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Prometheus-class • NCC-81012 • Task Force 86

Launched in 2381 the USS Valhalla or the “Mighty Val” leads a squadron with the USS Andromeda to expand science, defend the Federation and bring forth honor to Task Force 86.

Based out of Starbase 86 Captain Aoife McKenzie stands in the center of it all.  Back recently from being “lost” after an accident sent her to the far reaches of the universe she tries to put her career back on track, and negotiate the budding relationship with her former first officer Nicholas Halstead.

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8 September 2023

(20) Redeployed

USS Valhalla: Mission 2: Ragnarök

Captain Órlaith Murphy sat in Captain Aoife McKenzie’s ready room, sipping tea as the two officers debriefed the events at Arkan II. “Mr. Choi thinks he can get the main deflector operational by the end of the day.” Aoife looked up from her coffee, setting it down. She looked across the desk [...]

7 September 2023

Avalon's Last Stand

USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Aoife didn’t know what she expected to see on the other side of the mist, but this wasn’t it. She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the dim light as she took in her surroundings. They were in a massive stone room. The vaulted ceilings were made of intricately carved sandstone. The walls were [...]

11 July 2023


USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Aoife was out of breath, and her face was flush. Clutching her side, she sucked in air, filling her burning lungs. Beside her, Nicholas, who had greater stamina than her,  looked infuriatingly fresh. “What are you looking at,” Aoife growled through breaths.  “Nothing. Nothing at [...]

10 July 2023

(19) Full Circle

USS Valhalla: Mission 2: Ragnarök

Commander Ethan Talon sat alone in a quiet corner of the crew lounge named Freyja’s Rest. He nursed his beer, staring down at the barely touched pint glass, watching the bubbles rise to the surface of the amber liquid and pop. Outside, streaks from the warp effect morphed into single points of [...]