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Original image of Max Payne from ArtStation and created by Hossein Diba.

Jason Devron

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Devron


USS Jaxartes


Jason Alan Devron

23rd July 2380

England, Earth, Sol System.


Born in the heart of England.

Parents split after father was offered a post on the planet Lorillia.  Brought up by mother from the age of 12.  Studied Maths, Physics, Computers and History.

Passed entrance exam, though only by a fine margin. Joined Starfleet Academy Cambridge Campus: Sept 2396 (Squadron C2) This Campus having been set up to cope with some of the overflow from San Francisco.

Mellstoxx III Academy:  May 2398 (Squadron 9)

USS Exeter (Weapons Tactical Bridge Station/Torpedo Room)

Dec 2400: Stationed Starbase Bravo.

Jan 2401:  Ensign USS Jaxartes (Tactical)

Mar 2401: Lieutenant (JG) Captain USS Jaxartes


Height: 1.72m , slim build

Weight: 58.4kg

Dark brown hair. Close cropped, brown eyes. clean shaven.

Distinguishing Features:

Birth mark on left cheek, two bottom teeth right of mouth replaced by implants (2nd & 3rd Molars).  Scare on right thumb from cut from broken glass sustained in a fight at age 15.


Quiet and well mannered, chooses his friends very careful and doesn’t talk much about his past.

Respects authority, and will carry out orders without hesitation.  Though will us his own initiative if the situation requires it. Can get frustrated with his own limitations but is striving to better himself and develop his skills.   Quick to support someone in trouble, and a willingness to volunteer for challenging assignments.

Has refused to have the scare on his thumb removed.  A reminder of the past and to avoid repeating mistakes.


Classified Executive Order 3718

Access Granted: Command Staff 4th Fleet: Level 10

Born Edward Alan Poole 23rd July 2380, near the City of Birmingham, England. Father John Grant Poole who at the time was part of the Operations Team at the UK’s main powerplant.  He currently works as Deputy Supervisor  Lorillia Dilithium Mines, located on the planet Lorillia.  Mother Mary Anne Poole retired as a school teacher soon after her sisters death and remained at home to care for he son after his birth.  Parents split when he was 12, but never officially divorced. Mother deceased as of 2396

Joined Starfleet Academy Cambridge Campus: Sept 2396 (C2 Squadron). Studying Weapons and Tactics, along with 20th century Earth history. Completed second year at Starfleet Academy. Transferred to the Fourth Fleet Academy on Mellstoxx III, a Betaozoid colony.  Receiving additional leadership and survival training.  Plus the continuation of all courses started on Earth, other than History.

Recruited by the Anti-Alien terrorist group Earth First:  Jan 2397.

1st Year:   Weapons and Tactical/Earth History (20th Century)

2nd Year: Weapons and Tactical/Navigation

3rd Year:  Weapons and Tactical/Navigation/Survival training including exercises on Mellstoxx IV and moon M4-007.

4th Year:  Weapons and Tactical/Navigation/Wrestling Team.  Also includes training assignment to USS Exeter.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 Tactical USS Jaxartes
2401 - Present Captain USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Junior Grade