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Part of USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Volleyed and Thundered – 29

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Divinum System, Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Stardate: 78202
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“Fleet Captain’s log stardate seven-eight-two-oh-two. Peace, at long last, had swept through most of the Deneb sector. After rescuing the Divinium colonists, the squadron proceeded to help the rest of the Fourth Fleet in its battle with the remnants of the Dominion Lost Fleet that attempted to invade the Deneb system and take Farpoint Station. Though we suffered no more casualties, we do have a number of injured souls. We plan to remain in orbit of the colony for the next week or so while we help with rebuilding efforts. Nevertheless, the pain of losing so many fine comrades, especially Captain Rio Canção, has hit the ship and the entire squadron hard. Myself included.”

Doctor Slyvexs stifled a yawn with the back of her right hand as she picked up her mug of coffee from the replicator. She sat comfortably in her armchair in her office as she picked up the top PADD that sat on a pile of other PADDs. The last few days had been tiresome. She was happier to be back on Odyssey. Still, the after-effects of what they all had endured would undoubtedly reside in their memories for years to come. She never thought she would have to re-live the Dominion War again. Knowing that the conflict ended sooner than the first one was some sign of relief. 

She instructed the computer to play some soothing Denobulan jazz in the background. At the same time, she got even cosier in her chair. Slipping her boots off, she lifted her feet to the edge of the coffee table just before the chair and popped them down. She had been reading the latest patient reports when there was a soft knock on her door. Looking up, Slyvexs instantly saw Counsellor Horin standing in the doorway.

“Is this a bad time, Slyvexs?” Horin asked sweetly while her right hand rested on her belly.

Slyvexs shook her head while replicating the same facial expression that Horin posed. “No, of course not, Louwanna. Make yourself comfortable,” She gestured to the sofa opposite her.

“I just returned from the Bellerophon and wanted to check in on how you’re doing,” Horin said as she struggled to sit down. Eventually, with a light bounce, she landed on the sofa while trying to do it gracefully.

“I’m all fine; thank you for caring, Louwanna. And you?” Slyvexs replied.

Horin looked down at her stomach. “This kid certainly likes to move a lot; I swear it was doing the rumba earlier, but apart from that, I’m good. Are those you’ve treated going to need any follow-up counselling?”

Passing the PADD over, Slyvexs nodded. “Most likely, but I think we all will.” 

“Oh, I think the entire fleet will need professional help,” Horin said as she quickly skimmed the device’s contents. “I’m just not sure there’s enough chocolate in the quadrant to help us all.”

Slyvexs sniggered at that, and knowing the counsellor’s fondness of the Earth sweet, she knew she would be recommended it to those who haven’t had it before. A sugar rush did seem to help lift the mood of some. “Are you going to join the captain on his visit with the governor?”

Horin shook her head. “No, he’s going to offer our services, but from what I can tell, most colonists weren’t aware of being in the Dominion transporter buffers for long. Most want to get back to their lives and move on.”

“Lucky for them, I suppose,” Slyvexs said as she yawned again. “Excuse me, I think maybe reaching my next hibernation cycle.”

“I’m not surprised with the amount you’ve done recently,” Horin countered. 

“It has been quite intense. Maybe a good long week of sleeping is what I need.” Slyvexs agreed. 

“Well, if we get any time off after that, I will book us both into a lovely spa somewhere,” Horin suggested. “I know we’re meant to be part of the Frontier Day celebrations, so before we do that, I’ll see what I can find on Earth. I’m sure Corella would enjoy that too.”

Chuckling, Slyvexs sipped on her coffee. “Are you sure Corella would want to do that?” 

Horin confirmed with a nod. “You can bet on it, and if not her, then I’m sure we can get Craigen or Tomaz to come!”

“Perhaps we should invite the entire senior staff!” Slyvexs suggested.

“Now that sounds like fun!” Horin remarked with a smile.

Captain Max Duncan had just completed a long and arduous set of shifts back-to-back on the bridge. After a strenuous day, he eagerly anticipated retiring to his quarters to rest. He had already unzipped his uniform jacket before reaching the door. However, upon opening the door, he was taken aback by the sight before him. The room was dimly lit by the warm, flickering light of candles, and a tantalising aroma filled the air. To his surprise, his beloved husband, Master Chief Tobias Court, stood in the centre of the room, dressed immaculately in his finest attire.

“Tobias, what is all of this?” Duncan inquired, his eyes widening in amazement.

