friend Charlie Fox, leaving for his first assignment on the count that he was a year ahead of her. Life for a trainee physician at first was not as exciting as Melissa thought it would be because when the ship was not in any major conflicts or serious missions where, unfortunately, people got hurt. But it was good practice and valuable training for when she got to perform more serious medical operations and procedures.

lieutenant/Staff Physician → 2396 ∼ 2401

2396 soon came about and Melissa thought she would have been promoted by now but yet still she had not she asked just wondering if she was ever getting a promotion or if she was going to stay a lonely Lieutenant Junior Grade all these years and the rest of her career. She hated to hear that most of her mates from the academy had already made the rank of lieutenant minus a few that had either were still the same rank as her or had sadly passed away in the line of duty on some seriously tough missions. Six months had passed into 2396 when Melissa was thinking of changing her area of study and profession when she was finally awarded the promotion to lieutenant, something that came as a shock to her and a surprise.

She had been desiring the promotion for a significant amount of time to expand her knowledge, receive better assignments, and even participate in away missions when necessary. Nevertheless, she decided to explore another medical field of practice while continuing her role as a staff physician, although she was uncertain about the specific field at that moment.

USS GILROY NCC 12110 → 2401

lieutenant/Staff Physician → 2401

2401 came about and shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. Starfleet brought the USS Gilroy back into service to assist with resupply missions and then assigned it to perform second contact duties. Melissa heard of the USS Gilroy’s mission to the Delta quadrant and had asked for a transfer because she believed this was going to be the break that she needed and the chance to prove herself.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2390 Cadet/Medical Student STARFLEET ACADEMY
2390 - 2396 Lieutenant Junior Grade/Physician USS Collector NCC 11982
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2401 Lieutenant/Staff Physician USS Collector NCC 11982
2401 - Present Lieutenant/Staff Physician USS Gilroy NCC 12110