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Stokar Telkir

Vulcan Male


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Captain Telkir


USS Gilroy


Stokar Telkir




Captain Telkir has a logical mind like a typical Vulcan, but he’s experimenting with a more human way of thinking and trying to bond with his senior crew. But he still has time he practices his meditations with the candle that he brought with him from Vulcan.


Name: Captain Stokar Telkir

Height: 1.88 m / 6 ft 2 In

Weight: 90 kg / 198.5 pounds

Chest: 47 in / 119 cm

Biceps: 16.5 in / 42 cm

Waist: 33 in / 84 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Place of Birth: Vulcan

Date Of Birth: 17/11/2350


Early in life, he was a typical Vulcan male who took everything seriously and never broke a smile or a laugh. Once he joined Starfleet, he slowly changed, but you never really saw any change until he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade. He had two sets of friends within the crew, The first lot were a few other Vulcan members that were all by the book and very logical, and another set of officers that were a mix of humans, Bajoran, Trill, and a Bolian which were all about fun and laughter and just enjoying their job and service to Starfleet. from then onward throughout his career his personality changed and he found things in his duties changed along with his way of thinking with his daily jobs and his away missions.


Early life. 2350 – 2368

Life for a Vulcan is not a simple life compared to a human. Like humans, they do have their daily problems, and for Telkir, his childhood was no normal Vulcan upbringing. Telkir didn’t feel like he fitted in with other Vulcans. Despite being prepared to attend the science academy, he opted to join Starfleet because he didn’t feel like he belonged at the science academy. But still kept up with Vulcan training. He just went to another academy to receive it. He went to the Shirkar Academy.

Shirkar Academy 2368 – 2372

The Shirkar Academy is Like the science academy, but instead of focusing on science, it focuses on the command structure. Telkir found studying there was a lot more to his understanding and liking. He could flourish more by taking command of a ship than by a science project. While he was here, he rose to the rank of Commander within the Vulcan command rank system. But even while holding the Rank of Commander, he did not feel like he was living up to his full potential, so he entered Starfleet. At least here he knew he could put all that he had learned and will learn to a different use within a unique environment.

Starfleet Academy → 2372 ∼ 2376

Telkir found the academy annoying and difficult, nothing like the Science academy back on Vulcan, but he wouldn’t let it defeat him. Being at the Academy was so loud, chaotic and hectic compared to the logical, calm and smooth running of the Vulcan Science Academy. Most of his lessons, Telkir found them quite easy in the first few years due to his logical thinking and mental upbringing, not allowing anyone or anything to distract him while in class or when studying outside of class. Being a typical Vulcan, Telkir kept himself to himself and didn’t make many friends unless they were of his kind also in the academy or even Vulcans that had already been through the whole process and now worked at the academy themself. As the years went on, Telkir eventually made some friends and learned to loosen up a bit to socialise with his fellow cadets, but not enough to look like he was enjoying himself. Telkir was promoted to ensign and was one of the few cadets who only ever got promoted to ensign while at the academy because of his outstanding work and scores in the previous years of the academy.

USS Agamemnon NCC 81010 → 2376 ∼ 2386

Ensign 2376 ∼ 2380

Time aboard the AGAMEMNON was more of the structure that a Vulcan was used to with the kind of structures Starfleet installed on their ships. He liked knowing when he had work and when he did not and he liked it when he knew he could socialise and when he didn’t wanna socialise. Most of the time when he was not on shift he used to spend the time in his room or even spend it in the holodeck with a simulation of a Vulcan-based program, but twice a week he would engage in small talk with a few of his fellow crew members in the mess hall. Life for an up-and-coming Vulcan in Telkir’s eyes on a Starfleet vessel was that of a tough one as he was surrounded by so many races, mainly human so far and a lot on them all they wanted to do when they had nothing to do on their shift would stand around and just chat. In Telkir’s eyes was off-putting and annoying as he couldn’t get half of his work done in time as he was waiting on the other members to do theirs first which meant that Telkir went off and did the work himself just so he could get on with what he had to do.

Lieutenant Jr Grade 2380 ∼ 2386

Telkir found getting promoted to the rank of Lt. Jr. Grade was very easy. All he had to do was prove that he was good at his work and get it in on time. When he was on the bridge or even within another department, he paid attention to situations either when the ship was in combat, performing a rescue mission or even on a diplomatic assignment, no matter what it was Telkir was always on the ball and ready to assist by getting more power for the ship’s shields or even providing that same power to the transporters to allow the imaging filters to lock on to the person that was in danger. A few times throughout his time on board the ARAMEMNON, the young Vulcan has put in four accommodations of excellent work and even received a medal.

