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Thanen Th’zalnar

Andorian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Th’zalnar


Chief Engineer
USS Sojourner


Thanen Th’zalnar




His family has a long history of serving in the Andorian Imperial Guard and later in Starfleet; particularly after the loss of his father in the Dominion war. It was never in question in his mind that he would join the fleet when he came of age. His main area of interest has always been in ship design which led him into engineering at the academy; you can often find him making schematics for new classes of ships he hopes to one day present for construction. On graduating he was assigned to Starbase Bravo in the dry docks and loved being able to work on all classes of ships both federation and otherwise. He has newly been appointed to the USS Daradax and the XO and is unsure what the expect from the posting.


Standing at 1.87m and weighing 90kg he has a slim and wiry figure. He has the standard light blue complexion of most Andorians but has picked up the tendency to dye his hair various colours. Like all Andorians his antennae have a life of their own it seems and are constantly on the move giving him a better sense of his surroundings than others.


Thanen is an introvert and likes nothing more than to be working in engineering and on ship systems. When approached though he is friendly and professional and is always happy to engage with those around him when needed.

Though he prefers quiet and solitude he has an iron will and when push comes to shove he doesn’t back down.


Early Life

He grew up on Andoria with his mother, Vassao Th’zalnar, and his grandparents following the death of his Father (Bassaal Th’zalnar) in the dominion war when the Akira class heavy cruiser he commanded was destroyed; the USS Serenity. From a young age, he buried himself in books on starships and engineering as all he wanted to do was join Starfleet to the point that it was never in question that he would join the fleet when he came of age.  When he was 19 he left for Earth and the Academy


He excelled at the academy and focused on starship design and construction as that had always been his passion. He bunked with Cynndle Oin’sun for their first three years before Cynndle transferred to Mellstox III and he went and worked on the orbital shipyards in Sol for hands-on experience. He spent his final year at the academy split between Earth and the shipyards. When he thinks back on this he counts it as one of the best years of his life working on and building ships and studying all about them.

During his time at the shipyards, he earned the respect of many of the more senior crewmen and officers with his dedication to detail and his commitment. He also was able to spend time with the federation design team as they worked on several new ship designs which lead him even further down the path of wanting to design his own ships. A goal that he worked on every night as he sketched designs and ideas.

Starbase Bravo

Assigned to the SBB drydocks he quickly excelled at his work there and soon found himself leading the repair and engineering teams on the ships that came in for repair and retrofitting.  When he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) he had hopes of moving up within the drydocks and was working on getting plans for a modified scout ship submitted to the ship design teams back on Earth. He instead found himself assigned to the USS Daradax as its XO.

USS Daradax (2400)

He has been assigned to the Raven-class vessel as its XO and Chief Engineer. However, this surprised him as he had preferred to just focus on the ship.  The Daradax travelled to the Kunhri System as part of a small Taskforce to aid the former mining world of Kunhri III with much-needed support.

After the situation stabilised they were ordered to Risa to collect and transport a VIP to DS9. After arriving at DS9 they supported local Bajoran efforts to resupply their colonies.

USS Sojourner (2400)

When the entire crew of the USS Daradax were transferred to the USS Sojourner he received a promotion to LTCMD and became their Chief Engineer while maintaining is role as acting XO until one could be found.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2397 Starfleet Cadet: Engineering Officer Track Starfleet Academy (Earth) and Earth Drydocks
2397 - 2398 Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo - Drydocks
2398 - 2400 Engineering Officer Starbase Bravo - Shipyards
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 XO/Engineering Officer USS Daradax
2400 Chief Engineer USS Sojourner
Lieutenant Commander