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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Into the Mystery

USS Mercy - Ready Room, Bridge
August 11th, 2400
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USS Mercy – Ready Room – 0740

=^=Captain Halsey to the bridge=^= He glanced up from his ready room desk, studying the latest scans from science and communications.  He wasn’t a science officer like his wife, but he could read between some of the lines.  The signal was confusing the best of them.  The hail from the bridge had come at just the right moment.  He had been tempted to walk out there himself and had walked nearly to the door several times but sighed and returned back to the ready room desk.


USS Mercy – Bridge – 0745

He walked onto the bridge having been asked and glanced at his wife and interim science chief, “Report?”  Theodora Walker handed him a PADD and walked him through the varying items they had uncovered so far.  She spotlighted Lieutenant Sesias and his line of thinking.  Halsey noticed the gathering of communications crew in and around the operations officer’s console.  She finished with the estimation they would have more progress within the hour.  He returned her PADD and stepped towards his command chair.  Before he was able to sit down, their lead helm officer spoke up.

“Captain, we are arriving in the sector where the signal is being generated.”  The USS Mercy thundered out of warp and slowed to half impulse as the gathered crew on the bridge glanced up from their work to see the section of space that lay before them.  It didn’t look unlike any part of space they’d been before, and they returned to their work.

Leopold squinted at the stars and space on the screen and asked the helm, “What’s it look like out there?”  He sat in the chair, curious.

All of 20 years old, Ensign Fleming spoke with a crisp English accent polished from years of elocution lessons in his youth.  To hear his voice was to pay attention, even if it was just a list of the menu for dinner.  “We’re getting readings of varying types and kinds…it’s a bit of a soup out there, sir.  Reflecting signals…an unusual composition of sound and fury scattering across the sensors.”  He tapped at the console, “I’m getting some faint…ship signals?”  Another tap, stab, and a clatter of finger touches across the console, “Clarifying now…looks like we have a trace on the signal that the others are working on.  It appears to originate from a nearby system.  One large moon, two uninhabitable planets, three suns, and an asteroid belt.”  The outline of the system appeared on the viewscreen, “Records are spotty, even with the Federation’s fastidious habits.  Whatever was in this system 200 years ago doesn’t appear in our records.  I’ve referred the matter to our historical scientists to have them do further investigation on the matter.”

Halsey sat forward in the command chair, “You said there was a ship signal?”

Fleming nodded to himself as he worked on the long-range sensors, “It is fading in and out – but it is within the system where our signal originates from…, and the signal and frequency is about 100 to 150 years old.  We would need to get closer to verify the situation, sir.”

The CO sat back in his chair.  They would need to press on and investigate further.  “Helm, plot us an intercept course, warp 5.  Put us in gear.” Fleming nodded, and the Mercy flew into warp.

“Arrival in six hours, sir.”

Halsey tapped his console on his chair, “Commander Sorek to the bridge.”  Something told him they were going to need all the help they could get.

USS Mercy – Bridge – 1400

The Olympic class ship slowed as it dropped from warp speed.  Fleming reported, “Ship signal is stronger…locating…” he adjusted their course and pointed them towards a shape that lay ahead of them.

Halsey motioned to the helm, “Magnify.”  The image soon resolved into a familiar-looking starship, albeit damaged across the hull.  Leopold muttered, “Daedalus class.”

“An old ship class,” said Sorek. “We just arrived, and already a mystery.”

The CO shook his head, “That is very…odd.  To just be sitting out here like this.”

Fleming spoke up, “Sir, I’m reading the presence of biological readings onboard.  Not alive, but readings of a biological nature.  The bridge and main engineering appear in one piece and have escaped the serious hull damage the rest of the ship experienced.  Power readings are minimal.”

Halsey glanced at Sorek, “Thoughts on figuring out why she’s here?  One team to engineering, one team to the bridge?”

“There’s one way to find out,” said Sorek.

Halsey tapped his communication badge, “Captain to Doctor MacDonald, please report to the bridge.”  He tapped it again, “Captain to Lieutenant Cordon, report to the bridge.”  He turned to Sorek with a wry smile, “You’ll be leading the away team, Commander.”

“Yes, sir,” said Sorek. “I would also like to take our three new security officers as well.”

