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Profile Overview

Lance Collins

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Collins


USS Valhalla


Lance Douglas Collins

8 May 2379



Ensign Lance Collins (born May 8, 2379) is a notable engineer serving aboard the USS Valhalla, a Prometheus-class starship in the year 2401. With an unwavering passion for engineering and a keen intellect, Collins has made significant contributions to the advancement of starship technology and played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the Valhalla.



Early Life and Education:

Lance Collins was born on May 8, 2379 in Chicago, Illinois. From an early age, Collins displayed an extraordinary aptitude for technical subjects, particularly mathematics and physics. Encouraged by their family, Collins pursued their passion for engineering, leading them to excel in academic institutions and garner numerous accolades for their exceptional achievements.

Following completion of their secondary education, Collins enrolled at the prestigious Starfleet Academy, where they pursued a degree in Engineering with a specialization in Warp Field Dynamics. Their exceptional academic performance and innovative approach to problem-solving earned them widespread recognition among their peers and faculty members.


Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy, Collins was assigned to the USS Valhalla as an Engineer. The Prometheus-class starship was renowned for its cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking design, presenting Collins with an opportunity to work on the forefront of starship engineering. As a member of the Valhalla’s engineering team, Collins quickly established themselves as a valuable asset, combining their theoretical knowledge with practical expertise to contribute significantly to the ship’s operations.

Collins’ notable contributions include the implementation of an innovative plasma flow regulation system, which resulted in enhanced energy efficiency and improved warp core stability on the Valhalla. Additionally, they played a vital role in the development and deployment of advanced shielding technologies, bolstering the ship’s defensive capabilities during combat scenarios.

Through their dedication and resourcefulness, Collins has earned a reputation for their unwavering commitment to excellence and an uncanny ability to overcome even the most complex technical challenges. Their collaborative nature and leadership skills have also made them an indispensable member of the Valhalla’s crew, fostering a harmonious work environment and promoting effective teamwork.

Personal Life:

Outside of their engineering endeavors, Ensign Lance Collins is known for their passion for astrophysics and stellar cartography. They often spend their free time studying celestial phenomena and mapping uncharted regions of space, contributing to the collective knowledge of the United Federation of Planets.

In recognition of their exceptional service and remarkable achievements, Collins has been honored with several Starfleet commendations, including the Engineering Excellence Award and the Meritorious Service Medal.


Ensign Lance Collins’ pioneering contributions to starship engineering have left an indelible mark on the Prometheus-class starships, setting a high standard for future generations of engineers. Their innovative mindset, technical proficiency, and dedication to advancing technology continue to inspire young engineers in Starfleet and beyond.

In conclusion, Ensign Lance Collins’ tenure aboard the USS Valhalla as a skilled engineer has established them as a prominent figure in the field of starship engineering. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, groundbreaking achievements, and remarkable work ethic have propelled the boundaries of technological advancement, making them a respected member of the United Federation of Planets’ engineering community.

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