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Profile Overview

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Kirin Tarken

Half Orion. Half Risian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Tarken


Commanding Officer
USS Sojourner


Kirin J. Tarken




The newly appointed commander of the Patherfinder-class USS Sojourner she is in charge of a group of young officers each with the possibility of being great if they can overcome their own challenges.

With her background in security and intelligence work and her tenacity when it comes to what she is doing, Kirin has a knack for getting herself into sticky situations or overstepping the mandate of the mission at times.


Taking after her mother in looks Kirin stands 173cm tall and 54kg. Due to her upbringing and training, she spends a fair amount of time training and sparing giving her a fit but curvy body shape. Her hair shifts between deep green and red depending on the light. This is not natural but she had nanobots added to her hair when she was at the academy which allows her hair to change colour in such a way.

Her eyes have a slight purple tingle to them which makes people always take a second glance.

The character’s appearance is based on Scarlett Johanson

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Image by McGig


She is quite prideful and diligent in her work but she at times has a short attention span and can be eager to please those around her which she has contributed to her father. On the flip side, she can be quick to anger when people jump to conclusions about her heritage being both Risian and Orion especially when they expect certain types of behaviours or ask about the jamaharon. This has led to a couple of issues with other officers and civilians which she feels may have slowed her progression.

Unlike her mother, she was born with the ability to produce the Orion pheromones which she strongly dislikes and has an implant which inhibits them.


Early Life (2370 – 2388)

Born to a Risian father, Keuon Tarken, and an Orion Mother, D’donya Tarken, she grew up on Risa until the age of 10 when her parents separated and she left with her Mother. The separation was instigated by her mother’s reassignment within Starfleet, as a result, she grew up on various starships and starbases. Her mother and father maintained a strong friendship and wanted her to have an understanding of her heritage. As a result, she usually spent several months of the year on Risa with her father and his extended family and on Vondem with her mother’s family. This opened her eyes to the preconceptions that many people had of her heritage when she was not with her mother on a star fleet posting. This lead her to feel at times a bit of an outsider.

It was only natural that when she turned 18 she would enrol at the academy searching for a place to belong.

Academy (2388 – 2392)

Kirin attended the academy on Mellstoxx III and quickly found a home there amongst her studies and fellow students. After looking into the different training courses she settled on Security as she had found she showed a special aptitude for ferreting out information and the following evidence where ever it lead.

Deeps Space 3 (2392 – 2396)

Stationed at DS3 as a security officer she worked with the chief investigation officer to ensure crime was kept to a minimum.

During her time on board DS3 she ran afoul of several civilians/criminals and senior officers who made certain assumptions about her based on her Risian and Orion heritage. This resulted in a couple of altercations leading to individuals needing medical care and a short time in the brig for Kirin after striking a senior officer.

She is confident that this stalled her promotion to full Lieutenant and the reason she took the posting with Starfleet intelligence.

Starfleet intelligence (2396 – 2399)

Classified Operations against Orion Syndicate. Her heritage and abilities were advantageous to Starfleet intelligence. Though classified the redacted reports read of a successful operation somewhere within the Orion colonies dealing with the syndicate. There are indications of severally challenging events that she had to endure resulting in SF intelligence pulling her out once the mission was finished and the possible reason for her reassignment away from such operations.

USS Daradax (2400)

In light of her work with SF intelligence, Kirin has been given command of the USS Daradax to conduct survey work within Sector Fero Psi, as a start. This never came to pass as the Romulan Star Empire collapsed and the 4th Fleet was dispatched to provide aid where needed. The Daradax travelled to the Kunhri System as part of a small Taskforce to aid the former mining world of Kunhri III with much-needed support. During their time there Kirin was drawn back into the shady worked of SFI and infiltrated the local criminal elements resulting in a shift of power. During this, she was injured but the information they acquired led the crew to a secret Romulan Bioweapons facility which they destroyed.

After the situation stabilised they were ordered to Risa to collect and transport a VIP to DS9. This provided Kirin with a chance to catch up with her family. After arriving at DS9 they supported local Bajoran efforts to resupply their colonies before Kirin received new orders.

USS Sojourner (2400)

Given command of the USS Sojourner and promoted to Commander in late 2400 Kirin has her work cut out for her.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2392 Cadet Freshman Grade: Security Officer/Specialist Starfleet Academy (Mellstoxx II)
2392 - 2395 Security Officer/Specialist Deeps Space 3
2395 - 2396 Security Officer/Specialist Deeps Space 3
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2397 Classified Starfleet Intelligence
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Classified Starfleet Intelligence
2399 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Daradax
Lieutenant Commander
2400 Commanding Officer USS Sojourner