Part of USS Daradax: Mission 3 – The Risian Connection

Risian Connection Chp 4 – A Day to Relax

August 2400
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The day after – Risian Connection Chp 3 – Homecoming 

08:30 – Tarken Homestead; Risa

“So is this what you will do your entire day at home Kiri? Laze about outside?” came the voice of Keuon; her father. 

Kirin groaned as she rubbed her head and blinked her eyes open. She could hear the rustle of the wind in the trees as she opened her eyes and turned her head in the direction of the voice… As her eyes focused she could see the canopy of the trees above her, “Sorry, what?” she muttered.

“Thought you Star Fleet typed were up at the crack of dawn,” he said with a laugh. “The Klingon officer, what was her name…Ril? She was up hours ago along with Thanen I think his name was and the Ferengi woman, Belania. Had some breakfast and headed off. I think they said something about, no point wasting the day…”

“Well goo…”, she started to say before her father handed her a large glass with a reddish pink liquid in it. “Drink this, will help with the head and wake you up.”

Rolling her eyes Kirin sat up and took a sip of the smoothie, “Thanks. So…” she started to say as she looked around at the chairs and tables on the lawn in front of the house. “So…guess I fell asleep out here,” she said with a little snort.

“Yeah, just like whenever you are here,” Keuon remarked with a laugh. “Nothing quite beats sleeping out here under the trees with the beach and waves right there,” he said with a wave of his hands towards the secluded beach only 50 meters away.

“Thanks for the get-together last night, it was good to catch up with everyone.” she said with a snort, “Though I forgot how lively and well indulgence, everyone can get…took me back.”

Keuon looked at her and smiled slightly before he leaned back in the chair beside hers, “Well maybe if you came home more often you wouldn’t forget to enjoy yourself and the one life you have Kiri. Though you did get back into it last night which was nice to see; was nice to see you relax a bit.” To which Kirin rolled her eyes, “Thanks dad…” she drawled with a hit of sarcasm.  

At that, her father burst out laughing, “It’s good to have you home, even if it is just until tomorrow. So tell me; what is your plan for today?”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” she said as she brought her feet up onto the chair and laid back down to watch the leaves rustle in the wind above her.

09:45 – Grand Risian Villas; Risa 

Thanen sat in the garden of the villas the crew was staying at. He was amazed at how quiet it was given the stories he heard for Risa, he thought the hotel would be buzzing with activity but as far as he could see it was only himself in the garden. He could understand why some of his people, Andorians, struggled with Risa and other places like it. It was alot warmer than his homeworld but he had to admit it was nice to feel the heat on his skin. He leaned back on the lounger and set down the PADD with the manual for an Elysion Class Explore he had been skimming through, (the unclassified version of the manual of course). ‘Will finish that later,’ he thought to himself.

He reach over and grabbed the glass of fresh orange juice, something he had fallen in love with when his old academy roommate, Cynndle, introduced it to him.  “When do I get a chance to enjoy this…” he muttered just before he took a sip just as a shadow crossed over him. Normally he knew whenever someone was approaching but he had been so focused on the fresh orange juice he had blocked out all else.

“Morning, sir, um…sorry Thanen. Not on duty and such…” came the voice. He looked up and smiled when he realized it was Kerry. “Morning Kerry,” he said as he sat up in the chair and faced her, swinging his legs down. He couldn’t help but notice she was yet again in swimwear that threatened to break his concentration. “Did you enjoy the party at the Captian’s family home last night?”

Kerry smiled and sat down beside him; their arms brushing. “Yeah, it was nice. I never went to things, well parties, at the academy, you know,” she said looking out towards the garden that surrounds them. “I gathered from what I saw that the others, yourself and Kirin, ah, the Captian, enjoyed themselves. I will admit though,” a slight blush crossing her face, “I didn’t expect so much well, liveliness between the dancing, singing, drinking, food it was alot to take in so I left a bit early. Don’t think I ever had so many people approach me though and ask after me, felt kind of nice.” She said as she looked at him as if waiting for something.

At the last statement, Thanen’s antenna focused on her and he was surprised at the sense of jealousy he felt. He tried to hide the frown that flashed across his face but wasn’t sure how effective it was. “Ah, yeah, I know what you mean. Ril, Belania and I ended up crashing there. Got up this morning and came back. The anti-intoxicants meds are so very helpful; feel almost normal now.” he said with a laugh as Kerry watched him without expression. “Ah, I guess you enjoyed yourself then. I am going to the beach,” she said a bit rushed he felt and she stood up and left. He watched her go towards the beach until she was out of sight and his frown returned. “Odd,” he muttered “Humans are so strange.”

He debated leaning back but his eyes wandered to the PADD on the table beside him and he couldn’t help himself. He was intrigued by some of the design choices within the Elysion class. He picked up the PADD and began to read through the engineering manual with all his focus fixated on it.

14:45 – Galartha, Risa

“I didn’t think you would be one to renege on a promise. Though you liked climbing and a challenge Ril?” Belania said as she glared up at the much taller half-Klingon who stood staring up at the rock face before her. “Besides as the sixteenth rule of acquisition says, ‘A deal is a deal’, and that if you came climbing I would take one of those jamaharon statutes to the party last night. AND I DID!”

Ril let out a scoffing sound as she looked down at Belania, “You NEVER said anything about the hand and foot holds changing as you climb. I may like climbing but this is just asking for an injury.” she said clearly a bit taken aback by what she was seeing. Right before her eyes, the rock wall shifted. Holds that were there one second were gone the next and she could not make out any pattern to it.

Belania let out a short laugh, “The riskier the road, the greater the reward…well profit according to the sixty-second rule. Just think about the bragging rights you will have once you climb this. I know it was one of the walls that the cadets in my climbing club always went on about climbing. Sure there is a risk but don’t Klingons love risk?” Bel said as she actively nudged Ril a bit forward.

“Half Klingon, I think to think I got some sense from my father, wherever he is…” Ril said know she was going to climb the wall. “Fine,“ she said defeated, “I did promise…” she began before laughing slightly, “You did take the jamaharon to the party as you said. I swear everyone asked you about it, made my night!”

Belania rolled her eyes, “Yeah, yeah. You got your kicks.” she laughed before shrugging, “Though I will admit, the Captain cousin gives a mean massage, I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.”

“You just wanted to suck up to the Captain, show you were could get on with her family and such,” Ril said as she adjusted her climbing gear and stepped up to the wall.

“Never hurts, we even have a rule for that one as well. Thirty-third; never hurts to suck up to the boss.” Belania said with a laugh which caused Ril to groan and shake her head.

17:30 – Various Locations, Risa

The commbadges of every crew member from the USS Daradax chimed notifying them they had a pending message for them to pick up.

Hope everyone has been enjoying themselves. I wanted to thank everyone for coming last night to the party. 

Enjoy your final night on Risa, I want everyone to be back on the ship by 08:30. The Heritage is meant to arrive tomorrow afternoon and I want the ship ready to depart the moment we can.


19:00 – Medical, USS Daradax

The lights flickered on in medical and a man appeared out of thin air. Looking around he smiled as he started to sing. “All by myself, Don’t wanna be, All by myself, Anymore,” before bursting out laughing. “Who am I kidding? Of course, I do.”