“I simply wanted to do something special for you, my handsome husband,” Court replied, a broad smile spreading across his face. “Plus, with the boys not here and with all of the fighting, we’ve not had a chance to actually have a romantic meal in a long time.”

Duncan approached Court and wrapped his arms around him, feeling deeply appreciative of his husband’s thoughtfulness. Court had always been a romantic at heart, but this was beyond anything Duncan had ever expected.

Duncan marvelled at his husband’s exquisite effort as they took their seats at the beautifully decorated table. The table was adorned with a pristine white tablecloth, complemented by a vase of freshly picked flowers at its centre. The candles cast a warm and inviting glow around the room.

As they indulged in their meal, they talked and caught up on each other’s day. By the end of the meal, Duncan was filled with a profound sense of gratitude for Court and the life they had built together. He leaned over and kissed him passionately, feeling his heart swell with love.

“I love you, Tobias,” Duncan whispered as they parted from their embrace.

“I love you too, Max,” Court replied, his eyes brimming with happiness.

As they started to clean up after their meal, Max felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the love and support he had in his life. They retired to the sofa in the living room area, both sipping on a glass of Saurian brandy. As they sat in the dimly lit room, the romantic ambience intensified with each passing moment. Court reached across and took Duncan’s hand in his, sending a shiver down his spine. Their eyes locked, and Duncan couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of love and adoration for his husband.

“Tobias, you truly are the love of my life,” Duncan said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Court smiled, his eyes sparkling with affection. “And you, my dear Max, are the only one who has ever truly captured my heart.”

Duncan burst out into laughter. They always tried to outdo one another with their cheesy one-liners, but Court had indeed won that one. “Oh, Tobes, that was on a whole new level,” He said between giggles. 

Court was chuckling as well. “I’m happy to please you!” 

As they finished their drinks, Court rose from his seat and took Duncan’s hand, leading him towards their bedroom. The flickering candlelight illuminated the room, casting a dreamy glow around them. Court pulled Duncan close and inched closer to him as they shared a tender kiss, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. Their eyes locked in a fiery and intense gaze. A palpable energy filled the air between them as they kissed one another’s necks, and Duncan’s heart thumped wildly in his chest. He could feel the heat radiating from his husband’s body, and when their lips finally met again, Duncan was overwhelmed by a rush of pleasurable shivers that ran down his spine.

Their kisses were slow and heated, infused with a raw passion and yearning that left Max breathless. He wrapped his arms tightly around Court, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss even more. The sensation was almost too much to bear, and Duncan felt as though he could remain in that moment forever. The soft music playing in the background added to the romantic atmosphere, and Duncan felt his heart skip a beat.  

Later on, as they lay together, wrapped in each other’s arms, Duncan felt contentment wash over him. He knew that he was loved and that he had found his soulmate in Court. Despite everything that had happened during the latest crisis the Odyssey was pushed into, they still had one another. 

They whispered sweet nothings to each other before Court stated something they both knew would be true. “You do know,” He said still in a whisper, “once Jordan and William come back, we will never have a quiet moment like this.”

“Then let’s enjoy the time while we can,” Duncan said with a smirk as he rolled on top of his husband and carried on showing him how much he loved him.

The interior of The Auditorium had always been a sight to behold, and tonight it was no different. Offering its usual delightful blend of relaxation and vibrancy. Subtle, soothing melodies wafted through the air, lending an air of tranquillity to the vast crew lounge. Off-duty crew members could be seen gathered around tables, engaged in low-level, almost sombre conversations, enjoying their drinks after the gruelling work they had weathered recently. This was an unmistakable testament to the strong sense of camaraderie that continued to develop between them and their deep fondness for each other. 

By the main bar, some members of the senior staff had begun to gather, marking the beginning of what promised to be an evening to unwind and relax. Lieutenant Commander Tierra had turned up with Lieutenant Commander Gray; the two engineers were sharing a story as they walked over to the bar and were greeted by the two women who were sitting there, waiting for them.

“Ladies, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long,” Gray said with a friendly tone.

Lieutenant Marova shook her head. The Odyssey’s helm officer picked up her mojito and raised it. “Not at all; Rosle and I were getting properly acquainted.” She clinked her glass against Lieutenant Commander Rosle’s drink. 

Rosle raised her glass filled with the same cocktail. “This gal knows how to order a cocktail!” 

Both engineers chuckled at that as the bartender took their orders. At that point, Lieutenants Keli and Jisaraa turned up. They were both welcomed as they joined the others in getting their drinks as well.

