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Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

Play your cards carefully

USS Jaxartes - Science Lab
January - 2394
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Walking into the science lab, Sazra saw T’Path sitting there looking up various data information from the nebula “Ensign. You wanted to speak with….” Looking at her side, Adrián leaned against the console with his arms crossed. “Us?” 

“Captain, I believe we have a slight problem with the upcoming mission. The ship might be the first to investigate this nebula,” T’Path spoke, looking at her Captain and bringing up the Nebula in a holographic 3D image at the table.

“Yes, that is the whole idea?” Sazra spoke a bit confused. 

Shaking his head, “No, that is the problem. We have no data on the Nebula aside from your data on the Nebula itself. Meaning we are going to arrive blind,” Adrián spoke to Sazra, a bit annoyed. “We have no idea how it will affect our ship hull, systems, or even navigational plot lines.” 

She had to admit that the technical aspects of this mission were not her strongest side, and in all honesty, she forgot about it. “Right, so what do you propose that we will do? And no, we are not scrapping the mission when we just launched. Let me clarify that,” Sazra spoke in a demanding tone.

“We are not saying to delay or scrap the mission. We are simply stating that we are going in blind and need to be careful as we have no idea what this storm could do to us. I am very excited to be here, but we need to do this by the book” T’Path spoke in a dry tone, and her excitement was far from able to be detected.

Adrián nodded to that. “We are proposing to jump out of warp sooner so that we can use a slow approach and scan ahead of time. This will allow me time to analyze the data and see if it will somehow affect the ship. While T’Path can check both on long-range scanners if we are in danger and how we can plot our navigation pinpoints more carefully.” 

The two were right, but it would mean a delay in some form. But a good leader would listen to her crew, and even in these times, they were her support. She sighs in slight disappointment. “Alright, we will drop out sooner, but get me those scan results asap. If we can conclude that getting closer is safe, then I want to jump. I rather not do a month over the travel distance if I don’t have to,” Sazra pointed out.

They both nodded to her. “I get to work to get the systems ready to extend our long-range scanners” Adrián nodded to T’Path as she nodded back to him, making him leave the room. “I will get the ship navigational systems ready for the earlier drop. Thank you, Captain, for listening to our advice” With that said, T’Path stood up from her chair and walked past Sazra to rush to the bridge to get the navigational system ready.

Sazra stood alone, looking at the hologram of the nebula. “We will get there eventually,” She spoke to herself and was the last one to exit the science lab.