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Profile Overview

Dese Tycon

Orion Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Tycon


Shuttle Pilot/Flight Control Officer
USS Sojourner


Dese Tycon




Newly graduated, the Orion, Dese Tycon has been assigned to the USS Sojourner as its primary shuttle pilot and helmsman though aims to get into operations as when she can. She looks up to Belania as she had heard a lot about her piloting skills in the academy (being only 6 months behind her).



Dese stands 163cm tall and 51kg. She has very dark green hair that often looks black.

Model: Joey King – but green 🙂


Dese is a very active and happy and outgoing individual with a good sense of humour. She is often described as flirtatious


Key Events

November 2400 – During the USS Sojourner’s mission in the delta quadrant she was exposed to blood dithilium which caused her Orion physiology to go into overdrive causing the production of the Orion pheromone. After the exposure her body continued to produce teh pheromone but at a reduced level. She was provided with an implant to inhibit this by the ship’s EMH.