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Part of USS Damascus: M1: Just A Gentle Touch and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

23) Chains Meant To Be Broken – Part 3

USS Damascus - Various Locations
November 2400
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The ship shook violently again as some of the Devore hit the hull while trying their best to avoid the large Blood Crystalline Entity attacks. But most of the attacks that were performed were stopped by the entity. The Devore acted in confusion. Why was this being protecting Starfleet? Why was it only attacking them? What has happened in that short time span and does Starfleet now control this being?

“What the hell is that thing doing herrre!” K’Nala looked at the screen and back to her console which was still locked “Commanderrr we arrre sitting ducks right now, we need the contrrrol back!”  

But Silina looked at the screen with horror seeing the creature above them. Her mind was trying to come up with any kind of solution as she grabbed her head trying to think of something to get out of this mess “Come on Silina, think of something, what would Sazra do?”

At that exact moment, Adrián enters the bridge and bunch a bit back seeing the large entity “That is not supposed to be there, Silina you got any idea of how to deal with that thing?” He moved to a console and noticed the lockdown “Great Starfleet policy going to screw us over. Silina orders?!” 

“I am a freaking doctor! Give me a second!” Silina yelled back, looking at Adrián “I am open for suggestions?!” 

“Well, you could start with getting us the….” The consoles all changed their view once again to normal status and everyone had access again as everyone looked confused at each other. Adrián blinks, looking at his right then to his left “…control back. You work fast” He redirects his attention to Silina.

Confused as well, Silina looked at the console at her chair being active “I didn’t do that?” She was the one that locked the ship down, and no one aside from herself should be able to release the controls. Then she looked up and realized the fact that there was someone that could release the ship’s controls “Bridge to sickbay! What is the status of Captain Praugol!” 

A female voice came back “The Captain is awake and has joined the battle against the wishes of the doctor. The doctor has followed her, Commander” 

With that reaction, Silina slammed the chair “Bloody stubborn woman” She was going to chew her up for this, but at the other side, it was a perfect moment “Get back to work, thanks for the update. Bridge out” Silina cuts off the communication as she looks at K’Nala”Ensign, get us moving and resume course! We can resume the course right?” Silina looked at Adrián.

“We can, and you are welcome! The ….that thing presented an opportunity for us to fix the left engine” Adrián spoke getting the status of the ship’s engine active “We should be good, but we can’t take much more of this ongoing battle. Warp 3 is what I can give you Ensign” 

“Warrrp 3?!” K’Nala shrugged and growled under her tongue which made Silina blink hearing that unique sound coming from her Ensign “I will get us out of herrre” The Damascus started to move once again and into the direction to leave the battlefield. 

“We got the large Blood Crystalline Entity following us. They match our speed. I have no weapons to deal with that” Rami shrugs, seeing the entity following them. 

Silina nodded to that. “Well, seeing that it is protecting us and taking the fight to the Devore. I really don’t mind right now” It was a matter of the enemy of my enemy being my friend kind of situation. Silina’s mind, however, was drifting away wondering how Sazra was doing “Rami status on the invaders?” Now being able to get those answers seeing that the systems were back online.

Rami was already scanning the console for the information “We got about twenty-five people on the Damascus. Security teams are sent to the designated areas to contain them. I am getting reports that we are slowly gaining control, but a bigger fight is going on in the hallways near sickbay” 

Hallways – Near sickbay

A shot impacts the wall and the searing sound is still present with the burning black spot now formed after the impact. Sazra’s eyes were looking at it as she was replacing her rifle ammo. “They are going to wreck up my ship if they keep this up” She mutters slowly shaking her head while her fellow officers are pushing the Devore invaders slowly back.

“The problem is that the ship is already being wrecked up Captain” A voice came from Sazra’s side. 

Her eyes divert to the direction and see Kossaal now leaning against the wall with a phaser in his hand “Doctor. This is not quite your field of expertise” She clicks her rifle to a close and aims over the barricade opening fire immediately.

