Emily is a member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty who currently serves as the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer. She previously served as the Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff and Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Forces 9, 93, and 99. She also served as the Bravo Fleet Graphics Director and the Internet Office Command Adjutant for the Infobase.

Outside of Bravo Fleet, Emily is a high school teacher and curriculum director in the United States. She started simming in 2012, joining Bravo Fleet in 2013. She previously served in the leadership of Pegasus Fleet, DarkMyst IRC, AceIRC, and AstraIRC. She was also the Community Engagement Specialist for Anodyne Productions.

As a self-taught programming, Emily developed the first mobile-friendly Nova 2 theme available to the public. She's developed and released several public themes based on the websites of her games.

Read More: https://wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php?title=User:Emily

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