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Elizabeth Wolf

Human Female

Character Description

Elizabeth Wolf (born July 18, 2342) is a Federation Starfleet Admiral currently serving as the Deputy Commander of the Fourth Fleet. She previously served as the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Tactical Command from 2388 to 2394.

Although she is a decorated veteran of the Dominion War, Elizabeth is most prominently known for her work with Starfleet Tactical in response to the Attack on Mars in 2385. Despite heavy pressure to move away from automated systems, Elizabeth continued to implement satellite defense networks supplemented by regular patrols, contingents of runabouts, and other manual countermeasures.

Elizabeth also has a storied career rooting out corruption within the Fourth Fleet. She used her influence at Starfleet Command to assist the Fourth Fleet’s Admiralty in the court martial of a Fleet Commander. More recently, in 2398, she assisted in the investigation and subsequent indictments of Vice Admiral Yewande Banda and Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan for subterfuge and violations of Federation law.

Respected by her colleagues and those officers under her command, Elizabeth championed a “lead-by-example” image while serving with Starfleet Tactical. As a high-ranking flag officer, she joined border defense exercises and patrolled core worlds. Although these actions were purely symbolic, she developed relationships and earned trust from members of the Federation Council.

Early Life & Education

Born in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, Elizabeth is the daughter of two Starfleet officers. As a child, Elizabeth enjoyed working with her father, reading schematics and building equipment. Elizabeth earned her spot at Starfleet Academy in 2360 after being recruited for the parrises squares team. In 2364, Elizabeth graduated from the Academy with a concentration in engineering and forensic science.

Starfleet Career

Early Career (2368-2373)

From 2368 to 2373, Elizabeth served on the Excelsior-class USS Harbinger. Although this was not a prestigious assignment, it allowed Elizabeth to familiarize herself with the role of a tactical officer and gain additional training on the bridge. The Harbinger’s missions allowed Elizabeth to visit dozens of member worlds where she learned about different cultures and values. After only a year on the Harbinger, and thanks to the small size of its tactical department, Elizabeth was promoted to Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.

In 23–, Elizabeth joined the crew of the Saber-class USS Icarus as Chief Tactical Officer. The Icarus patrolled the Romulan-Federation border for several years. During this time, Elizabeth expanded her skillset, earning a Grade 5 piloting license and serving as Officer of the Watch on several rotations a week.

Dominion War (2372-2375)

When the Dominion War began in 2373, Elizabeth and the Icarus deployed to the front lines. The Icarus suffered heavy damage and casualties during the Battle of Torros III. While in repair, Starfleet reassigned half of the Icarus’ crew. Elizabeth received a promotion to Second Officer. Once operational, the Icarus once again joined the effort against the Dominion, notably fighting in Operation Return and both Battles of Chin’toka

In 2375, the Icarus joined the Invasion of Cardassia. During the first few minutes of battle, the Icarus faced heavy damage and was forced to withdraw from the front lines. With half the crew dead, including her husband, Elizabeth debated resigning her commission and returning to Earth. Days later, with the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, Elizabeh decided to stay in Starfleet and joined the Fourth Fleet’s Tactical Command.

Fourth Fleet Tactical Command (2375-2385)

Elizabeth sitting behind her desk at Starbase Bravo (2378).

Elizabeth’s experience during the Dominion War colored her time with the Fourth Fleet’s Tactical Command. As a Command Adjutant, she developed plans to safeguard Bajor by building a network of alert satellites in the Gamma Quadrant. Although her plan was ultimately rejected, the Fourth Fleet ultimately increased their presence in the quadrant with a new task force.

In 2380, Elizabeth was promoted to Deputy Director of the Fourth Fleet Tactical Command. She used her new position to travel the Federation and assess various tactical operations in-person. She worked with the Fourth Fleet’s Corps of Engineers to build planetary defense grids around key assets, such as Betazed, which had suffered heavy losses during the war.

Starfleet Tactical Command (2385-2394)

After the Attack on Mars in 2385, Elizabeth replaced the former Director of Starfleet’s Orbital Defenses. Her work in the Fourth Fleet made her Starfleet’s first choice for the position. Elizabeth continued to build satellite defense networks on critical assets, and supplemented automated systems with manual overrides and regular patrols. Although her actions were not popular with many in Starfleet, thanks to a newfound distrust of automated systems, Elizabeth maintained that it was the most feasible option.

