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Profile Overview

Created by AzrasD

Carlos Ramsey

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Ramsey


Chief Engineer
USS Gilroy


Carlos Ramsey


Cali Colombia, Earth


He likes to play wind instruments. He also plays the bass, the ukulele, and different kinds of percussion in his spare time. He’s always been someone that pushes himself to the limit when it came to his studies in the academy. Always was a no-nonsense type of cadet and followed his orders to the letter but as he’s come up the ranks he still follows the rules but with a bit of leniency and bends the rules if need to to get the job done. 


Name: Carlos Ramsey

Height: 5ft 7 in / 170 cm

Weight: 67 kg / 148 lbs

Date of Birth: 20/4/2367

Place of Birth: Cali, Colombia, Earth

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Ethnic Origin: White/HISPANIC

Created by AzrasD


He’s a very kind loving guy when it comes to his friends and family always there to help when needed. But when you get on the wrong side of him he can be the wrong person to deal with, within then regulations. He can give you the most basic of boring punishments or he could take the punishment to the limit of his authority.


Early life → 2367 ∼ 2385

Carlos Ramsey was born on Earth in Cali, Colombia. He was very talented at a young age when it came to playing musical instruments. He played in his local school band as a pastime hobby. He got into engineering later in life when one of his favourite musical instruments got broken. Yes, he could have easily used the replicator or another device to repair or replace it, but Carlos liked the idea of fixing it himself and this led him to like the idea of repairing things which indirectly led him to become an engineer.

Starfleet Academy → 2385 ∼ 2389

At first, Carlos found it hard doing his engineering studies because it was so different from what he was already doing or learning there were so many regulations for him to learn and understand compared to how he used to go with his gut and work his way around things when repairing things.

USS Aldrin NCC 61946 → 2389 ∼ 2401

Service aboard the ALDRIN was a nice learning career once he left the academy. He slowly processed through the ranks from an Ensign up to a Lieutenant over his 12 years when he started he struggled to get used to starship life and the way things worked but he soon got the grasp of things and slowly over time improved which in turn allowed him to get his promotion to Lieutenant junior grade receiving this within 3 years then took an average of 3 years for him to get the promotion up each rank finally arriving at Lieutenant.

Ensign/Engineering officer → 2389 ∼ 2393

Carlos’ career path in the engineering department was a slow but steady one. At first, getting used to how they did things on board a starship was a bit strange and different from how he expected it and from how he had learned in the academy. He struggled a bit at first with the pace of things, especially when either the ship was under attack, in pursuit of someone, or even trying to push the ship harder to get to a location ASAP. No matter what it was, trying to get the ship to perform better was a bit of a struggle for an ensign.

Lt Junior Grade/Engineering officer → 2393 ∼ 2397

By the time Carlos became a Lieutenant Junior Grade officer, he had no problem performing tasks and was even, on occasion, supplying his superior with possible upgrades depending on if they wanted to implement them. Most of the young engineer’s ideas were approved, and he was given a small team if needed to upgrade the systems. From time to time, Carlos would perform with other crew members in their ten-forward to crew members who wanted to listen, and most of the time, they received a good turnout.

Lieutenant/Engineering officer → 2397 ∼ 2401

Another 3 years came about and Carlos was expecting another promotion because that’s roughly how long he had waited between the last two. But that time came and passed and it was not until the middle of 2398, almost 4 years since he received his last promotion. But this promotion for Carlos was going to be a different one. It would not be due to the excellent work and outstanding upgrades that once tested on board the ALDRIN, which was slowly rolled out across the fleet. This promotion came when he least expected it. Close to the end of 2398, now nearly 4 and a half years since his last promotion, the ship was doing a routine survey of a nebular when from out of nowhere; a form of a lightning bolt struck the ship, destabilising the warp engine and causing a warp core breach. So, as procedures came about, they went to eject the engine before it was too late, but this time, things didn’t go as planned. The ejection manifold and claps had been fused from the lighting strike and they only had moments to evacuate the ship. But with Carlos quick thinking and just in time, just as the captain ordered everyone to evacuate the ship, Carlos did instead quickly run to where the claps for the warp core were and, using a Phaser cut through them with only seconds to spare allowing the chief engineer who was also still on board engage the impulse engines and saving the ship with just minor damages to the ship itself from the explosion. With this extraordinary act of bravery came the promotion to lieutenant and a medal for bravery.

USS Gilroy NCC 12110 → 2401

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Transfers to the USS Gilroy as Chief Engineer with the rank of Lt Commander at the request of Captain Ramsey when his current Chief Retired from service to spend time with family. He didn’t expect to get this assignment, let alone the promotion, especially when he had only been a lieutenant for just over a year. He was ready even though he was looking at getting a promotion on his current ship. But as he looks at it, a promotion is a promotion wherever it is.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2389 Engineering Student STARFLEET ACADEMY
2389 - 2393 Engineering officer USS ALDRIN NCC 61946
2393 - 2397 Engineering officer USS ALDRIN NCC 61946
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2401 Engineering officer USS ALDRIN NCC 61946
2401 - Present Chief Engineer USS GILROY NCC 12110
Lieutenant Commander