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Profile Overview

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James O'Shea

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander O'Shea


Chief Security Officer
USS Mercy


James O'Shea

June 20 2372

Tralee, County Kerry; Ireland, Earth


James O’Shea has been assigned to the USS Columbia as the Chief of Security following his time onboard the USS Mercy.


James is tall (199cm) and of slightly over-average weight.  Though his wirey frame often makes people think of him as lanky and underestimate his strength and speed. He has dark wavey hair that he keeps just within the regulation length.

Modelled on Robert Sheehan


He is methodical and professional but quick to annoy when people make mistakes he feels that they should have seen but otherwise is a very outgoing and friendly individual. He also has a tendency to be overprotective and always leans on the side of caution.


Early Life (2372 – 2390)

Born into the clan O’Shea from County Kerry, Ireland he is the oldest of 3 children he often found himself looking out for his younger siblings; Kate (b. 2394) and Freya (b. 2395) in school. His mother, Emily was a local police officer and his father was a curator of the local museum on Irish folklore. He grew up spending most of his time helping his father at the museum and exploring the rugged countryside around Tralee. This instilled in him a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the unknown. Following school, he enrolled in the academy.

Academy (2390 – 2394)

During this time he was able to build friendships with the other cadets and with some of the professors both on earth and during his final year at Starbase Bravo. He showed a special aptitude for security and logistics during his training. What ultimately guided him into security was the years watching his mother work. He enrolled in the security officer track and quickly grew to love it.

Deep Space 3 (2395 – 2397)

Stationed at DS3 as a security officer he developed a friendship with LT (JG) Kirin Tarken who lead his security team before she was reassigned following an incident in 2396. She had a real knack for security and investigation work and taught him a lot on the job and about himself. During the two years at the station, he underwent Hazard team training.

USS Radiant Storm (2397 – 2399)

Assigned to the USS Radiant Storm as a newly minted Lieutenant he took on the role of a Security Shift/Team Lead and lead one of the Hazard team detachments on board the ship.

In 2399, O’Shea, on board the USS Radiant Storm was involved in a boarding action on a civilian cargo haulier that had been attacked by a Cardassian ship. The enemy vessel was driven off by the ship and her fighter wing but O’Shea lead the boarding team to rescue the crew who were held, hostage. The Cardassians who remained on the vessel began to execute the crew which forced the federation team to force entry. This resulted in several injuries and casualties on both sides with O’Shea losing his leg but the crew were rescued. He received a commendation for his the engagement.

Medical Leave (2399 – 2400)

Following the loss of his leg O’Shea was placed on medical leave allowing for the regrowth of his limb, rehabilitation and therapy. During that time he was sent back to Earth where his condition was monitored. During the last half of his leave, he spent the time travelling back and forth between his childhood home in Ireland and Star Fleet medical facility in San Fransico he was attending.  His primary concern during the year of medical leave was that it would delay his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, something he had been striving towards.

USS Mercy (2400 – 2400)

Following a year on medical leave O’Shea was assigned the position of Chief of Security on board the medical ship, the USS Mercy. Following a rather eventful few months where the ship encountered an ancient sentient AI bent on galactic domination and destruction, rebuilding a damaged colony following an attack by Romulan and Klingon forces and navigating a plague linked to an observation team the crew of the USS Mercy were reassigned. For his work on board, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

USS Columbia (2400 – Current)

After some downtime working at the academy training cadets, he was assigned as the new Chief of Security on board the Galaxy-class USS Columbia. He is joined by his old friend Suven Pach who has recently been granted a field promotion from Chief Petty Officer to Lieutenant who will be acting as his assistant CoS.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2394 Cadet Freshman Grade: Security Officer/Specialist Starfleet Academy (Earth)
2395 - 2397 Security Officer/Specialist Deep Space 3
2397 Security Team Leader Deep Space 3
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Security Shift Leader USS Radiant Storm
2399 - 2400 Medical Leave Earth
2400 - 2401 Chief of Security USS Mercy
2401 Chief of Security USS Columbia
Lieutenant Commander