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12) The Turbolift Blues

USS Damascus - Turbolift
November 2400
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Silina had dismissed the security team as the two had rushed to the turbolift to get as quickly as fast as they could to the bridge. Damascus was in severe danger, and the crew did whatever they could to keep this boat afloat. Tapping her foot on the ground, Sazra had her arms crossed, waiting for the turbolift to arrive at their deck. “Why is this even taking so long.” 

“Don’t be grumpy, Captain. The ship is transporting essential crew throughout the ship to get things going. The engineers are working overtime right now to get the left engine back to operational standards” Silina pointed out, but she knew that the ship engines were not the only issue. The front decks were evacuated after the collision, the shields were barely holding, and that was all for their new ship. It made Silina shrug thinking about it.

The ship’s internal structure was cracking as the sound of metal having difficulty ignoring the spacial anomalous was difficult. The two looked around to see where the sounds came from, “She will make it, don’t worry about her. She has the same strong spirit as that of the Jaxartes. Plus, the same crew,” Sazra didn’t look at Silina while saying that. 

Looking back at her Captain, she noticed the difference in behavior, but her core was still as caring and trustworthy as strong as always. Silina gave a soft smile and didn’t reply to that. They would make it out of this situation, even if they had to pull all the tricks out of the box to get it done. Looking at the turbolift that opened the doors “There she is.” They both entered the lift Silina turned around she gave out the order to the computer “Bridge” the doors closed and while it started to move it suddenly with a shock came to a stop. 

Sazra looked around, seeing the red lights flashing slightly, “I didn’t expect the ship to be this damaged from the shockwave” Did she underestimate the whole ordeal that happened? Or did the effects of the blood dilithium make her blind to what had happened?

“Ruslanovna to bridge, what is wrong with the turbolift?” Leaning against the side, Silina shrugged, waiting for a response. 

Valerio here. What do you mean, what is wrong with the turbolift?” 

“We stepped into the turbolift from deck two and were on our way to the bridge, the system just shut itself down. Can you take a look at it right now?” Silina had Sazra in her eye corner, wondering why she was so calm. Did the blood dilithium have its effect again?

I am on it. Why did you not just take a ladder to the bridge? You know the systems are wonky now with the chaos going on. I will try to reboot the system and see what happens. This shouldn’t take long, Valerio out” The signal was cut. 

“Well, at least he got some nerve to talk smug against a superior officer” Sazra had her arms crossed over each other and leaned against the back of the turbolift. The two of them were now stuck there, unknown how long this would take. Time was running against them, and of all time, they got stuck in there. Thought Sazra had to admit, deep inside, she didn’t mind being stuck here. 

Silina placed her hands behind her and rolled her back against the turbolift wall. “Yes, he has become somewhat more arrogant and thinks every challenge can be dealt with” Silina smiled at the idea. “But that attitude got our previous ship into one piece. Starfleet did a number on us back then to give us a ship that was barely worthy to even fly out of docks” She shook her head about the whole experience.

“Well, it was also a lesson from Deep Space 17 that the raven program was not a given something. People had to face the fact that those in command needed to step up their game and perform beyond their boxed-in duties.” Sazra’s voice remained calm. “But I do have to admit that when I was at those docks, I saw the ship’s condition. I was at a loss. I wanted to give up right there as I only wanted to explore the universe and help science to know the galaxy a little better.” 

Giving a slight nod to Sazra’s story, Silina could only recognize the entire start of their adventure, “When I arrived at the docks for the first time, I didn’t know the ship’s status. But at first, I thought you were pulling a joke on me with Adrián when you showed the Jaxartes. But when I saw the motivation in your eyes, I knew at that moment that I signed up for an adventure of a lifetime.” 

That made Sazra look at her. “Well, my motivation came partly from having the people around me that believed in me. That believed in my great scientific assignment. Without you, Adrián, Rami and later on, T’Path. I would never have found that newborn star in a heavy, stormy plasma nebula.” 

“Don’t forget the civilization and first contact we had to perform there. Those people had no idea what had happened outside their bubble of protection. But we were able to provide them the required care and help to make them move outside,” Silina slammed at the side. “What is taking him so long”

Sazra let out a laugh. “Is it that bad to be stuck in the turbolift with your Captain” She smiled at her. “With the woman that loves you” She had no control over her bluntness. Usually, Sazra would never say something like this. Was the blood dilithium really affecting her so that her personality would change? But at the moment, Sazra wasn’t shy, and she was straightforward. 

Silina looked at her, and a slight blush came on her face “I don’t think it is the time to talk about such a topic Ca…Sazra” She felt slightly uncomfortable by the sudden directness of Sazra “We need to focus on getting back on track. Getting to that civilian ship and somehow stopping that demon from eating us all away” Silina was quite concerned about the whole situation.

“I know, don’t worry, my focus is still where it needs to be. The thing is, I can’t get that kiss of yours out of my mind. You do know how soft your lips are?” Sazra giggled and knew she had to stop seeing Silina blushing more and looking away. “Alright, I will stop, but you need to keep your mind focused, relaxed, and calm at these times. Without that, you are deemed to freeze up, to make mistakes. There are some great Captains out there that taught me that lesson.” 