USS COLLECTOR NCC 11982 → 2386 ∼ 2392


By the time 2386 came Telkir decided he wanted a new challenge and applied for the post on board the COLLECTOR shortly after being on board came a promotion to Lieutenant because there were a few promotions within the ship crew as one of the senior crew members retired due to health reasons. Telkir was delighted with the promotion, but he was also not happy because he didn’t get it on his merit and dedication to the ship. While on board the COLLECTOR, Telkir managed to keep up with his twice-a-week meetings with his fellow crew members. There was a difference in his interactions with the crew on board the COLLECTOR as he joined them not just in the mess hall for chat and drinks but also on the holodeck.

USS IRON∼LUNG NCC 57696 → 2392 ∼ 2401

Lt Commander 2392 – 2398

Making the rank of Lt. Commander Telkir had surprised himself. It’s not something he didn’t think he could achieve, it’s just remembering a conversation he had with one of his Vulcan science tutors saying that he won’t like the way things are on Starfleet ships as they are not logical people or way of thinking and can be very messy and noisy when they work. His Vulcan tutors always said they would be surprised if he ever got to the rank of lieutenant before he decided to give up on Starfleet and move back to Vulcan and reenlist in the Vulcan Academy. Two years into serving on the Iron∼Lung, the young lieutenant was promoted to Lt. Commander. He received this promotion due to outstanding work since joining the ship going above and beyond on missions, anticipating what could happen and being ready for the many possible outcomes. At this point in his career, he had received the odd accommodation and praise put on his record, but his most recent one went above and beyond in saving a colony on a planet that was having bad tectonic disruptions in their core and life-threatening events, that would wipe out all the race if they were not saved and relocated. His outstanding achievement that he was promoted for was a site-to-site transport in 2 stages. He came up with the plan and reprogramming of the transport on a crashed roundabout to beam the people of the planet back to the ship but because of the interference in the atmosphere and the electrical distortions that would affect a larger ship they had to use a second runabout as a form of a midway transport pad to the Iron∼Lung. instead of the people appearing on the second runabout then getting beamed out again the new program was designed for the people to be beamed from the planet and into its buffer of the second roundabout, to be stored and sent straight up to the Iron∼Lung and finally materialise on board the ship this saved a few mins in between the transport with not materialising the people and just sending them straight back on to the next destination. He got the idea from when Captain Montgomery “Scotty” Scott stored his bio pattern with another crew member in the transporter buffer for 75 years just with a slight alteration to the plan instead of storing the crew member’s pattern it would beam them straight on to the Iron∼Lung.

Commander 2398 – 2401

During a mission in 2398, the commander/1st officer of the Iron∼Lung died during his time off board the ship because of a cave-in when exploring a cave for a single that they had discovered being sent out. At the time Lt. Commander telkir took command of the mission and got the rest of the crew home, some with minor cuts and bruises thanks to their commander. But he also finished the mission before returning home as that was the only way they were going to get home was by completing their mission and finding what this signal was and why it was being sent out. Because of the courage and outstanding commitment the Lt. Commander took to get the mission complete and his crew home, and with the tragic loss of their commanding officer, Lt Commander Telkir was promoted to the rank of commander.

USS GILROY NCC 12110 → 2401


Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. With the fleet being low on captains, Commodore Uzoma Ekwueme gave Commander Telkir the promotion to captain and his own ship, the USS Gilroy NCC 12110. Telkir was honoured but also disappointed at the same time because he was hoping that maybe his first command would be on board a more formidable ship, one that would be more on the front lines like a Defiant class, a Prometheus class ship or even a Rhode Island class ship. He was not expecting a California class ship and having to do diplomatic-type missions or resupply missions. But he accepted and saw it as a stepping stone in his long career ahead of himself.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2372 Cadet Shirkar Academy
2372 - 2376 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2380 Ensign USS Agamemnon NCC 81010
2380 - 2386 Lieutenant Jr Grade USS Agamemnon NCC 81010
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2386 - 2392 Lieutenant USS COLLECTOR NCC 11982
2392 - 2398 Lt Commander USS IRON∼LUNG NCC 57696
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2401 Commander USS IRON∼LUNG NCC 57696
2401 - Present Captain USS GILROY NCC 12110