Admiral Elizabeth Wolf

Elizabeth Wolf is a Federation Starfleet Admiral currently serving as the Deputy Commander of the Fourth Fleet. As a veteran of the Dominion War with over 15 years of experience in various Starfleet Tactical Commands, Elizabeth is a respected leader and tactician. Noted for her tenure as Director of Starfleet Orbital Defense following the Attack on Mars, Elizabeth is credited with Starfleet's improved defensive capabilities. Despite her reputation, Elizabeth believes in Starfleet's mission of peaceful exploration and sees tactical prowess as a tool for peacekeeping.


Early Life (2342-2360)

Elizabeth Wolf was born on July 18, 2342, in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina on Earth. Although she considered herself a native of North Carolina, her childhood was split between Charlotte and San Francisco. Her mother, a Starfleet surgeon, and her father, a Starfleet engineer, prepared Elizabeth for the Academy at an early age. She learned about the history of the Federation and studied her father’s engineering schematics.

In school, Elizabeth was an average student. Although she was intelligent, she spent most of her time playing on her school’s parrises squares team. She made varsity in high school and played in tournaments all over Earth. During her senior year, a recruiter from Starfleet Academy visited one of Elizabeth’s matches and offered her a sports scholarship.

Starfleet Academy (2360-2364)

Elizabeth entered Starfleet Academy without declaring a specialty or field of interest. She spent her first year taking different classes, hoping to find passion somewhere. Her parents wanted Elizabeth to pursue a career in the sciences, but her performance in physics and engineering were not sufficient to earn her a spot in either program. Eventually, she decided to use her competitive nature and strategic abilities from parrises squares towards studies in tactical operations. Without the math-intensive courses required for science programs, Elizabeth excelled in her training. During her third year at the Academy, she was selected for advanced tactical training on a cadet cruise. Elizabeth graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2364 with an honors degree in Tactical Operations.

Early Career (2368-2373)

Elizabeth’s first posting was on the USS Harbinger, an Excelsior-class starship assigned to patrol the Federation’s core worlds. Although this was not a prestigious assignment for a tactical officer, Elizabeth used the opportunity to explore different cultures and gain experience as a bridge officer. After only a year on the Harbinger, Elizabeth was promoted to Assistant Chief Tactical Officer.

Three years later, Elizabeth joined the USS Icarus, one of the first Saber-class starships, as Chief Tactical Officer. The Icarus patrolled the Romulan-Federation border for several years. Despite a few incidents in the neutral zone, it was a relatively quiet assignment. Due to the small size of the vessel, Elizabeth spent a lot of time with her peers and gained many friends. She used her free time to expand her skillset, first earning a Grade 5 piloting license and then serving as the ship’s night watch officer on several rotations a week.

The Dominion War (2373-2377)

When the Dominion War began in 2373, the Icarus deployed to the front lines. The Icarus suffered heavy casualties during the Battle of Torros III and faced over two months of repairs. While on Earth, Elizabeth met her future husband, Patrick Collins, who would become the Chief Engineer of the Icarus. Although they only knew each other for a short time, the war changed Elizabeth; she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life alone. The Captain of the Icarus performed their marriage ceremony a few days before they left Earth.

The Icarus fought in several battles against the Dominion, most notably Operation Return and both Battles of Chin’toka. After losing almost half of the ship’s crew, Elizabeth was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer.

In 2375, the Icarus was on the front lines at the Invasion of Cardassia. They suffered heavy damage during the first few minutes of battle. With the ship on the verge of destruction, Patrick had no choice but to expose himself to a large dose of radiation to prevent a warp core breach. Elizabeth arrived in sickbay with enough time to say goodbye, but the doctors couldn’t save him. Elizabeth locked herself inside her quarters for over a week, pondering her resignation and return to Earth. Her Captain convinced her to stay on the Icarus, continuing to protect others from suffering the same fate.

Two years after the war, Elizabeth decided to abandon life on a starship. She applied for Starbases and departments all over the Federation. Eventually, her service during the Dominion War earned her a Command Adjutant posting for the Fourth Fleet Tactical Command.

The Dream Job (2377-2385)

Life behind a desk was a welcome change for Elizabeth. In addition to living quarters significantly larger than her previous assignment, she also had the opportunity to network with several admirals stationed at the fleet’s headquarters. As a command adjutant, she proposed a satellite network on the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran Wormhole. Her network would detect Dominion activity near the wormhole and provide a line of defense guarding Deep Space Nine. Although her proposal was rejected, Fourth Fleet Command increased the strength of their task force in the region. The outcome of the proposal helped Elizabeth truly understand Starfleet’s role as a peacekeeping force: tactical ability was important, but it wasn’t Starfleet’s purpose.

In 2382, Elizabeth was promoted to Deputy Director of the Fourth Fleet Tactical Command. She used her new position to travel around the Federation, assessing various tactical operations conducted by the Fourth Fleet. She developed new planetary defense grids in response to the losses suffered during the Battle of Betazed, and she also helped prepare defenses for vessels assigned to deep space exploration.

A New Starfleet (2385-2392)

After the Attack on Mars in 2385, Elizabeth replaced the former Director of Starfleet Orbital Defense. Elizabeth recognized the potential threat of synthetic life but objected to the Federation’s ban. She watched as Starfleet scaled-down exploration efforts, recalling assets to defend core worlds. Although this increased the scope of Elizabeth’s position, she took issue with Starfleet’s militant stance. Following orders from her superiors, Elizabeth implemented tactical upgrades for Starfleet installations and deployed defense networks to protect strategic assets. While at Starfleet Command, she used her position to quietly investigate the attack. Although she never found evidence supporting Commander Raffi’s claims, she also didn’t believe Starfleet’s official report on the incident. With Admiral Picard’s resignation, she abandoned her investigation.

In 2388, Elizabeth earned the nomination for Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical Command. Her confirmation came with a promotion to Rear Admiral and direct oversight of Starfleet Tactical divisions assigned to each fleet. Her four years as deputy director, along with her experience as Director of Orbital Defenses, garnered respect from high ranking Admirals at Starfleet Command.

Fourth Fleet Command (2392-2399)

By 2392, the only fleet with assets actively exploring outside Federation space was the Fourth Fleet. Starfleet Command wanted to plant a trusted officer high in the chain of command, so Elizabeth was assigned to the Fourth Fleet as Chief of Staff. Instead of recalling fleet’s tactical assets to secure core territories, as some at Starfleet Command hoped, Elizabeth advocated for continued exploration. In response, Admiral Bidwell attempted to remove Elizabeth from her posting. The Fleet Commander, Teylas Ramar, fought Admiral Bidwell and protected Elizabeth from removal. In 2395, Ramar promoted Elizabeth to Deputy Commander of the Fourth Fleet.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
General StudiesStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Studies in Tactical OperationsStarfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
Studies in Tactical OperationsStarfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
Studies in Tactical OperationsStarfleet Academy
Tactical OfficerUSS Harbinger (Excelsior-class)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Tactical OfficerUSS Harbinger (Excelsior-class)
Chief Tactical OfficerUSS Icarus (Saber-class)
Lieutenant Commander
Second Officer & Chief Tactical OfficerUSS Icarus (Saber-class)
Command AdjutantFourth Fleet Tactical Command
Deputy DirectorFourth Fleet Tactical Command
Fleet Captain
Director, Starfleet Orbital DefenseStarfleet Tactical Command
Rear Admiral
Deputy DirectorStarfleet Tactical Command
Vice Admiral
Chief of StaffFourth Fleet Command
Deputy Fleet CommanderFourth Fleet Command