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Belania; Daughter of Elnar, Daughter of Pela

Ferengi Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Belania


Chief of Operations and Flight Control
USS Sojourner


Belania; Daughter of Elnar, Daughter of Pela




One of the few Ferengi to join Starfleet, she came from a very progressive family who encouraged her to follow whatever path she wanted. Upon graduating from the academy she was assigned as the pilot and navigator for the USS Daradax. During her time at the academy, she showed remarkable skills as a pilot.


Slightly shorter than average she is 1.59 meters tall and weighs 59kg. Similar to other Ferengi females her ears are not as prominent as males of her species.


She has a very outgoing, friendly and bubbly personality which endears her to most people she meets. She has been known to make offhand jokes that give people pause who do not know her well such as selling off federation materials that are on hand for a significant profit as she has a cousin or uncle who could do it. In addition to this, she will often quote the Rules of Acquisition in her conversations as she has found that they apply to many aspects of life even when not focused on profits.


Early Life

Her parents, Elnar (Father) and Pela (Mother)  fully endorsed the new views of Grand Nagus Rom as it allowed to them present their views more openly in public though the change was and has been slow on Ferenginar. Before this, her mother through various shell companies and aliases had major holdings in several large mining companies as well as the main Ferengi shipyards which meant she had significant power though no one knew she was female. This leads her father to often be the face of the family’s holdings Pela was the brains in many regards though he was far from unsuccessful in his own right with a focus on food and other commodity investments. As Belania grew up her family wanted to break the confines that still existed within the society and moved to Bajor which allowed Pela to more openly manage her holds and presented Belania with opportunities she would have struggled to gain on Ferenginar. Though her parents wanted more for her the Rules of Acquisition were ingrained in her as she grew up. When she became a teenager in the early 2900’s she spent considerable time with her extended family, mainly her uncles and her parent’s cousins, both on Ferenginar and on ships where she discovered she had a true skill for flying but also a keen sense for profit.


She entered the academy when she was 20 years old, slightly older than other applicants as she spent a couple of years travelling and getting the support she needed to enrol in the academy. Upon entry to the academy, she quickly found that she fit right in though did have to weather a number of Ferengi jokes from other cadets for a while. She did well enough in all aspects of her training and broke several academy records for her piloting as it came to her very naturally. During this time she crossed paths with her soon-to-be crewmate, Kerry Dawson, on a number of occasions as they were in the same years and became good friends.

USS Daradax (2400)

Assigned to the USS Daradax as its con officer and yeoman. This was not the posting she had initially hoped for but presented her the opportunity to fly a smaller more manoeuvrable ship which she looked forward to. The Yeoman aspect of the post had also confused her as she had shown little interest in command but the powers that be saw something in her that would make her excel in the role.  The Daradax travelled to the Kunhri System as part of a small Taskforce to aid the former mining world of Kunhri III with much-needed support.

After the situation stabilised they were ordered to Risa to collect and transport a VIP to DS9. After arriving at DS9 they supported local Bajoran efforts to resupply their colonies.

USS Sojourner (2400)

Reassigned and promoted along with the rest of the crew of the Daradax to the newly constructed USS Sojourner.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2399 Starfleet Cadet: Flight Specialist Track Starfleet Academy (Earth)
2400 Con Officer/Yeoman USS daradac
2400 Con Officer/Yeoman USS Sojourner
Lieutenant Junior Grade