USS Jaxartes (NCC-88010)

The last crew left the USS Jaxartes battered but unbowed. With her repairs and refit barely complete this feisty Raven class corvette and her hastily assembled new crew must as part of Task Force 86, head out to one of the most chaotic sectors of the Beta Quadrant.


Raven-class • NCC-88010 • Task Force 86

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19 April 2024

Part 9: Flowers After the Rain

USS Jaxartes: Dark Shadows

The rain had finally come to a complete stop; at least for now, and the planet Zeta-Delta III was returning to something closer to its normal self.  There was a slight breeze blowing in from the east, or was it west?  Since the magnetic poles had flipped just 31 days ago, working out [...]

16 April 2024

Part 8: Cabot Base

USS Jaxartes: Dark Shadows

Lieutenant-Commander Elizabeth Barbosa stood hands clasped behind her back as she stared out of the window of her office, situated at one end of the main prefabricated building, which formed the bulk of Cabot Base.  Examining the features of her forty something rounded face and her prematurely [...]

11 April 2024

Part 7: Ty Shyla

USS Jaxartes: Dark Shadows

Just under nine hours it had taken them; nine hours for the USS Jaxartes to reach the seemingly small and unimportant research establishment called Ty Shyla; situated on an equally insignificant planet that hadn’t even warranted getting its own name, not on either Romulan or Federation star [...]

6 April 2024

Part 6: Another Wild Utoxa Chase

USS Jaxartes: Dark Shadows

Six day’s and four anomalies reported; that’s what it had been like for the crew of the USS Jaxartes.  Each time a Romulan freighter would send out a distress call after picking up something on their scanner’s that appeared to be shadowing them.  The Raven class corvette had [...]