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Part of USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

10 – Behind Enemy Lines

Farpoint Station - Saratoga/Gagarin/Knight
March 2401
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Azras sat in her ready room thinking about everything that had taken place, they had been successful in their mission and dealt a heavy blow to both Dominion and Breen forces at Lungurn Fleet Yards. They would have had a hard time repairing their ships without those fleet yards which gave Azras some satisfaction. Though at what cost, her thoughts raced to all those who lost their lives in the battle that ensured. She had already filed her report to Fourth Fleet Command about the success of their mission and the cost of such.

“Captain to the bridge,” came the voice of T’Prel.

Azras raised an eyebrow, “on my way.” Azras said as she wondered what was going on with the urgency of her voice. A few moments later Azras appeared on the bridge, “report.” Azras ordered taking her seat while looking at her first officer.

“We have received a transmission from Fourth Fleet Command,” T’Prel began. “They are requesting that any available ship in the area head to Farpoint station, there is a fleet of Breen and Dominion forces heading directly towards Farpoint,” T’Prel added looking at the captain.

They were already more than halfway to Farpoint and ahead of the incoming enemy ships. The ships were damaged but the repairs had been ongoing since they left Lungurn, they would be battle ready by the time they arrived. Working her jaw as she stared out the viewscreen while the ship was at warp. “Get me Commanders Tilana and Rayu Isha on the line,” Azras finally ordered.

“Aye sir,” Ritru replied.

Shortly after both Tilana and Rayu appeared on the viewscreen, “I will assume both of you got the same message that we just got?” Azras asked as she could see the looks on both of their faces as she asked this question.

“Yes,” they both seem to respond in unison.

“I take it we’re heading there to join the battle?” Tilana asked as she knew they would be stupid if they didn’t.

“We are as they need all the available ships to rally together to protect Farpoint. If they take Farpoint we lose this war,” Azras said looking at the two commanders. They seemed to understand the need and it would be the first time that Commander Rayu and the Knight were to see battle, be a part of the fight.

Azras knew that this would be the Knight’s first battle they have faced during this whole ordeal. She believed in her ability with being on the tactical track her whole career, she had the knowledge and skill to lead the ship into battle. “Change course for Farpoint, increase speed to maximum warp. We will arrive well before the enemy does,” Azras said after a few seconds of silence.

“Understood sir,” they both responded before the viewscreen changed back to the view of them at warp.

Lieutenant Rass had already adjusted their course and speed for Farpoint before she even gave the order. Leaning back in her chair she closed her eyes for a few moments as she thought. She was about to lead her ship, her squadron into battle once again though on a much larger scale. She thought about what she was about to ask of her crew again, just as they thought their mission was over. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and looked around the bridge, looking at each one of her staff that were there.

“This is a suicide run!” Chon’al spoke as her eyes landed on him, she could tell he was feeling overwhelmed by everything that has taken place. To top it off the person he was beginning to care deeply about was currently still fighting for her life in the infirmary. Everyone looked at him not daring to agree with him though most of them weren’t even sure what to think at that time to even agree or disagree.

T’Prel was about to respond when Azras just held up her hand to stop her, standing up from her chair she walked over to where he was. “Chon’al I know you are going through a lot right now and this war has taken a toll on you. I can tell you it has taken a toll on all of us myself included,” she said gesturing to everyone on the bridge and the ship as a whole. “I don’t like it any more than you do,” she said looking at him.

“Good officers have died already, how many more will have to die before this ends?” Chon’al asked looking at Azras pain shooting through his eyes.

She knew how he felt she truly did and she sympathized with him, “if Farpoint falls to the Dominion we lose the Deneb sector and possibly more. Nasera, Izar, and many more worlds that were liberated, freed from their captors would be for nothing.” She said looking at him, “we can’t let that happen we have to fight, fight until they are gone!” Azras said as tears ran down her cheek, she knew more officers would probably lose their lives by the time this was all said and done.

“What we did at Lungurn would have been for nothing,” she added.

Chon’al looked at her as she talked, “I apologize Captain.” Chon’al said as he lowered his head, the pain he was feeling was real. He let his frustration and anger get the better of him, she placed a hand on his broad shoulders and gave a reassuring smile.