“So, who else is joining us tonight?” Marova asked as she sipped on the straw in her drink.

“Not Craigen or Tomaz; they’re still with the captain and others on the colony,” Tierra answered as she got her cocktail and sipped it. “Yummy,” she said with a smile. “Lukiz was over on the Themis; he said he would bring some of their lot over.”

Sitting up straight then, Keli looked at the engineer. “Tierra, does that mean what I think it means?” 

Tierra smiled. “Yes, Abbej and I have spoken about getting things back on track.”

“Oh, finally!” Jisaraa said with a slight squeal. 

 Keli turned to Rosle and Gray, “Long story short, they separated because of a space-bourne pitcher plant! It was utter madness – they’re almost the golden couple!”

“Hey!” Tierra shouted in her defence, “we were THE golden couple of the Odyssey.”

“That’s before the first officer and chief of the boat got together!” Keli teased. 

It wasn’t long until Lieutenant Commander Jen entered The Auditorium with their former colleagues who had moved to the Themis earlier in the year. Pleased to see so many of their faces, the two staff interacted while introductions were made for the newcomers. 

Keli gave a huge hug to her former mentor, Cline Lenjir. “Hey, boss, it’s good to see you in one piece,” She said before placing a friendly kiss on his cheek. 

“Likewise, Keli,” Lenjir replied, returning the gesture. “I see not much has changed around here,” The tall, muscular Tiburonian motioned to the room.

“We’ve made a few small changes, nothing major,” Keli said. “So, any word on the other crews and them joining us tonight?”

Jen answered that question. “I did ask Thaustin if he and the others on the Triton wanted to join us, but at the moment, they’re still coming to terms with the death of Captain Canção.”    

Samris confirmed that. “Yeah, I’ve been over there helping some of their crew deal with her death, but that doesn’t compare to what the Bellerophon lot have gone through.”

“Too many,” Remi Forbes said as he took his ordered Andorian ale. “I’ve never treated so many patients in shock. So many of them are young and straight out of the academy.”

“We should try to do something with them in the coming days,” Abbej suggested. “It’s not right if we leave them to grieve alone.”

“I’m not sure if we have much time,” Lieutenant Jines shared. “A tug has been ordered to meet with us in a couple of days to begin tugging the Bellerophon back to Avalon Fleet Yards.”

“Will the Bellerophon be space worthy enough to make the trip there?” T’Rani asked. The pregnant woman was perched on a stall with Samris nearby. 

“Just about,” Jines replied, looking at the Vulcan pilot. “A few of us are going over there tomorrow to help in repairs to their secondary systems.”

 Tierra cleared her throat. “Then we need to raise our glasses,” She said to everyone. “To our fallen friends and to those they’ve left behind.”

The group all shared in the toast and took a sip from their various drinks. Tierra looked at Abbej, knowing that others were watching them, so she smiled at her ex-wife before walking over to chat with her. They would hopefully rebuild what they lost. One step at a time.

Rosle looked at Gray while at the bar. “So, was this what you expected on your first mission on the Odyssey?”

The ex-Borg smirked. “Not quite, but it doesn’t seem that bad.”

“I think you may be right,” She replied, clinking her glass against his.

Starfleet Base Divinium-1, New Portsmouth, Divinium Four, Divinum System, Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant


Walking towards the hangar bay of the Starfleet base, Fleet Captain McCallister was pleased to see some life back in the place (compared to what it was like a few days ago when they first arrived). Travelling alongside Governor Laurent and Captain Sturok, he was pleased their meeting had concluded, and matters were on track to get the colony back on its feet.

“I cannot thank you and your crews, captain,” Laurent said as they approached the large cargo doors to enter the bay. Guards stood on either side of it. “For us, it only feels like the battle had just happened.”

“We’re glad we were able to rescue you all, Madam Governor. I don’t think Starfleet Command would be able to cope trying to explain why over a billion lives were lost.”

Laurent nodded. “Indeed, and the sacrifices your crews have endured for our rescue and safety won’t be forgotten. We will erect a memorial in their honour, especially for Captain Canção. Her bravery ensured none of us were lost.”

“They won’t make another one like her,” McCallister said somberly. He had lost one of his mentors and a good friend. “She was definitely iconic.”

“Oh, Captain Sturok and I know how iconic she was,” Laurent stated. 

McCallister was surprised to hear that, which prompted Sturok to clarify.

“We knew Captain Canção,” He said. “The governor and her husband served under her during the Dominion War on the Oxford, and I was a security officer on the Astrid.”

