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Profile Overview


Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Lyambo


Chief Engineer
USS Jaxartes


Dinari Gottfried Lyambo

19th May 2380

Chicago, Illinois


Youngest of 6 children born to father Erastus and mother Anne.   Both parents along with his 4 older sisters and 1 brother are all in the medical profession in one form or another.  His father currently hold a seat on the board of the USA’s largest pharmaceutical, and his mother is Chief Medical Advisor to the World Health Organisation.  A position she has held for since February 2397.


Height: 1.92m Slender.  Ebony skin, black short tight curled hair.  Dark brown eyes.  Short broad nose, sometimes has a thin mustache.

Distinguishing Features:

Tattoo of a Cheetah leaping on right shoulder. Approx: 5cm wide.


Friendly easy going,  the sort of person everyone seems to get along with.  Doesn’t drink alcohol either real or synthetic.  Eats well but never seems to put on any weight.  Has been know to reprogram the odd food replicator in the hope they can recreate some of his grandmothers: who he refers to as ‘my great old Ouma’ wonderful home cooking.

Plays the trumpet to help himself relax and think through any problems facing him.  It is hope by everyone who’s ever been close enough to hear him, that one day Dinari will either figure out how bad his playing really is or discover how to play in tune!


Attended school and College in Chicago, before applying to Starfleet despite his parents objections.  After passing all relevant tests Dinari was excepted at the San Francisco Academy.  Later transferred to Mellstoxx III for final two years.

1st Year:  Engineering & Maintenance / Warp Theory

2nd Year:   Engineering & Maintenance / Warp Theory

3rd Year:  Engineering & Maintenance / Warp Theory / Survival training including exercises on Mellstoxx IV and moon M4-007

4th Year: Engineering & Maintenance (Advanced Level) / Also includes training assignment to USS Exeter.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 Engineer / Chief Engineer USS Jaxartes
2401 - Present Chief Engineer USS Chapel