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Part of USS Odyssey: Beyond Redemption, Beyond Reason and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Beyond Redemption, Beyond Reason – 5

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Kotaba Expanse, Swallow Nebula region, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78423.08
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“JP, I’m sorry to inform you that despite our efforts in scanning the entire region for almost four weeks, we have not been able to detect any signals or signs of the Constitution. Our deep space probes have also failed to pick up anything of significance. We’ve checked and double-checked our data, but unfortunately, the results remain the same,” Cambil explained solemnly before giving out a sigh. Her call came through via the holographic console on his desk. The image of her sitting in her ready room reporting to him the disappointing news was heartwrenching for her, but more so for him. It was his brother’s ship. Noticing her change in tone, McCallister was impressed she tried to come up with something positive. “We’re going to see if we can tigh in the deflector in with the long-range sensors to-”

Waving his hand to dismiss that idea, McCallister shook his head as well. “Thanks, Bexa, but I think it’s time we face facts.”

“I’m sorry, James, but whatever happened to them is something our sensors can’t detect or even give us a clue where to look,” Cambil replied. McCallister could hear the tone of deflation in her voice, but he didn’t want her to think that had let him down. 

McCallister smiled to show appreciation for her and her crew’s hard work. He couldn’t blame her. “Bexa, just finish what you’re doing, and I want you and the Themis here at your earliest convenience.”

“Understood, we’ll be on our way in no time,” Cambil replied. “Do you want me to submit the report to Starfleet?”

Pausing for a moment, McCallister considered her offer before nodding. “Do it,” He said. They finished the conversation, and McCallister tapped the button on his desk. Running his hands over his face as he leant backwards, he wondered how he would explain Horatio’s missing to his family. 

The door chime then went off, bringing McCallister back to his reality. “Come in,” He replied. 

His first officer stepped in after the doors opened. It was evident that Duncan knew that McCallister was having a very difficult, a very upsetting conversation with his predecessor. Again, McCallister appreciated his right-hand man in knowing when to check in on him. It’s what made him one of the finest counsellors and now one of the finest first officers in the fleet. 

“Max, everything okay?” McCallister asked after the door had closed behind him. 

Duncan hesitated to answer at first, and instead, he turned the question around. “I take it Bexa didn’t have good news?”

McCallister just shook his head.

“I’m sorry, James,” Duncan said as he stood before his desk. “Do you want to-”

Knowing what Duncan was about to offer, McCalister shook his head and interrupted him. “No, I can’t spend any more time or energy on this.” McCallister straightened himself out. “What was it you wanted, Number One?”

Duncan replied straight away. “Just to let you know, our engineers have started their first test of the hyper-subspace amplifier.”

“That’s good,” McCallister said and stood up. “Let’s see what they’ve achieved.” Gesturing for them to return to the bridge, McCallister was quick in wanting not to think about the loss of the Constitution for now. He wanted to focus on something that may be positive. Maybe something that will help find his brother’s missing ship.

Duncan followed him out as they made their way across towards their chairs. Rising from the centre chair, Commander Court smiled at McCallister before shooting a look at his husband. McCallister noticed the exchange between his first officer and the senior officer of the watch and knew they meant well. They had supported him when the news of the Constitution had first come through. Straight away, Court knew the bad news had arrived.

“Slyvexs to Fleet Captain McCallister,” came the voice of his CMO on the intercom. 

Tapping his combadge, McCallister answered, worried about what Slyvexs would share. “Go ahead, doctor.”

“Sir, I’m with Commander Gray, and his proximity transceiver has gone off,” She reported.

Hearing that revelation made McCallister’s gut twist tightly. He turned to Duncan, who had the same look. “Understood, doctor, standby,” McCalister replied before he opened a ship-wide communication channel. “All hands, red alert!” He turned to Duncan and told him to start scanning for Borg. Returning to his conversation with the doctor, he asked her to put Gray on. “Reuben, do you know where they are?”

McCallister heard hesitation from the engineer at first before he stuttered a response. “I think-I-think so, sir. I may need to use the astrometric lab.”

“I’ll have Corella meet you there,” McCallister said before indicating to Court to call her.

“Thank you, sir,” Gray responded.

After a second to breathe, McCallister looked at Duncan. “Damn, Borg, again.” He muttered. 


  • Aw no, what an emotional gut-punch that was for McCallister. It's awfully telling of his character that he experienced his grief through RESPONSIBILITY: his first thought was of telling his family and what a painful experience that will be for him and them. Of course, the sting is all the more worth it for this opportunity for Duncan to spotlight what a strong relationship he has with McCallister. I love that there's no posturing between them; no confusion about their boundaries and roles. Duncan seems as much a brother as Horatio. It's lovely!

    November 5, 2023
  • This post does a great job of running two threads and once and showing who your command characters are, both individually and together as a command team. I really enjoyed the understanding between the two of them, and the keen awareness of each of there traits and common behaviors. It's easy to tell that they work well together and have a very functional relationship! Still hooked, still loving it :D Can't wait for more!

    November 6, 2023