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Profile Overview

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Andorian shen female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Iziraa


USS Eagle




Iz’i’raa sh’Solom’aa




Iz’i’raa sh’Solom’aa is an Andorian woman. Born and raised on Andoria in 2375, she was accepted into Starfleet Academy at age 18. Upon graduation at 22, she was commissioned as an officer in security. She loves her work, having a kind and giving heart that wants to serve, help others, and do something special in her life.


Izi is 5′ 7″ tall, weighing 125 pounds. She is slightly taller than the average Human female. Though having a slender build, Izi’s bearing shows confidence and strength. Her skin is blue; her pretty face framed by long, white hair. Shining blue eyes project a vibrant person. Her antennae seem to always be in motion, often exxpressing her feelings and emotions.


Izi has the typical Andorian traits of being blunt, direct, and to the point. She is disciplined, but has a fiery side. She also has a fun sense of humor that can be dry or even comedic. An outgoing personality makes friends easily, though it can sometimes be perceived as being too pushy. Izi learned one either liked her or they didn’t. She is okay either way.

Being raised in a clan-based society, Izi is fiercely loyal to the point of putting the greater good before herself.

Izi aspires to be the best she can be. Her long-term goal is to one day be a starship captain. For now, she has no plans to marry or have children.

Izi has a beautiful singing voice and can play the Andorian flute. She is adept at discerning puzzles and patterns, especially involving sound or music. She enjoys outdoor activities in the cold, dancing, roller skating, poetry, and telling stories. Her motto is: I’ll try anything twice.


Izi was born on Andoria in 2375. She is the younger of two children, with an older brother. It was discovered in her early years, that she was much more perceptive, aware, and intelligent for her age. Testing revealed she had a high IQ. She also had an ear for music, a beautiful singing voice, could play the flute, and had the ability to recognize patterns and symbols.

At first, Izi found it difficult to make friends. Though talented and intelligent, there was the immaturity that went with her age. While dealing with that, other children were sometimes jealous of her, or she came across as superior. Izi got into fights, but as she matured, she found a balance and was able to fit into Andorian society.

Learning about the wonders of the galaxy and wanting to be part of the adventure, Izi decided to join Starfleet. Though ready at an intellectual level, for the sake of maturity, Izi wasn’t accepted until she was eighteen. Easily passing the entrance exam, she left for Earth, filled with the excitement of what lay ahead for her.

Izi started her academy time in 2393. The aptitude for engineering was there, but that didn’t interest her. Feeling security would allow for more opportunities to be involved in missions and coming from a race with a rich military tradition, she chose that field.

Initially, Izi had a difficult time adjusting to academy life. She fit in socially, but being around so many different cultures and outlooks, she often pushed the Andorian way on others. After several scuffles, near fights, and appearances before the disciplinary board, Izi eventually found her place. Afterwards, she thrived, loving her time in the academy.

Upon graduation in 2397, Izi was assigned to Starbase Bravo. After serving three years, she accepted a posting to the USS Eagle.