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USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

The USS Mercy is assigned a new captain and a new crew as the long-serving previous crew was due to stand down. The crew begins the unloading process at Starbase Bravo but is interrupted by a distress signal from a long thought abandoned moon base several sectors over, well within Federation Space.

Mission Description

The Mercy is sent to investigate to determine who and what is sending the signal.  As the Mercy gets closer, they detect a signal on every frequency from Starfleet to Romulan to Klingon to Ferengi…to everyone.  Its message is simple – “DEATH HAS COME.  PLEASE COME.”  The ship arrives, and they discover a moon base in disrepair with a complicated history and a malfunctioning central computer but still fully operative and suddenly powered.  The message contains additional code, and signals come in from the sector’s moons, asteroids, and even a desert planet over several days.  Something has survived the last 200 years, but what is it?  What is the meaning of the message?  The crew must use all their wits to discover the truth – whatever that may be! 

About the Mission

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13 January 2023

Fixing the Fixer

USS Mercy: Mission 1 - “Life as a House”

Roger was….nervous. Which was odd, because he knew it was normal and healthy to see a psychologist on the regular, even outside of Fleet-required yearly exams. He’d, himself, sent folks to Dr. Choi when he felt it was necessary for them. So why was he so worried? Roger was a worrier by nature, [...]

9 January 2023

How Do You Feel

USS Mercy: Mission 1 - “Life as a House”

Egrel slowly approached the Captain’s ready room. He had been requested to see Halsey after things had relatively calmed down. He stopped outside the door and lifted a hand to press the chime. He had no reason to be anxious, yet he was. Halsey was working his way through the senior staff reports [...]

7 January 2023

Family Ties (R&R one-shot thing,IDK)

USS Mercy: Mission 1 - “Life as a House”

(I am so sorry that this is so bad. I’ve been working on it for a week and can’t do better. I had a ton of muse when I started and it waned FAST.) The Fleet wasn’t kidding when they said that his job would be intense. He was up for it; trauma and triage was his life’s chef-d’oeuvre, his [...]

15 November 2022

The Prodigal Son

USS Mercy: Mission 1 - “Life as a House”

Wind ripped across the Isle of Skye from the sea.  To the east the blue line of the mainland rose out of the water. On a ridge commanding the heights of the village stood the remains of Castle Cairnmoore, a 14th Century fortification that had been abandoned since the “45” and destruction [...]