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Profile Overview

Eduardo Villaseñor

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Villaseñor


Chief Tactical Officer
USS Valhalla


Eduardo Miguel Villaseñor

December 7, 2375

Mexico City, Mexico


Lieutenant Eduardo Villaseñor (born December 7, 2374) serves as the chief tactical officer of the USS Valhalla as of 2401.



Early Life and Career

Villaseñor was born on Earth in Mexico City in the mid 24th century. He grew up with a passion for tactical strategy and spent much of his free time studying military history and tactics. After completing his education, he applied to Starfleet Academy, where he excelled in his studies.

After graduation, Villaseñor was assigned to the USS Vindicator as a junior tactical officer. During his time on the Vindicator, he became known for his exceptional tactical abilities and quick thinking under pressure. He was later promoted to lieutenant and served on the USS Indefatigable as the assistant chief tactical officer.

USS Banbury

In 2393, Villaseñor was assigned to the USS Banbury as tactical officer. Over the years, Villaseñor has been involved in a number of missions aboard the Banbury where his tactical expertise and quick thinking have been put to the test. Perhaps one of his most notable accomplishments was leading an away team to disable a Klingon weapon that had been targeting a Federation colony.

Another example was in 2399, when he worked with the ship’s helm officer to plot a course through a dense asteroid field that had disrupted the ship’s warp systems. Thanks to Villaseñor’s quick reflexes and sharp tactical thinking, the Banbury was able to safely navigate the field and carry out its mission without incident.

USS Valhalla

After an extended refit and overhaul the USS Valhalla was launched from space dock under the command of Captain Aoife McKenzie. Villaseñor seeing an opportunity to make chief transfered to the ship.

Personal Life

In his free time, Villaseñor enjoys practicing martial arts and participating in holodeck simulations of historical battles. He is known for his quiet demeanor and unwavering dedication to his duties as a Starfleet officer. Villaseñor remains unmarried without any known romantic affiliations.


Throughout his career, Lieutenant Eduardo Villaseñor has proven himself to be an exceptional tactical officer, with his expertise and quick thinking being vital in many of the USS Valhalla’s missions. As of 2401, he continues to serve the Federation with distinction and is admired by his colleagues for his unwavering commitment to duty.

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