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Profile Overview

Created by AzrasD but pip alteration by me

Jabir Tior

Trill Male

( he/him/his)

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tior


USS Gilroy


Jabir Tior


Manev Bay, Trill


Although Jabir is now on the fast track to becoming a lieutenant in engineering, working with the defensive and offensive systems of either a ship/starbase or outpost, he still holds fast to his beliefs and commitments of getting work done fast before pleasure. He’s always been one for getting or trying to get things right the first time. He’s someone who does not like to fail or must try repeatedly to do testing and work on his current projects.

Jabir is a smartly dressed and understanding guy. He’s a very helpful person who is always there to help his fellow person no matter their species gender or sexuality. He’s loyal and follows orders but will say something if he thinks the orders are wrong and always tries to find another way to settle situations.


Name: Jabir Tior

Height: 5 ft 11 in / 180 m

Waist: 33 in

Weight:  79 kg / 12 stone 6 lbs

Sexuality Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Black hair but experimented when he was young with different colors.

Eye Color: Blue eyes ( told by his mum he could melt a woman’s heart with them)

Place of birth: Trill homeworld

Date of birth: 01/09/2370

Created by AzrasD but pip alteration by me

Reciently promoted due to his self sacrafice and bravery on his latest away mission

Created by AzrasD

Lieutenant Jabir Tior


Jabir is a very caring person at heart. Since his injury at a young age, he’s always cared more about helping people when they are in need. He’s a very to-the-book kind of person, but in certain situations, he found it useful to bend the rules to get the results that are needed. He’s always been a loving and generous man and holds family close to his heart even more since his dad’s passing, but hopes to have a family of his own one day.


EARLY LIFE → 2370 ∼ 2390

Jabir was born to loving parents just off the coast of Manev Bay and about half an hour’s walk from the city capital of Learn Manev.

On Jabir’s 10th birthday, he tragically lost his dad while he and his dad were visiting the capital near the Trill Senate Tower. Jabir was also hurt at the time he received a nasty cut, which at the time seemed and looked like nothing serious. Years later when Jabir went to enlist to become a candidate for the Symbiont trials to become a new host, it was discovered that he had a nasty blood infection from the attack years ago when he was 10, which still to this day has not had a cure found for it.

Jabir was guttered to not be able to help his family because becoming part of the joined side of the trill race meant that you were elevated in life not just because you became joined but because of the opportunities that come available to you and your way of life became better also, not just for the member that’s become joined but for their family.

SCIENCE MINISTRY → 2390 ∼ 2394

So, Jabir decided to join the Till Science Ministry and study Medicine but upon starting his studies, he soon started to realize after a few months that he was not suited for the medical field, but instead the engineering field. He came to this conclusion because he preferred to work with his hands making or repairing things, more than sitting around waiting for the computer to run its simulations.

So when he finished his first year he transferred his studies over to engineering and worked within the military area of engineering especially associated with the defence of people (ship/space station shields or own defensive shields) and the offensive (weapons – ships phasers or photon torpedoes) and the ability for others to defend their self that way not just using shields but also having the best state of art offensive weapons to stand their ground.

While studying at the Science Ministry, he also took shuttlecraft and flight lessons, so once all the testing and theory work was complete, he could test his work out first before putting anyone else’s life in danger. Plus, he seemed to have a natural flair for flying and loved it.


Due to a few complications while at the Trill Science Ministry, Jabir felt like he was not going to make it and be ready to pass the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. So he signed himself up for the 6-week Academy preparatory program, so he was best prepared to make it in the Academy the first time around. Taking this short course made him feel like it gave him the best chance to pass the entrance exam.


Jabir joined Starfleet to continue his work within the defensive and offensive area of engineering, as he felt like he couldn’t fully complete his work within the Trill Science Ministry, with the limited technology they had available at the Science Ministry.

He found the atmosphere very different from that of his home world because the way things are done here is such a faster pace and more intense. He also found it hard to make friends over the first few months, but once he was settled into his new routines, things got so much easier for him. Making friends also got easier by the end of the first Academic term he was not only keeping up with his work but also managing to go out with a few of his classmates regularly and have fun, something he didn’t get to do much of on his home world.

USS ARCHER NCC 76725 / USS CHICAGO NCC 57016 → 2398 ∼ 2401

After leaving the academy, he got posted to two ships learning the different systems between old and new systems and how to implement potential new defensive and offensive systems into action during the years 2398 – 2401.

Galadkail Minor → 2401

Tior was assigned to a repair crew for a few weeks on Galadkail Minor. Alongside Lt Commander Dawa Vlcek, Petty Officer 1st class Joshua Bryan, Cadet Zoff, and two fellow cadets. When finished here, I will go to the USS Gilroy to carry on my work in trying to upgrade the defensive and offensive systems on the ship and roll it out to the entire fleet.

USS GILROY NCC 12110 → 2401

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Being on board the USS Gilroy and on their way to the Delta quadrant on a routine supply drop and second contact with the different races there, following up first contact from the USS Voyager and fellow other ships that were their last year during the Blood Dilithium dilemma Starfleet had last year around the time of stabilizing the Barzan wormhole. But before arriving in the Delta Quadrant, Jabir made friends quickly with a fellow crew mate called Charlie Fox, who was also an engineer. They said they keep in contact even though they knew for the next few months the time between replies might be a bit longer than normal.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2394 Cadet/Trill Science Ministry TRILL SCIENCE MINISTRY
2394 - 2398 Cadet/Engineering Student STARFLEET ACADEMY
2398 - 2399 Ensign/Engineering Officer USS ARCHER NCC 76725
2399 - 2401 Ensign/Engineering Officer USS CHICAGO NCC 57016
2401 Lieutenant Junior Grade/Engineering Officer STARBASE BRAVO
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Lieutenant Junior Grade/Engineering Officer USS GILROY NCC 12110
Lieutenant Junior Grade