“It’s alright we all need to get things off our chest once in a while,” Azras said as she wasn’t offended by his outburst but welcomed it as it allowed him to get something that he was holding in for far too long out. “We will get through this together! We will come out of this together!” Azras said not only to him but everyone else that was looking at them.

Everyone including Chon’al nodded at what Azras had reminded them, she made her way back to her chair as they would be dropping out of warp soon to join the Fourth Fleet for this final battle. To say she wasn’t scared or nervous was far from the truth, she was just like everyone else. She just chose to remember what she spoke and remain strong for her crew and her squadron.

Time seemed to drag on as they waited for their arrival at Farpoint, for them to drop out of warp to join the fleet. Everyone was busy preparing the ship to engage in one more battle. The silence was a deafening sound that they seemed all too familiar with throughout this war.

“Sir weapons systems are online and operational and the shield generators are fully restored and operational sir,” Dazra replied with her report, even though she didn’t ask for it she felt that she should at least know before they arrive.

“The ship has been repaired as much as possible though we are battle-ready,” Odan replied from his station. 

“The Gagarin and Knight report the same,” Ritru responded as she just received word about their status.

“Thank you,” Azras said with satisfaction that her crew and this squadron were pulling together for what lie ahead of them. A few moments later all three ships dropped out of warp to see the ships of the Fourth Fleet and Task Group 514.

“Bring us into formation,” Azras ordered as the three ships began to move into formation with the other ships. She looked at Ritru, “Inform the Gagarin to launch their fighter group.” Azras ordered.

“Aye sir,” Ritru responded.

The computer let out a sound that signaled a fleet-wide message, then the voice of Admiral Dahlgren came on. Everyone on every ship listened to what was being said as he gave his speech before going into battle. Once it ended she looked at everyone who seemed to have a renewed confidence.

“Give me a battle plan,” Azras ordered looking over to Chon’al who nodded and consulted with the information that he received on the enemy movements. The crew was busy getting prepared for what lie ahead, the anxiety rose as they waited.

Chon’al sent her the battle plan which she reviewed and nodded before sending it to both commanders. She also gave instructions for the Knight and Gagarin to work together when engaging the enemy. She received confirmation of orders, now they waited for the enemy to arrive.

The Crimson Knights had launched moments earlier, though looking worse for wear they still had fight left in them for the final battle. Tilana sat in her chair and looked around the bridge, her officers were exhausted but seemed to be renewed energy after the admiral’s speech they had heard.

Tilana sat there thinking about everything they had been through together as a crew. They had only been together for a few months but it felt like they have worked together for years. She hoped she could be that leader they needed right now and not end up in a mess because she made the wrong decision. The crew looked up to her to lead them and come out the other end.

Looking around the bridge one more time, she hoped she could lead the crew like Tajir had done. She hoped she could be that tactical leader they needed right now and not end up in a mess because she made the wrong decision, the wrong choice. The crew looked up to her to lead them and to come out the other end.

She looked out of the viewscreen at all the gathered ships of the Fourth Fleet and Task Group 514 for this final battle. Silence filled the bridge as everyone just looked on, waiting for the battle to begin. They had received their orders once the battle began, “status report.” She ordered as she looked at Aleish at the tactical console.

“Weapons are online and ready, shields are at one hundred percent,” Aleish responded giving one last report on their battle readiness. Aleish looked battered and bruised, she had seen what these monsters were capable of during the last war. Memories came flooding back full force as they sat there and waited, trying hard to brush them aside so she could concentrate on the here and now.

“You alright Aleish?” Tilana asked as she knew something was bothering her.

Aleish looked at her, “just distant memories coming back to the surface but nothing I can’t deal with.” Aleish replied looking at the commander, she knew her story as she shared it with her when they first received their orders.

She nodded “if you need anything let me know.” Tilana said as Aleish just nodded in response. Silence filled the bridge while they waited for things to begin, everyone on the bridge was looking out of the viewscreen waiting in anticipation for things to begin.

Aarven Ashatia walked onto the bridge as she wanted to be there for the final battle, she had rerouted engineering controls to the bridge. “Sorry I am late,” Aarven replied looking at Tilana who nodded. As she walked to her console she looked at Aleish she gave her a nod and a smile. Tilana had noticed a change with Aarven that she couldn’t place, her whole attitude and demeanor seemed to have changed as if overnight.

