Part of USS Jaxartes: Double-edge Knife

There is a rainbow behind every storm

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
September 2400
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The rescue at Delta Velorum, with the help and assistance of the FSW Vishatha was a pretty daring and yet existing endeavor. The travel back to Federation space went without any problem, as the Broken Wings were in such chaos that they didn’t follow the Vishatha. Sazra had received minimal medical attention and was, upon arrival, transported with the remaining crew back to the Jaxartes.

Walking onto the bridge, Sazra damage was still visible, her left eye closed with a patch and dry blood on her ripped uniform. She nodded to T’Path who was pleased to see her Captain. Sitting down, Sazra let out a sigh of relief. With a hand placed on her shoulder, Sazra saw that Silina stood at her side.

“Captain the FSW Vishatha and USS Sarek are hailing us” T’Path spoke as she saw the nod of Sazra putting the duo screen on seeing both Captains appear.

“Captain Taes, Commander Cokitha, I thank you both for your help. I have heard from my crew that you two are the two key players in my rescue” Sazra leans a bit backward in her chair, feeling the pain of her spine that they tortured on at the prison. “Lieutenant Valerio was helped to the sickbay by Lieutenant Shew for further checkup. I will have to join them soon or my doctor here will drag me there”

On the half of the viewscreen displaying the bridge of the Sutherland-class Starfleet starship, Captain Taes bowed her head.  She was seated in the captain’s chair, flanked by her executive officer and her Romulan liaison officer, Flavia.  Taes lifted her chin and regarded the screen straight-on.

Seeing you on your feet,” Captain Taes said, “and back on your own bridge is all the thanks I require.

Cokitha leaned at the side of or her chair “Well, it was quite the ride to get you out of that place, but I guess it is grateful from outside also to get some intel on these boys of the Broken Wing” She had some difficulty to say a formal thank you “But we are here now, we held up our end of the bargain. I hope this will develop into more fruitful talks between our people

Giving Taes a nod, “Well, I am on a recovery route. My eye needs some serious checking” She points at the patch that was on her eye as she looked at Cokitha “I can’t speak up for Starfleet, but I presume that Captain Taes can pitch in a good word for your cooperation that be endorsed by me for sure”

On the viewscreen, Taes nodded in agreement with the words Sazra spoke.  “You have my personal thanks, Commander Cokitha,” Taes said.  “I will note as much in my log to Starfleet.  Captain Praugol wouldn’t be standing here right now without your assistance.  That doesn’t go unnoticed; I promise.

The woman glared at the two ladies and just nods. “Then I shall return to my side of the border and report back to Free State Command. Have a quick recovery Captain Praugol, good day Captain Taes” Coktiha spoke as the screen changed to just Captain Taes.

“Well, that was quite a ride indeed. In the end, the Broken Wings never received what they wanted,” Sazra pointed out with a shrug, following “I am sorry to be a burden to you all for going that extra step to get me out”

There’s been no burden,” Taes said.  Her tone of voice was insistent and her brow knit together between her eyebrows.  “I know I didn’t join Starfleet to study nebulas from behind glass.  I suspect you’re the same.  None of this means anything if we’re not here for one another.  I trust you will do the same for me when I step into the foolhardy unknown next time.

Looking at her side where Silina stood firmly, she nodded back to Taes “I suspect that I got my First Officer to disagree until I reach you, Captain. Just for a footnote, the outpost that I helped the Free State to get back to operational, and I was gracefully picked up by Broken Wings members….is an old observation station for Federation activities. I should have questioned it back then….but the coordinates that the Broken Wings were after were a location near the RFS borders of some kind of facility. But seeing how this has rolled out, I believe we cannot question further than that right” The rescue was too quickly agreed upon by the Free States to use it as leverage in diplomatic briefings for the future. 

Oh no, I always encourage asking questions,” Taes said over the comm channel and her eyes said so much more.  “We’re Starfleet.  Asking questions is what we do.  No relationships are beyond reproach.

Nodding to that, “That is very true Captain, well I believe Task Force 17 Command wants to know where I have been, what my crew has been doing, and waiting for that dreadful rapport until they send me out for another mission” Sazra smiles at the idea to get back on the route again “I thank you again for everything you have done for us, I have only heard glimpse of the acts you have done for my crew and I am grateful for it” 

I’ll tell you those tales over a drink the next time we’re both swinging by Deep Space Seventeen,” Taes remarked.  “Fly safe and keep your crew inspired, captain.”  

She smiled “Oh I got some stories for you Captain, fly safe” With that the channel closed and gets back to the normal space view where the Sarek was still out there. 

“Now get your sorry ass up from that chair and come with me to the medbay. I have to check your injuries more out Captain” Silina narrows her eyes while crossing her arms. “Lieutenant T’Path set course to Deep Space 17, warp 6” Walking off the bridge “Captain”

Sazra shrugs. “Already bossing me around…coming Lieutenant” Sazra gets back on her feet and walks to where Silina went to.


Stopping at that, Sazra looked behind her to T’Path who looked at her “Yes?”

“Glad you are safe and back to us sir” She nods softly as T’Path turns back to her navigational systems to plot the course.

Letting that sink in for a second she nods “Good to be back” With that said she resumed her voyage behind her doctor to get that medical checkup, again