It took her a second to calm her racing heart, but she finally looked back at Sazra. Her red eyes were even more attractive than her usual eye colors. Was she falling for Sazra or her badass side? Silina then narrowed her eyes a bit. “How are you feeling right now? The shields are barely 3%, and you have your red eyes back. How bad are the effects of the blood dilithium for you right now?” 

Rolling her eyes a bit as she let her head hit the wall of the turbolift “Well, the constant pressure on my head is one thing that I dislike. I notice that I am changing my behavior. I do tend to be more aggressive in my acts. But for some reason, I am more myself than ever” Sazra looked back at Silina. “It might be that Trill is only telepathic sensitive. We might experience it differently regarding someone that is fully telepathic. I bet that if T’Path were here, we would actually see her dancing on the tables singing some weird ass song” 

Letting out a small laugh, Silina nodded to her “I do have to agree that it would be interesting to see happening. T’Path was never a person to express her feelings well. Yet, whenever you two were into a scientific discussion, you could see the passion in her eyes. She enjoyed every conversation she could have with you concerning science.” 

“She is a rather odd one on that field, but I do admit that I miss her as a science sparring buddy. Two brains hitting each other to get the right conclusion. Thought” Sazra shrugged a bit. “The fact remains, Captain Takato was right that it would not be a caring choice if we let telepathic on this ship. Look at me? I am a walking liability that you and Adrián both confirmed. What if T’Path were here right now? She would have been in the same pain as me, no, I think even worse” Sazra felt the guilt building up in her. The feeling was more vital than normal “I was already distracted when I entered that field. I should have noticed it was a trap and requested aid from Starfleet. I placed you all in harm’s way!” She wanted to continue but…

Her arms of Silina got around Sazra and pulled her towards her chest. “Stop. Your emotions are being driven by the blood dilithium forces out there. They will put you on edge, they make you quicker angry, and they make you more directly with us. I understand now more about this anomaly because of you. But I am also grateful as it showed me you have the same feelings as I do. You show that you care for this ship and crew” Silina let her fingers go through that of Sazra. “You were not the only one at fault when entering that asteroid field. I should have noticed it as well, and Adrián should have noticed it as well. Everyone on that bridge was at fault, and you should never…” She looked back into Sazra’s now teary eyes. “You should never undersell yourself ever again. You are an amazing Captain, and this crew needs you” Without a warning, Silina kissed her on the lips taking the lead. 

Sazra felt the warmth of her lips, these sweet fluffy lips that she enjoyed so much. She wanted more, but their moment was broken off as Silina pulled away when the lights turned back on. Silina let her go and wiped the tears away “Thank you…” Sazra mutters as the turbolift starts to move again. 

Turning around as the doors opened, they both saw Adrián standing there “About time, Commander” Silina walked onto the bridge and saw the reality on the screen. The entity was now at the civilian ship and slowly taking it apart “It seems we are running out of time”

Looking back at Silina “You are welcome?” Adrián shrugged and then looked at Sazra, who passed him “Welcome back, Captain, I am…” 

She raised her hand at him “Not a word, not right now” Sazra said, getting Adrián quiet immediately. She stopped at the side of Silina and looked at the screen “Get the doctor to the bridge. Commander Ruslanovna… started the evacuation of the USS Damascus. Ensign K’Nala program the escape pods a safe passage through the anomaly field” She saw everyone directly looking at her in pure shock as her focus was on the screen. 

“Evacuate the Damascus? Are you out of your mind, Captain?” Adrián was, as always, blunt and direct about the given order. But his concern was valid, and his concern was very valid. The ship would lose all of its crew in this critical moment when all hands were needed on deck. Now their Captain, a person that is affected by the blood dilithium was now ordering them to leave the ship. What was her motive? What was her idea to combat this situation?

Sazra finally broke her lock away from the screen and turned her head to Silina. She took a deep breath “Do you trust me, Commander?” Sazra was calm and focused on the task at hand. But she needed her Commander at her side right now on this. This was the ultimate test


  • Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Will the Damascus crew actually follow Sazra's order or ignore it and take on the danger that awaits them? Gripping stuff! But more than that, what was that cheeky kiss in the turbolift all about? Are we going to see some competition in the Bravo Fleet romance tournament here?! However, as always something interrupts those special moments and instead of the intercom it was the lights coming back up.

    November 13, 2022
  • You get this beautiful new starship in the Damascus and the first thing you do is bust it up! lol. I love the pathetic fallacy you're evoking through by the way the damage of the ship is perfectly reflecting the damage of the crew. Every step is on unsteady footing, when the very deckplates and spaceframe are struggling to hold together. From this, the conceit of trapping Silina and Sazra in a fictional cage to talk about what they've been through so far was terribly delightful -- although it's concerning that Silina doesn't want to talk about it so much. And it's all leading to an abandon ship announcement?? What??

    November 14, 2022
  • Of all things, with time running out they get stuck in the turbolift as time is running out. I did enjoy the moment between the two as they talked and kissed. The emotions that Sazra was feeling from anger to fear to love, what they had been through throughout the years together and what brought them together. Now once they reach the bridge she orders abandon ship. I really wasn't expecting that, with the crew follow her orders or not?

    December 10, 2022