Commander Rayu Isha was as green as they come in terms of being a new commanding officer. This was her very first command and now they were about to get into their first combat situation. Isha had been on the tactical track throughout her career in Starfleet, she knew how to fight and she knew she could lead this crew into battle with an enemy that most of them have never faced before.

She had gotten lucky that they were taking out the orbital weapons during their mission at Lungurn. Not getting into the thick of things as the Saratoga and Gagarin did, now they were waiting for this battle to begin. The speech they had heard from Admiral Dahlgren was fresh in their minds, this was their final push to keep them from taking Farpoint Station.

She opened a shipwide communication, she had her speech to hopefully inspire her crew. “Attention crew,” she began then paused for a moment before continuing. “I know we are new to this ship and this squadron. I believe that everyone here will perform their duties admirably and pull together during this final battle.” Isha said looking around the bridge she saw those that were there looking at her. Listening as she spoke, “I know we are only one ship. Remember that we are not alone,” she said referring to the gathered ships at Farpoint. “We are all in this together, we will give our damn all from keeping Farpoint out of Dominion’s hands. We stand here together! We will fight until we have won! We are in this together!” Isha finished before ending the shipwide communication channel.

“Good speech sir,” Piyu said as he sat on her right side.

Isha looked at him and smiled, “thank you I just hope it was the push they need.” Isha said looking at him. He was new to this crew after being assigned from the Saratoga while they were docked at Starbase 38. He has been her support and was the reason why they were able to take out those orbital weapons at Lungurn.

“I am sure it was,” he replied looking around the bridge at the renewed energy that could be felt. As if they had something to fight for, something to keep safe was a motivation to keep going.

She nodded as they all sat there waiting for the enemy to arrive, waiting for the battle to begin. To say that she still wasn’t feeling the anxiety was farther from the truth, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She chose to hide it, to lead her crew into the fight of their lives, and to bring them all out on the other side.

Azras had been out of her chair and walking back and forth in front of her chair, everyone had been watching her. Walking helped her keep her mind clear and since she couldn’t leave the bridge to go down to the arboretum to walk around as she usually did. She figured here would be a better place than any until the battle started.

The doors to the lift slid open as everyone seemed to turn their attention to the new arrival. Jheria walked through the doors and nodded to everyone, she had finished the bulk of the repairs that she could do. The ship was battle ready, she took her station and rerouted engineering controls to her station.

She felt she could be more useful on the bridge during this final battle while her engineering team remained in engineering. Jheria looked out of the viewscreen at all the gathered ships. The anticipation of the arrival of both Dominion and Breen forces was felt throughout the bridge, the anticipation of the upcoming battle.

“Sir they have arrived,” Dazra spoke up breaking the silence.

The ships had begun to move to take on the enemy, this was it this was what they had been waiting for. The battle had begun, and the three ships moved heading for their targets as Azras took her seat. Space had begun to light up like the night sky with everyone exchanging fire. The Gagarin and Knight began to work together as the Saratoga began going for anyone who tried to punch through. The fight continued and they all were prepared to go down just to make sure the enemy didn’t win.


  • The squadron has already been through so much. They know the consequences of this war. And now, once more, they are called to action. They must respond. It is their duty. But fear is natural, and I appreciate the use of Chon’al in this post to epitomize that fear that so many on the crew are certainly feeling. Will they survive against these challenging odds? Or will they fall? “Nasera, Izar, and many more worlds that were liberated, freed from their captors would be for nothing” puts it in clear perspective. They must fight, and now here we go!

    June 17, 2023
  • I'm reminded of the tag line "War never changes" when reading this. There are always casualties in the guise of following orders. As Reyes mentioned above having Chon'al being the outlet for the crews fears and concerns was a brilliant touch and is a sobering comparison between the Klingon thirst for combat and fighting for fighting sake. How many people must die before they see the end? Orders and duty are what make Starfleet Starfleet and in the midst if it all it can be a challenge to see the other side and the difference the crew can make. The safety of the Federation is at stake and they have a job to do despite how battle worn they already are. The closing paragraph was equal parts hopeful but also highlighted the very real possibility they may not live to see the conclusion of their efforts. I certainly hope the squadron is successful at pushing back the assault!

    June 17, 2023