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USS Sojourner

Pathfinder-class • NCC-97604 • Task Force 47

As the quadrant still finds its feet after the collapse of the Romulan Empire and the other seemingly endless crisis the newly constructed Pathfinder long-range explore, the USS Sojourner, sets out to expand the knowledge and reach of the federation.

Commanded by the newly promoted half Orion/Risian Commander Kirin Tarken the USS Sojourner has been assigned to conduct long-range surveys at the fringes of the federation and beyond. Surprised by the unexpected new command, both she and the former crew of the USS Daradax must now adapt to the sudden change in their situations and their increased responsibilities. Not to mention expanding their tight nite crew to include 115 more people.

Development and Ship Patch

The class development patch was done by the original designer of the class, Thomas Marrone.

The name and Ship patch has been done by the amazing @jess91481; aka Aoife McKenzie

Starship Dedication Plaque

Technical Specifications:

Shuttle Loadout:
  • Equipped with a Waverider-class shuttle docked on the ventral side of the primary hull (Wavecrest)
  • Equipped with two Type-12 Class shuttles docked in the Sojourner’s hangerbay (Haumea and the Makemake)
  • Equipped with two Type-14 Class shuttles docked in the Sojourner’s hangerbay (Eris and the Ceres)

STAR TREK: Sojourner is rated

RPG Rating 222

Swearing, sexual content and violence are permitted, with some limitations.

Avatars on this command are personal commissions, or located at Sci-Fi Avatars

Crew Manifest

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9 April 2024

M2 - Chp3: Peering through the fog (of war)

USS Sojourner: Mission 2 - Alone on the Dagger's Edge (Lost Fleet FA)

Ready Room – Deck 1 “Any word from Belania, or Anahis?” Kirin asked as she drummed her fingers on her desk, her frustration clearly visible on her face.  Thanen sat across from her, his somewhat unfocused eyes betraying how tired he was. “Um, yeah. Good news actually,” he started [...]

19 July 2023

M2 - Chp2: Personal Log - Slipping under the radar

USS Sojourner: Mission 2 - Alone on the Dagger's Edge (Lost Fleet FA)

Takes Place following the events of Valhalla Squadron: (11) Light the Signal Fires –  (15) Ragnarök –  (16) Asgard’s call –  (18) Lif and Lifthrasir – [...]

11 May 2023

M2 - Chp1: Into the Deep End

USS Sojourner: Mission 2 - Alone on the Dagger's Edge (Lost Fleet FA)

Ready Room – Deck 1 Kirin sat on the sofa in her ready room as she scrolled through the most recent reports from the department heads on the refit. After the incident, she had no other way of thinking about it, with the strange blood dilithium crystalline entity in the Delta Quadrant the [...]

18 April 2023

M1 – Chp19: There and Back Again

USS Sojourner: Mission 1 - Do not go gentle into that good night (Blood Dilithium Campaign)

Bridge – 14:30 Thanen sat in the command chair as he reviewed the current sensor feeds on the arms screen, showing their location and that of the entity in pursuit of them.  “Helm, what’s our status? Will we have enough of a lead to make it into the system before it catches up to [...]