“Oh, you don’t have to tell me that” He replied as he fired and pulled back “I am just concerned about my patient. She has an attitude issue and is very stubborn, oh and a key factor is her red pupil eyes. It is just a slight side effect of blood dilithium. Oh, yea the one outside is big enough to interfere with her way of thinking?!”

Rolling her eyes as she took another shoot taking down a Devore soldier “Well I have no idea who you are talking about. By the sound of it, she is a brilliant young lady that stands up to protect her crew at any cost. Even at the cost of her own life” Sazra smirks and reloads then looked through the vizier to take aim again. “We all perform our duties differently doctor, I am for one not the kind to leave my crew in the dark while they are fighting for their lives” 

“Oh, are you not a saint” Kossaal mutters shaking his head.

“Did you say, something doctor? The loud noises…” Sazra looked with her red eyes at the doctor as another shot hit the barricade. 

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Sazra “Just get this situation dealt with and get your sorry ass back to sickbay okay? There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and you are one of them” Kossaal fired again. 

“Yes, work has to be done” The black hair girl sat on the barricade looking in the direction of the Devore “They are taken control of your ship it seems. We can deal with it in style. But it means that your ship will get damaged even more” The girl looked over her soldier to Sazra who was looking back already “Better grab an air mask Captain and move forward alone” 

Sazra was not liking the idea but took a deep breath. So far the Entity was trying its best to repay its debt to her and if it could save the crew then who was she to deny it? Placing her rifle down, Sazra took a deep breath and looked at Kossaal while reaching out a hand “Give me that air mask”

The doctor looked at Sazra and then down at his air mask “Why do you need that?”

“Do you think I have time for your questions?” Sazra slowly gets up but still in full cover “Give it to me. I need to resolve this” Looking back at the Devore soldiers, there were about six of them standing there “A very unethical way I presume” Sazra feels the air mask and puts it quickly on her face “Thanks doctor, everyone stay here” She jumped over the barricade and moved to the front as the Devore soldiers looked confused at what was going on.

“Are you surrendering?!” One yelled.

“No, but you should place a wall up for your crew to be protected” The girl spoke standing at Sazra’s side and looking up at her “You have a few seconds”

‘Computer place an active force field behind me right now” Sazra orders as a blue force field appears before her crew “You better know what you are doing. This is my life you’re putting on the line, and I already am on the bad side of my ship’s doctor” 

The girl giggled “Don’t worry you will not be harmed. Hold onto something” 

Sazra quickly grabbed something on her side as the ship started to shake heavily as she looked upwards, seeing crystalline force its way into the hull “A hole breach?! That is your idea?” Sazra felt the pressure increase from the newly made hole as she grabbed onto the handle as well as possible. She noticed a man fly through the hole as the crystals closed the hole.

Dropping back on her feet, Sazra breathes heavily “You little….” She pointed her finger toward where the girl was standing, but she disappeared again “F*ck” Lowering her hand, she noticed the dropping of the crystal peddles and started to wave around her  “What the…” 

“Use the Captain, they will assist you in your battle against your invaders” The girl’s voice echoed through the hallways.

The Devore had little time to recover their position as they saw Sazra standing there with light blue and red peddles flying around her “What did you do? You filthy telepath!” A soldier tried to grab his rifle and wanted to shoot at her. But before he could, a stone was already in his throat. The others looked at how their fallen brother fell to the ground as they looked back, seeing the red eyes of Sazra intensify.

“I give you a chance to stand down and surrender, or you will meet the same fate as your colleague right there” Sazra did it the diplomatic way first. She at least wanted to offer the possibility to them. But in her head, she wanted to kill them with no remorse. Entering her ship and damaging it was beyond salvation. The soldiers, however, chose their surrender as Sazra shrugged “Computer lower the force field” The stones dropped to the ground when the force field dropped “Take them to the brig” Officers nodded to their Captain’s order as they quickly moved in to take them in. 


The Damascus engines started to push forward, trying to avoid as much of the enemy’s incoming fire as possible. The large Crystalline Entity had its crystal tentacles around a Devore ship squeezing it until it exploded. Two ships were left, and they were in bad shape. Without the further push, the two ships retreated quickly into warp away from the battlefield.

The battle was won, but they were not home yet.