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Profile Overview

Jonathon Rey

Trill Male

Character Information


Chief Engineer
USS Steamrunner




Jonathon Rey



Height: 71 inches
Weight: 190 lbs
Eyes: Emerald green
Defining Characteristics: Spots are multi-colored dark and light due to minor genetic variation
Hair: Black
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned white skin


Before Starfleet

Jonathon grew up on Trill without too much of a focus or guiding hand into what he should be doing with his life. Because of the work his father did, he got introduced at an early age in engine propulsion and mechanics.  He thoroughly loved helping his dad out tinkering with busted engines, and even once tried to make his own.  Unfortunately, due to his inexperience and not knowing enough to pay attention to specific details, the workshop he and his dad used is no longer there.

He did turn down the Symbiosis Commission to be joined, wanting to live his life as he saw fit. Plus, he felt the idea of his memories, thoughts, passions and feelings being felt by another sentient being, and other hosts, for centuries to come would be well out of his comfort zone.  Most of his teachers, friends and even his mother pressured him into joining, but he did not want his life analyzed deeply, nor did he want to live up to others expectations.  This was his life, and he was going to live it as he saw fit, enjoying it thoroughly.  He didn’t want several lifetimes of experience affecting his own decisions; he wanted to make decisions, he wanted to make mistakes, he wanted to be able to live and learn and go through the trials and errors on his own, at his own pace, on his own accord, like most of the other people on Trill, and indeed throughout the Federation and known galaxy.

Upon turning down the Commission, he turned his sights on his future.  Through his school, he applied to various organizations on Trill, one on Betazed and Qo’Nos, and even one on one of the moons of Saturn, but he was turned down for each of these.  On a whim, he applied to Starfleet Academy, but without any sponsors and recommendations, nor without advanced degrees and certifications he did not believe he would be selected, and so put it out of his mind.  Until his acceptance communication came in, Jonathon largely drifted, trying to figure out what he wanted to do.

Starfleet Academy Bravo Campus

After being selected to Starfleet Academy for the class of 2399, Jonathon made his way to Bravo Campus.  It was during his time at the Academy that he really found his love and passion for engines, specifically warp theory, impulse theory, and especially in controlled and station-keeping thruster technology.  His favorite professor, and someone that he would eventually look up to, figuratively speaking, as a mentor, was Commander Tellv Thorfrew.  Jonathon confided in the Tellarite officer, and recreating on the holodeck the workshop and the engine he had tried to build, and what went so throughly wrong that caused it to explode, destroying the workship.  Through Commander Throfrew’s gentile guidance and mentorship, Jonathon went from being a lost Cadet to an Engineer.  While not spectacularly great at Engineering, he was proficient enough to earn his yellow-trimmed uniform and his right to be considered a part of the Engineering Corps of Starfleet, graduating just slightly lower than middle of his class.

USS Repulse

Upon graduating, Rey was promoted to Ensign and assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Repulse as Matter/Energy Systems Specialist. Serving aboard the aging vessel for more than a year, he was promoted by the Chief Engineer to Assistant Chief Engineer shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant junior grade. Unfortunately, the rank, position and authority when to Rey’s head, and he began to bully people, throw his rank and position in peoples faces, including other Department Heads, and on one very ill-advised moment, to the ships Executive Officer. He found himself transferred off the Repulse less than four months later.

USS Steamrunner

With the transfer to the USS Steamrunner, Lieutenant junior grade Rey was put into the position of Chief Engineer. It would be a position he would soon find out was much more difficult than he ever imagined.

And so his saga continues….

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2399 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy Bravo Campus
Cadet Senior Grade
2399 - 2399 Matter/Energy Systems Specialist USS Repulse
2399 - 2400 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Repulse
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - 2400 Chief Engineer USS Steamrunner
Lieutenant Junior Grade