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Part of USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 6 Ending

Delta Quadrant
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Stardate 24011201

It’s been a few pleasant weeks since the USS Gilroy had left the Borg outpost and made their way back. The Commander/Doctor Arias and Nurse Lieutenant Langenheim had had a few busy weeks removing as much of the Borg implants from all 8 XBs till the rest were ready to be removed when their over bodies had recovered and were ready to work on their own once again. It took almost three weeks to remove all the components from the XBs and have them replicated into suitable quarters with suitable clothes.

While this had gone on, the Chief Engineer, Engineer Tolesa and Engineer Tior had been overlooking all the Borg tech that they had recovered to see what was still able to be used. Engineer Tior had been doing his own few projects at the same time, once he knew what the Borg tech was. He was testing to see if he could implement any of it into the ship to enhance any of the ship systems, but at the same time, removing any trace of the Borg program, as he did not want a repeat of Frontier Day.

While they were all hard at work and the commander was running the ship on his shifts, the captain was studying as much of the data as he could that had been downloaded into the ship’s database. By the time they reach the outpost, the captain would have only just found out what had gone on at the outpost and made notes to pass on with the information to Starfleet to make it easier for the officers to look over the information that much easier but he also did it as he wanted to know why and what was going on with the Borg himself.

Another week passed, and the Gilroy finally came back through Chaotic space and once again lucky there was no sign of species 8472, which was good as the ship would have been no match even with the minor enhancements the crew had done for the first time through their space. As requested, the officer on duty had sent a subspace message ahead of the ship to the Starfleet personnel posted on the outpost to inform them of their situation and station when they should be back.