Cambil, who was walking just in front of them, turned around. “That woman got around this galaxy,” She said with a smirk.

“Oh, she certainly did that,” Laurent agreed as they entered the bay. She turned to Tomaz. “Commander, I just want to thank you for your suggestions on us improving our long-range tracking stations. Hopefully, this will be the last time we will ever have to worry about such a thing.”

“You’re welcome, Madam Governor, but it’s always best to remain ready,” Tomaz said. He was walking ahead with Cambil and Flemen as they approached the shuttlecraft they had used to visit the colony’s leaders. 

“Governor, I hear you’ve already pledged to provide aid to other planets devastated by the invasion, like Izar,” Flemen said. “I’m sure they will appreciate any assistance in rebuilding.”

Laurent nodded. “Yes, we’ve already spoken to some of the local shipping businesses to see if we can put together relief task forces; the first convoy should leave by the end of the week. We’ve also offered to open up and take in any refugees who have been displaced by it all.”

“Are you sure about having Gul Jacet help with it?” Flemen questioned.

“Oh yes, the good Gul has pledged the use of his advanced ships for the next month or so before they return to Cardassia. I plan to use them.” Laurent said with a smirk. 

“Obviously, with a Starfleet presence overseeing their activities,” Sturok assured the commanders and captains.

“Obviously,” Cambil said, smiling. “Jacet certainly wants to pay us back the debt he feels he owes the Federation. Let’s hope that generosity remains even after he returns home.”

The group stopped just before the shuttlecraft. Tomaz activated the door to lower down for them to enter it. They all said their goodbyes and wished both Sturok and Laurent the best.

“Live Long and Prosper, Fleet Captain McCallister,” Sturok said as he raised his right hand and gave the customary Vulcan V hand salute. 

McCallister reflected it back and thanked him. “Just get that station up and running, captain.” He said before he followed the others into the shuttle.

“We will,” Sturok assured him.

As they walked into the cockpit, McCallister allowed both Flemen and Tomaz to sit at the front of the type-14 shuttle. He turned to Cambil. “This could have been a lot messier.”

“You’re right,” She agreed as they took their seats, “but it didn’t, and the colony is thriving once again.”

“At what cost?” McCallister said with a sigh. He was struggling at the loss of life. He could barely look at his brother in being able to support him in dealing with his own grief of losing so many of his crew, let alone come to terms with Canção’s sacrifice.  

“They won’t be forgotten, James,” Cambil assured him as she reached out with her hand. “The Prophets will guide them to the Celestial Temple and ensure they live on in the lives they leave behind, especially among the hearts of the people of Divinium Four.”

McCallister squeezed his friend’s hand back, appreciating her support as always. Tomaz then announced they were clear to disembark.

“Take us home, Tomaz,” McCallister ordered as he leaned back against the headrest.

Flemen then spoke up as they flew off. “Sir, we’ve got an incoming transmission for you.” He announced. “It’s Commander Banfield.”

McCallister sat up. “Put her through.”

“Sir, sorry to interrupt you, but I’ve just spoken with Carter and Starfleet Academy has ordered the return of our training unit. Looks like some of our family are coming home, just in time for Frontier Day.” Banfield shared from where she sat on the bridge of the Odyssey

Smiling at hearing that news, McCallister nodded in appreciation. It wasn’t everyone, but it would mean he would see his son Alfie again. “Very good, commander,” He replied. “Very good indeed.”

  • James Preston McCallister

    Squadron Commander

  • Max Duncan-Court

    Commanding Officer

  • Tomaz

    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Second Officer

  • Craigen Flemen

    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Staff Judge Advocate
    Third Officer

  • Tobias Duncan-Court

    Chief Administrative & Training Officer
    Senior Officer of the Watch

  • Slyvexs

    Captain of Medicine

  • Louwanna Horin

    Captain of Counselling

  • Tierra

    Chief Engineer

  • Keli

    Chief Security & Tactical Officer

  • Rosle

    Starfighter Group Commander

  • Reuben Gray

    Starfleet Corps of Engineers Unit Leader

  • Cambil Bexa

    USS Themis
    Commanding Officer
    Deputy Squadron Commander
    Former First Officer

  • Corella Banfield

    USS Triton
    Commanding Officer
    Former Captain of Science
    Second Officer

  • Lukiz Jen

    USS Triton
    First Officer
    Former Chief Operations Officer

  • Jisaraa

    USS Triton
    Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    Former Senior Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    Hazard Team α Leader

  • Marova

    Former Chief Flight Control Officer