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Profile Overview

Max Beaufort

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Lieutenant Beaufort


Conn/Helm/Fighter Pilot
USS Jaxartes


Max Paul Beaufort

7th November 2372

Winchester Kentucky


Wounded when his fighter was badly damaged near Deneb IV and rescued by the USS Jaxartes, before transfer to the hospital ship USS Chapel for emergency treatment.

Acting as Chief Helm Officer of the USS Chapel, after the events of Frontier Day, resulted in the loss of several bridge officers.

Using temporary prosthetic limb whilst awaiting a replacement leg; which is currently being grown on board ship.  Hopes one day to be declared fit to return to active service in a fighter unit.


1.85m  6 foot 1 inch, well built.


Regarded as a bit of a loner, which is the main reason for opting to fly single seat fighters rather than large craft.  Follows the rules and doesn’t take unnecessary risks.  Other pilots have stated ‘Max is a great guy to have watching you back.’

Having almost faced death during the final engagement with the Dominion and again when the Borg attempted its mass assimilation of Starfleet personnel; he is still on a long road to recovery.


2398 Assigned to Wild Weasel Squadron:  Valkyrie Mark I – Call sign Wild 8.

2399 Engaged pirate vessel near Kritrix IV.

2401 Transferred to Sun Downer Squadron: Valkyrie Mark II – Call sign Echo Lima 6.

2401 Engaged Dominion forces during the assault on Atracos III.

2401 Battle of Far Point.