In 2388, Elizabeth was promoted to Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical. As Deputy Director, she managed and coordinated the tactical divisions of various fleets. As flag officer independent of any one fleet’s leadership, Elizabeth investigated misappropriation of resources in the Fourth Fleet, her former home. Testimony from Admirals Allison Reyes, Anatole Lazarus, and Hars Darax led to the Fourth Fleet Commander’s court martial. The former Fleet Commander, whose name is redacted as part of a plea deal, was convicted of corruption, stripped of his rank, and removed from command.

Although primarily stationed at Starfleet Command on Earth, Elizabeth often commandeered the Prometheus-class USS Athena on tours throughout the Federation. Her goal was to show Starfleet’s strength and support of their allies, while also convincing the rest of Starfleet Command that a return to exploration was safe. Her work earned respect from officers in her command, and gained trust with members of the Federation Council. She finally retired in 2394, leaving behind three decades of service to Starfleet.

Teaching at Starfleet Academy (2394-2398)

Despite retiring from Starfleet in 2394, Elizabeth continued to stay active in the Federation. She unofficially advised members of the Federation Council and taught as a Professor for Starfleet Academy’s Advanced Tactical Training Program. As a lecturer for Advanced Tactics (ATT 101) and Threat Analysis (ATT 105), every officer in ATT from 2394 to 2398 had to pass at least one of her classes.

Restoring the Fourth Fleet (2398)

By 2398, the only fleet with assets actively exploring outside Federation space was the Fourth Fleet. The fleet’s command politicized exploration, and Starfleet Intelligence began reporting subterfuge, corruption, and violations of Federation law. Admirals Lauren Archer, Zachary O’Connell, and Paka Larem resigned from their positions to protest the corruption, and an official investigation began.

Once Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes gathered enough evidence, she went public with her findings. Elizabeth joined Admirals Teylas Ramar, Allison Reyes, Anatole Lazarus, and Hars Darax in building the case, using her influence with the Federation Council and Starfleet Command to bring the grievances to public attention. The investigation led to the public indictment of Vice Admiral Yewande Banda and Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan. Their heinous crimes sparked doubt in the future of the fleet. Many Commanding Officers and flag officers resigned or transferred to different fleets, and the officers who remained were left to pick up the pieces.

In the aftermath, Starfleet Command ordered Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar to take control of the Fourth Fleet. Rebuilding seemed like an insurmountable task, but Ramar was determined to restore the Fourth Fleet to its former glory. Ramar asked Elizabeth to return to Starfleet as the Deputy Fleet Commander, and she reluctantly agreed. Together they regained the public’s trust while also working to restore the Fourth Fleet as the premier unit of exploration, discovery, and first contact.

The Osiris Initiative (2399)

Following a decade of corruption, scandals, and court martial cases, the Fourth Fleet restored their mandate of peaceful exploration. Every ship and officer in the fleet met for a conference called the “Osiris Initiative” at Starbase Bravo to discuss the fleet’s future. Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett led the conference, hosting gatherings and organizing briefings on current events. The event marked a new chapter for the Fourth Fleet, representing peace, trust, and hope.

Service Record

A complete, itemized record of Elizabeth’s service to Starfleet and the Federation, from her time serving as the Fourth Fleet’s Deputy Commander to her initial training at Starfleet Academy. Listed in reverse chronological order.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 - Present Deputy Commander
Fourth Fleet
Starbase Bravo
2394 - 2398 Professor
Advanced Tactical Training Program
Starfleet Academy
2390 - 2394 Deputy Chief
Starfleet Tactical Command
Starfleet Command
Vice Admiral
2388 - 2390 Deputy Chief
Starfleet Tactical Command
Starfleet Command
Rear Admiral
2385 - 2388 Director
Starfleet Orbital Defenses
Starfleet Command
Fleet Captain
2380 - 2385 Deputy Director
Fourth Fleet Tactical Command
Starbase Bravo
2375 - 2380 Command Adjutant
Fourth Fleet Tactical Command
Starbase Bravo
2373 - 2375 Second Officer & Chief Tactical Officer USS Icarus (Saber-class)
Lieutenant Commander
2368 - 2373 Chief Tactical Officer USS Icarus (Saber-class)
2365 - 2368 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Harbinger (Excelsior-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2364 - 2365 Tactical Officer USS Harbinger (Excelsior-class)
2363 - 2364 Concentrations in Engineering and Forensic Science Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2362 - 2363 Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2361 - 2362 Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2360 - 2361 Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade

Current Assignment

Fourth Fleet Executive Officer
Starbase Bravo