Halsey figured that was going to be the next request, “Given that this offers the chance of a real-world exhibition of their abilities, I would agree.  Helm, signal our security officers to report to the bridge.”  The helm officer nodded and sent the urgent messages to the crew in question.

Izi was on duty, walking rounds on the main emergency ward deck when she received a comm call to report to the bridge. Stopping to make sure she heard correctly, her mind was filled with wondering why. Did she do something wrong? Did someone else do something wrong, and she was replacing them? There was only one way to find out.

Aimee and Dougal entered the bridge together.  They glanced around for a moment before sharing a “look” together that combined volumes that could only be read by the couple.

“Captain,” Aimee spoke,  “reporting as ordered.”  Halsey gave her a nod.

Neva navigated her Lady corridors with a little more assurance. Like Lench, she wasn’t happy with the layout. Truth be told, being on the ‘Base had spoiled her for that. She found the turbolift & soon found herself on The Bridge.

Neva couldn’t help stopping outside the lift. Even though she really WAS Command Staff and it was expected that she come up here, the sight was a little daunting. 

With an annoyed grunt, she shook herself from her reverie. She looked to the group on The Bridge and joined them. “Forgive me,  Sir. Looking around at my Lady’s Brain is a sight I have to get used to. What can I do for you?”

Halsey thanked her, “We’re waiting for the rest to give a full report on what’s next.”

O’Shea stepped onto the bridge and saw Halsey and said, “Sir, what can I do for you?” before looking over at Dougal and nodding. ‘If security is here guess they found something interesting.’ he thought.

The CO gave him a nod, “We’ve got a mission for you all…just waiting to make sure everyone is here.”

The turbolift door opened, and Izi rushed onto the bridge. Seeing the group assembled, she stopped and stood quietly, waiting for someone to notice her.

Halsey greeted the arrivals in turn.  He pulled them towards the center of the bridge and handed out PADDs to each of them, “We’ve got something interesting out there.” He went on to explain what had initially brought them here and what sensors were currently showing.  “We’re not really sure why or how a Daedalus class has been sitting out here for this long or if it really has.  We have more questions than answers.”  He turned to his XO, “Commander Sorek will lead the away teams to the ship to investigate.” He nodded to the Vulcan who spoke up.

“The ship is the USS Colorado, built-in 2150. For most of its service, it was an explorer,” said Sorek. “In 2195, under Captain Daniel Morris, it was reassigned to this sector to assist in operating a moon base. In 2201, Command lost contact with the Colorado, and after an extensive search, with 50 crew, it was officially declared as missing in 2205.”

Sorek paused. “Initial scans detected bio readings, but no life signs. Power is out on most of the ship, and there are hull breaches, so the away teams will wear EV suits.”

“Misters O’Shea and MacDougal, you will accompany Lieutenant Cordon to engineering. Lieutenant Iziraa, Doctor MacDonald, and I will search the bridge. We are looking for anything that could tell us what happened. Are there any questions?”

Izi’s antennae were vibrating with excitement. A new ship assignment and her first mission was solving a mystery 200 years old. Though a crew was lost, she allowed herself a quick smile.

O’Shea frowned as he reread the information in front of him. Though the Colorado was likely a ghost ship, he had heard and seen enough to know that space was filled with some very odd things. Looking up at Sorek, he nodded, “Sir, that should not be an issue though I would recommend everyone carry hand phasers, and the security team should carry phasers rifles just in case there are any surprises.” He paused for a moment, “How long before we depart? It would be good to review the layout of the Colorado and the damaged sections before we get over there.”

“Yes, we will be armed,” said Sorek. “It’s unlikely we’ll need weapons, but it is logical to take them. The deck layout is included in our PADDs”

Neva nodded.  Halsey looked around the gathered crew, “You have your assignments.  Commander Sorek is your CO on this away team, and you will follow his direction.  You are ordered to the transporter room, away team.”  He watched as they all stepped into the turbolift and the door closed.  He turned back to the view screen as the ghost ship stared back at him.  What manner of things was out there?

In the turbolift with the rest of the away team, Neva closed her eyes and took a calming breath. ‘A ship those engineers only wondered about! And I get to root around in one.’ She grinned stupidly and almost rubbed her hands together in excitement. Entering the Transporter Room, she took the Tricorder and put it in her ever-present pouch. She gulped the small knot in her throat and took the rifle, slinging it onto her back. She took her place on Transporter Pad and waited.