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Charles Gibson

Human Male

Character Information

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Chief Petty Officer Gibson


USS Valhalla


Charles Edward Gibson

1 January 2358

Topeka, Kansas


Senior Chief Petty Officer Charles Gibson is an engineer on the USS Valhalla, a Prometheus-class starship in Starfleet. Throughout his 25-year career in Starfleet, Gibson has served on various starships, but his most notable tenure has been on the USS Valhalla, where he has been stationed as an engineer for the past six years.


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Early Life and Career

Charles Gibson was born on Earth in 2358 and developed an early fascination with technology and starships. His passion for engineering led him to pursue a career in Starfleet, where he enlisted at the age of 18. After completing his training at Starfleet Academy, Gibson quickly established himself as a capable engineer, albeit with occasional disciplinary issues.

USS Appomattox

Fresh out of technical school at the height of the Dominion War Charles Gibson was assigned to the USS Appomattox, a Nebula-class starship. As an engineer, he found himself thrust into the heart of the conflict, where the demands of maintaining critical systems and repairing battle damage were constant and unforgiving. Despite the chaotic nature of war, Gibson’s technical expertise and determination to keep the ship operational proved invaluable to the Appomattox‘s success.

Throughout the Dominion War, the Appomattox participated in several key engagements, including pivotal battles such as the Battle of Chin’toka and the retaking of Deep Space Nine. Gibson faced countless challenges, from critical system failures to repairing extensive damage inflicted by Dominion forces. His resourcefulness and ability to think on his feet earned him the respect of his crewmates, who relied on his steady hand to keep their ship running in the face of adversity.

Post-Dominion War, the Appomattox underwent extensive repairs and refitting. Gibson played a vital role in the ship’s restoration, working tirelessly to ensure that the damage inflicted during the war was properly addressed. His dedication and expertise proved instrumental in bringing the Appomattox back to its optimal operational capacity.

With the war behind them, the Appomattox transitioned to more peaceful assignments, focusing on exploration and scientific research. Gibson’s role as an engineer shifted from wartime repairs to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the ship’s systems. His experience during the Dominion War had honed his skills and taught him to be adaptable in the face of any challenge that came his way.

Post-Dominion War, Gibson continued to serve on the Appomattox for several years, witnessing the ship’s transformation and participating in numerous scientific endeavors. His role as an engineer allowed him to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and technological advancements, further solidifying his reputation as a reliable and skilled member of the crew.

USS Lexington

After his service on the Appomattox, Gibson was transferred to the USS Lexington, a Galaxy-class starship primarily assigned to diplomatic and humanitarian missions. The Lexington provided Gibson with the opportunity to expand his engineering expertise to various ship systems, including environmental control and energy distribution.

During his time on the Lexington, Gibson’s ability to troubleshoot and repair critical systems proved instrumental in resolving several emergency situations. His quick thinking and resourcefulness saved the ship from potentially catastrophic failures on multiple occasions. However, his impulsive decision-making and disregard for established protocols occasionally drew the attention of Starfleet’s disciplinary board, resulting in reprimands and a temporary setback in his career progression.

USS Intrepid

Following his assignment on the Lexington, Gibson served aboard the USS Intrepid, an Intrepid-class starship specializing in scientific exploration and reconnaissance missions. This assignment allowed him to further refine his skills in advanced sensor technology and astrometric analysis.

While on the Intrepid, Gibson’s technical contributions were overshadowed by his ongoing struggles with disciplinary issues. Despite these challenges, Gibson’s solid engineering capabilities were acknowledged by his superiors, leading to his transfer to the USS Valhalla.

USS Valhalla

In 2396, Gibson was assigned to the USS Valhalla, a state-of-the-art Prometheus-class starship. As a Chief Petty Officer, he assumed the responsibility of overseeing a team of engineers and ensuring the smooth operation of the ship’s systems. While Gibson may not be considered the most exceptional engineer in Starfleet, he possesses a steady competence that allows him to fulfill his duties reliably.

Throughout his tenure on the USS Valhalla, Gibson has contributed to numerous critical missions and engagements. His technical expertise has proven invaluable in resolving complex engineering challenges, ensuring the ship’s ability to withstand demanding situations. Despite occasional lapses in judgment that have brought him into conflict with Starfleet regulations, Gibson has remained a trusted and respected member of the Valhalla crew.

 Personal Life

Off duty, Gibson is known for his amiable personality and willingness to lend an ear to his fellow crewmembers. He is often found socializing in the ship’s mess hall, where he enjoys sharing stories of his experiences and engaging in friendly banter with his peers. Gibson’s affable nature has made him a popular figure among the crew, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cohesion.


Chief Petty Officer Charles Gibson’s contributions to the USS Valhalla and Starfleet as a whole cannot be understated. Despite his occasional disciplinary issues and his reputation as a solid, rather than exceptional, engineer, Gibson’s commitment to his duties and his ability to connect with his fellow crewmembers have left a lasting impact on those who have served alongside him.

Gibson’s career on the USS Valhalla exemplifies the diversity and varied talents found within Starfleet. His story serves as a reminder that even individuals with occasional setbacks can make valuable contributions to the mission and to the camaraderie that binds the crew of a starship.

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